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  • The Book of War Sun Tzus The Art of War and Karl Von Clausewitzs On War

    The Book of War Sun Tzus The Art of War and Karl Von Clausewitzs On War

    Ksh 1799

    Brief Summary Civilization might have been spared much of the damage suffered in the world wars this century if the influence of Clausewitz's On War  had been blended with and balanced by a knowledge of Sun-tzu's The Art of Warfare.  --B.H. Liddel Hart For two thousand years, Sun-tzu's The Art of Warfare was the indispensable volume of warcraft. Although his work is the first known analysis of war and warfare, Sun-tzu struck upon a thoroughly modern concept: "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." Karl von Clausewitz, the canny military theorist who famously declared that war is a continuation of politics by other means, also claims paternity of the notion "total war."   His is the magnum opus of the era of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic vars. Now these two great military minds are made to share the same tent, metaphorically speaking, in The Book of War. What a bivouac it is, and what a conversation into the night.  

  • Damn Fine Story by Chuck Wendig

    Damn Fine Story by Chuck Wendig

    Ksh 2199

    Brief Summary Damn Fine Story: Mastering the Tools of a Powerful Narrative Hook Your Audience with Unforgettable Storytelling! What do Luke Skywalker, John McClane, and a lonely dog on Ho'okipa Beach have in common? Simply put, we care about them. Great storytelling is making readers care about your characters, the choices they make, and what happens to them. It's making your audience feel the tension and emotion of a situation right alongside your protagonist. And to tell a damn fine story, you need to understand why and how that caring happens. Using a mix of personal stories, pop fiction examples, and traditional storytelling terms, New York Times best-selling author Chuck Wendig will help you internalize the feel of powerful storytelling. In Damn Fine Story, you'll explore:   • Fretytag's Pyramid for visualizing story structure--and when to break away from traditional storytelling forms • Character relationships and interactions as the basis of every strong plot--no matter the form or genre • Rising and falling tension that pulls the audience through to the climax and conclusion of the story • Developing themes as a way to craft characters with depth Whether you're writing a novel, screenplay, video game, comic, or even if you just like to tell stories to your friends and family over dinner, this funny and informative guide is chock-full of examples about the art and craft of storytelling--and how to write a damn fine story of your own.  

  • The Prosperity Paradox by Clayton M Christensen, Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon

    The Prosperity Paradox by Clayton M Christensen, Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon

    Ksh 3099

    Brief Summary The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty Clayton M. Christensen, the author of such business classics as The Innovator’s Dilemma and the New York Times bestseller How Will You Measure Your Life, and co-authors Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon reveal why so many investments in economic development fail to generate sustainable prosperity, and offers a groundbreaking solution for true and lasting change. Global poverty is one of the world’s most vexing problems. For decades, we’ve assumed smart, well-intentioned people will eventually be able to change the economic trajectory of poor countries. From education to healthcare, infrastructure to eradicating corruption, too many solutions rely on trial and error. Essentially, the plan is often to identify areas that need help, flood them with resources, and hope to see change over time. But hope is not an effective strategy. Clayton M. Christensen and his co-authors reveal a paradox at the heart of our approach to solving poverty. While noble, our current solutions are not producing consistent results, and in some cases, have exacerbated the problem. At least twenty countries that have received billions of dollars’ worth of aid are poorer now. Applying the rigorous and theory-driven analysis he is known for, Christensen suggests a better way. The right kind of innovation not only builds companies—but also builds countries. The Prosperity Paradox identifies the limits of common economic development models, which tend to be top-down efforts, and offers a new framework for economic growth based on entrepreneurship and market-creating innovation. Christensen, Ojomo, and Dillon use successful examples from America’s own economic development, including Ford, Eastman Kodak, and Singer Sewing Machines, and shows how similar models have worked in other regions such as Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, Rwanda, India, Argentina, and Mexico. The ideas in this book will help companies desperate for real, long-term growth see actual, sustainable progress where they’ve failed before. But The Prosperity Paradox is more than a business book; it is a call to action for anyone who wants a fresh take for making the world a better and more prosperous place.  

