About Us

We take pride in being one of the most forward thinking full-service Online Book Store in Kenya. We are so much more than that.
We think that digital media presents a compelling opportunity for brands and business to acquire, engage and retain customers and partners in a myriad of ways.
We seek to work with our clients to disrupt the status quo and liberate themselves from the tried and proven. What’s more, we blend leading edge business strategies, with visually stunning and user-driven experiences, integrated with robust E-Books back-end technologies and channel these via well planned and executed digital media.

By NuriaStore accepting crypto like Dogecoin, bitcoin and Ethereum, shows how ready it is to serve the global market and distribute books worldwide.

NuriaStore is a unique online bookstore that allows you to buy books with cryptocurrency. It’s based in Kenya and has already been selling books since 2015. The company takes pride in its commitment to providing an easy-to-use platform for book lovers across the globe.

By accepting crypto payments, NuriaStore is able to reach people all over the world who are eager to purchase their favorite novels using cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. This makes the platform more accessible to people who may not have access to traditional banking systems but still want access to quality reading material.

Our Vision

To provide online quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Our Mission

To build lasting relationships with our customers by providing exceptional service guided by continuous innovation & improvement.

Our Journey

Nuria Book Store was established in 2015 by a young talented entrepreneur to offer a broad range of high impact online services in Kenya
A year later, Nuria book store has grown to become one of Kenya’s most recognized, and successful online book store serving a range of customers throughout Kenya.

During this short time span, Nuria has become one of the best and leading online book store in Kenya and our longevity in what is undoubtedly a tough but growing industry goes to show how much effort we put into what we do.
Nuria Online Bookstore is a one stop shop for books of a wide range of categories such as Self-help & motivational, Religion & spiritual, Fiction & non-fiction, Business & management, African Literature as well as Kids & Teens. In addition, our customers can also shop for a wide range of book shelves and study desks.

Our Steadfast Crew

Nuria has a strong team of experienced, passionate and dedicated experts focused on creating a seamless and unique shopping experience for every customer that engages us. To do this, we at Nuria have created a reading culture which supports our team members in order for them to be able to provide the best service to our customers.


Word from Our CEO

We are community minded and partnering with various organizations in community based projects for social and environmental change is part of our business.
So, how do we give back? As part of our social business we have helped plant trees in a number of areas, partnering with like-minded organizations and will continue doing so as we believe we can create a meaningful environmental change. One tree at a time.

We work closely with our clients, partners on each project to create not only an amazing reading culture that will help their business and personal growth, but to create a long term relationship of trust and caring. We are a highly focused and driven online bookstore that focuses on creating a learning landscape / environment and projects that we are passionate about.

~Abdullahi Bulle.