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Are you greatly hurt by someone very close to you but doesn’t know how to handle it? You know that you need to forgive and you want to, but you can’t find it in you. The pain is too great. Every time you see that person the physical “flight” response in your body goes into overdrive and it’s all you can do to not bolt and run from the room., Are you feeling that someone you trusted very much stabbed you in the back? Are you in a trap of offense that has led you to be unable to function properly in your calling because of the wounds and hurts that offenses have caused in your life? Are you handicapped and hindered from fulfilling your full potential because of the pain of unforgiveness? Perhaps you picked this book up thinking, “Just try to convince me that I should forgive them.” The person who hurt you is not repentant and doesn’t care about the harm he or she has done to your life. As you read this book prayerfully, God’s Word will enlighten the eyes of your understanding that you will see your true condition and become free from any offense you are harboring.

NURSE ON THE RUN by Christine Kinyua

The book is a product of life's experiences developed from life's painful journey . The author tells her experience with health battles that saw in and out of hospital,she further tells of her broken marriage,what lead to that and how she overcame the bitterness and embraced forgiveness. The book aims to encourage other women going through the same trauma to shun bitterness and give healing a chance .

WIDOWS WEAR LIPSTICK by Martha Kyosha...

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland” —Isaiah 43:19 Sunday, 8th March 2009 is a day forever etched in the recesses of my mind. Salty tears streamed down my face, I fathomed life as a widow. As I knelt before Jacob’s body, he whispered to me, “Maama Isabel, do not worry about me. I am fine.” His whisper gave me hope as I contemplated the pieces of this altered reality. How would I tell my girls? And what of the life of the unborn child who grew inside my belly? Finding my inner strength, I slowly rose to my feet, determined to face whatever lie before me. This was the first day of a new chapter in my life.

The boy who heard God Speak by Annie ...

story about Jeremy, a timid albino boy who grows up in the slum with a drunk father. Due to his skin color, he endures endless bullying in school. This, is until he believes in a mighty God whose power begins to work in his life.


Susan candidly shares with us her personal experiences with depression, the highs and lows of her struggles and how, by God’s grace and with the support of her family especially, she’s been able to pull through. Hers is not a theoretical approach borrowed from philosophical knowhow, rather, a humble submission of realities faced, some of which are too harsh to bear, yet she’s courageous and vulnerable enough to share them with us. Her desire, as spelt through this write-up, is to sensitize the masses on depression and other mental illnesses, in the hope that the affected can find help before it is too late, and that through understanding, society can offer a strong support system to people battling depression and other mental illnesses and help them come to a place of rest. Ultimately, the author is keen to point us to God, without whom we may never get to a state of complete rest and perfect peace. Enjoy the learning as you read this wonderful book.

Young and Crazy in love with Jesus by...

A modern day read that seeks to equip people with the necessary knowledge and insights of being a child of God, an exciting and fulfilled Christian. The book takes on a very practical and relevant approach towards the challenges both the young and matured people face in their journey of faith. The author collaborates her personal experiences with those faced by every other person, the culmination of this being the reader’s appreciation of the content and ultimate spiritual maturity.


This experiential book carries rare anecdotes on intentional and purposeful living among families and individuals.The life of a Kenyan family is shared, giving real-life examples on faith, dating, courtship, marriage, raising children, decision-making, death, and suffering. It provides an opportunity to learn from the lives of others; as it is said,‘ one of the bestways to learn is by encountering others and learning their lessons.’   The book provides; 1.Practical advice on how to navigate through life's challenges and make meaningful decisions. 2.Parenting tips on work ethics, instilling responsibility and lifeskills to children. 3.It highlights the importance of cultural values and traditions in shaping family dynamics. 4.It brings out the joy and triumphs experienced where there is determination, consistency and purpose.

Leadership & Life Lessons From Da...

The story of David is among the most familiar Bible events in that he went from being a shepherd tending to his father’s sheep to killing Goliath and becoming a King. From the grazing fields to the castle, he encountered many challenges, including defending his father’s sheep from the predators, being disliked by his brothers, several attempts on his life by King Saul, and facing Goliath. But he prevailed because his trust was in the Lord. Even when he did the despicable act of having Uriah killed so that he could have Bathsheba, the Lord redeemed him. In our lives, too, we all rise and fall, but if we trust the Lord, He always gets us back on our feet. The book offers important life lessons people can apply in their lives to become better for themselves and others.


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