  • Talk to Me by James Vlahos

    Talk to Me by James Vlahos

    Ksh 1599

    Brief Summary Talk to Me: How Voice Computing Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Think The next great technological disruption is coming The titans of Silicon Valley are racing to build the last, best computer that the world will ever need. They know that whoever successfully creates it will revolutionize our relationship with technology--and make billions of dollars in the process. They call it conversational AI. Computers that can speak and think like humans may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but they are rapidly moving toward reality. In Talk to Me, veteran tech journalist James Vlahos meets the researchers at Amazon, Google, and Apple who are leading the way.  He explores how voice tech will transform every sector of society: handing untold new powers to businesses, overturning traditional notions of privacy, upending how we access information, and fundamentally altering the way we understand human consciousness. And he even tries to understand the significance of the voice-computing revolution first-hand -- by building a chatbot version of his terminally ill father. Vlahos's research leads him to one fundamental question: What happens when our computers become as articulate, compassionate, and creative as we are?  

  • Dummy The Comedy and Chaos of Real Life Parenting

    Dummy The Comedy and Chaos of Real Life Parenting

    Ksh 1499

    Brief Summary Matt Coyne has become a hero for thousands of parents everywhere who are devoted followers of his popular blog, Man vs Baby. This is his book, and it is not your average parenting tome. It's packed with completely impractical advice for the bewildered new mum or dad - stuff you won't find anywhere else: from 'Profanity Bingo' for labour to a categorisation of various nappy disasters. But, more than that, it is the story of how becoming a parent is a kind of beautiful insanity - a thing that changes you. Above all, Dummy will keep you laughing through the exhaustion, the mystery and the madness of bringing up your own children. This is the parenting book for real people.  

  • Sacked so what by Vincent Ogutu

    Sacked so what by Vincent Ogutu

    Ksh 1099

    Brief Summary Sacked so what? Power of hope and action The end of a contract is a signal to a new beginning. There is no reason to be depressed, hopeless and bitter. It is time to audit your skills, experiences and look for opportunities to serve. It is surprising that those retrenched, sacked or retired become more successful than when they were in employment. Your future lies on your mind-set. There is time to learn what it takes, understand what is required and implement what is needed with speed, efficiency and consistency. Execute the ordinary extraordinarily. No excuse, get down to work, with renewed attitude! This book is about individuals who found themselves without jobs for one reason or another. They are real stories of struggle, action and triumph. Face your Goliath; learn, act and excel. • From Zero to Significance - one step at a time  • From Pain to Wealth - motivation to succeed • From Employment to Entrepreneurship - journey to freedom  

  • Who Are The Top Dollar Billionaires In Africa by Vincent Ogutu

    Who Are The Top Dollar Billionaires In Africa by Vincent Ogutu

    Ksh 1099

    Brief Summary The solutions to Africa’s problems lie with the entrepreneurs. They must be willing to exploit the opportunities hidden in the problems; through ethical business practice. The entrepreneurs are the change agents that will create jobs, generate wealth and enable economic development in the continent. This book is about making it as an entrepreneur irrespective of where you start. Ibeto started with nothing. Strive Masiyiwa started with $75. What problem do you want to solve?  Learn from the great sons of Africa. • Power of Action removes PROCRASTINATION • Power of Experience makes one WISER • Power of Tenacity and Integrity creates life- long VALUE

  • Escape Experience Freedom by Vincent Ogutu

    Escape Experience Freedom by Vincent Ogutu

    Ksh 1099

    Brief Summary Majority of the people who have changed the world emerged during strife and environments of extreme difficulty. The challenges you are facing are temporary situations meant to make you stronger and better. You can and will escape the seasonal setbacks only through action accompanied by faith and resolute determination. ARE you trapped in DEBT, STRESS or HATE YOUR JOB? This book is about how to overcome seasonal, temporary situations that cloud, trap and prevent you from experiencing true freedom.  IT IS YOUR TIME TO EXPERIENCE A FULL LIFE WITHOUT LIMITATIONS  Face your jailers with knowledge and Experience Freedom.  All it takes are Little STEPS big IMPACTS  

  • Life is like that by Vincent Ogutu

    Life is like that by Vincent Ogutu

    Ksh 1099

    Brief Summary Life is like that! Power of life contradictions Life is indeed a paradox, isn’t it interesting that one without education, background, connections or money is able to start  and succeed in  business with sheer power of determination  a day at a time, month after month, year after year to the envy of many. Life is neutral it does not discriminate. If one is passionate, committed and determined to get the most out of life he surely gets it. If you procrastinate, whine, complain without accompanied action LIFE will also complain with YOU. IT IS YOUR CALL………TAKE IT! This book is about taking chances, acting boldly to change your life. There are many stories of persons from humble backgrounds who make it in life in spite of all the barriers, discouragement and seeing no end to their suffering. Just having hope that one day things will change and taking action by taking training, apprenticeship and engaging in continuous learning.  • Power of instincts – thinking with your feet • Power of Confidence- this melts most barriers • Power of Choice-Your God given gift, no one can take from you unless you allow it   "

  • Before You Say I Do by Lucy Natasha

    Before You Say I Do by Lucy Natasha

    Ksh 699

    Brief Summary BEFORE YOU SAY I DO: Falling in Love Without Falling Into Trouble While attending a sociology workshop in a higher learning institution, I asked a simple question; “what is love?” I was utterly surprised that none of the thousand students present could give me a satisfactory definition of love.  BEFORE YOU SAY I DO sheds much light on how to find true love that qualifies to graduate into marriage. It candidly helps you understand about: • How to identify true love  • How to fall in love without falling into trouble  • How to differentiate between love, lust and infatuation.  • Five types of men you must not marry  • Five types of women you must no marry  • Ten things you must never do when you fall in love  • Five wedding that must not take place  • Ten causes of marital delay  Love is more than a feeling, more than an emotion and more than a sensation.  According to the scripture, God is love. Every other affection outside God’s word is at best, conditional and at worst, fake. True love is God initiated and hence it is an expression of His nature and character.   

  • Lingala Learners Dictionary by Arizona M Baongoli

    Lingala Learners Dictionary by Arizona M Baongoli

    Ksh 2399

    Brief Summary Learn to read Modern Lingala! The Lingala Learner's Dictionary is a bilingual dictionary meant for learners of Lingala language from Anglophone background. It’s a basic dictionary containing essential words and expressions of the Lingala language as used by native Lingala speakers.  Contains over 200 nouns, verbs and adjectives to aid fast comprehension of any Modern Lingala language book.  Discover the joy of reading Lingala and English  

  • Oneness With All Life by Eckhart Tolle

    Oneness With All Life by Eckhart Tolle

    Ksh 1299

    Brief Summary Oneness with All Life: Inspirational Selections from a New Earth. When Oprah announced A New Earth as her 61st Book Club selection, it skyrocketed to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, selling over five million copies in paperback and remaining at the top of the list for twenty-two consecutive weeks. In A New Earth, renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle describes how our current ego-based state of consciousness operates. The purpose of this book is to bring about a shift in consciousness, or in his words, an awakening. An essential part of this awakening is the recognition of the ego, and our attachment to things, the past, and enemies.  In Oneness with All Life, Eckhart Tolle has picked the essential phrases and paragraphs-the gems of the book-that he feels are most important and reorganized them so readers can focus on the most powerful ideas. Beautifully packaged with evocative artwork and design, it is the perfect gift for anyone with a well-worn copy of A New Earth who wants deeper insight into this seminal work.  

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