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Engaged and Productive by Gilbert Ang...

What is the future of leadership? This is the central question I try to address through this book from the

The Art Of Dating And Courtship By Dr...

Many handsome and beautiful young people decide to remain single because of heartbreaks from their past relationships. Dating the wrong person or a bad date is pain, but we can't avoid it. A bad date will cost you time, money and inconvenience in form of annoyance but a bad courtship will cost you not only money, time, annoyance but also ultimately the peace of your soul. This book offers practical realities on relationship and marriage and teaches you how to; 1. Minimize dating and courting the wrong person. 2. Minimize mental breakdown that can come because of heartbreak of breakup. 3. Realize that heartbreak can happen but you have the power to overcome it. 4. Change perspective and attitude on life. 5. Take responsibility to turn your dreams into reality. 6. Make the shift from simply surviving to thriving. 7. Release blocks that may have been holding you back from breakthrough to greatness because of the past heartbreaks. 8. Discover your true genius gifts to fulfill your life's purpose and calling. 9. Attract a romantic partner who is your true equal or transform your present relationship.

Over-nutrition in developing countrie...

Just like hunger, the consequences of obesity vary from death, disability due to chronic medical conditions to psycho social effects. Obesity is a colossal health, social and economic burden which has created a triple burden of nutritional deficiencies, infectious diseases and chronic diseases. Under nutrition and over nutrition not only adds to the human suffering and economic costs but also affects the design of food policy. This book by Esther Ogonda Mcoyoo presents the situation and causes of obesity and offers individual and policy approaches to address the challenges in developing countries.

Treasures In Sackcloth by Estar Ogond...

This is a book of hope and encouragement beyond the grim news and photos that we see and hear in the media during times of crisis. It is true that conflicts aggravate population displacements, disrupt economic activity, food production and destroy many homes and public infrastructure. Widespread food insecurity and chronic malnutrition become the norm areas of insecurity, increasing the number of people living below the poverty line. However, Treasures in Sackcloth is a story, analysis and interpretation of some crucial issues around humanitarianism from the view point of an African, Christian Aid worker’s perspective, who summarizes her experiences as being life changing, sometimes very challenging but a very enriching exposure; and one worthy of a lifetime. In this book you will find the treasures that Estar has learnt from her experiences in life, mostly through service to the lowly people, dressed in physical and spiritual sack clothes. Estar is a wife to Nehemiah Oyoo and mother of three children (Nanette, Elsa and Nathan). She has been privileged to live and work in several countries since 2001. These include Kenya, S. Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Syria. She is a Public Health Nutrition Consultant who pursued her Master’s degree in International health from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Organizational leadership from Pan African Christian University, Kenya.

Public Speaking and Body Language Ski...

Fear and poor public speaking skills can shut down many opportunities for you! PUBLIC SPEAKING AND BODY LANGUAGE SKILLS-helps you understand why acquiring speaking and reading people skills make you influential, productive and be on demand. And it shows you: 1. How to overcome the fear of public speaking. 2. How to deliver a speech in a way that makes you unforgettable. 3. How to avoid being boring and monotonous during speech delivery. 4. How to make your speech rhythmic, musical and memorable. 5. How to develop a powerful voice. 6. How to connect with an audience and be influential. 7. How to prepare an unforgettable speech. 8. How to sell your message, services and products. 9. How to match your words and body language and read people as you would a book. Antony Nbita is a speaker and an author. He is an alumna of the University of Nairobi and founder of CTL Public Speaking School. He has passion in public speaking and body language. He has also authored: No Excuses for Failure, Coming out of Zero to Hero in School, Beacon of Hope and Ignored Power of a Life Changer. He lives with his family in Nairobi.

Me vs Me : Conversations with My Tomo...

KShs1,290.00 KShs990.00
Brief Summary Me vs Me: conversations with my tomorrow puts you to task. That your today’s version will not last . That soon, there will be a ‘new you’ depending on your attitude today. This book sparks a mental conversation with your future.

My Pain Shall End in Glory by David a...

Brief Summary Pain is common to live but how each of us handles our season of pain matters a lot. Every pain ought to end in Glory just like the pain of pregnancy but if the woman refused to push no matter the pain she may lose the baby. This book is to help believers to recognize their season of pain and how to birth their glorious destiny.

The Gift of Presence by Jimmy .M.Nzioki

KShs600.00 KShs590.00
Brief Summary The Gift of Presence highlights the importance of both God’s presence and fellow men’s presence in your life. You’ll get to learn about the different types of man’s presence such as value presence and honorary presence among others. It’s packed with thought-provoking insights on the presence of God.

The Sink: Radical Transformation with...

KShs1,590.00 KShs1,190.00
Brief Summary Ever met a stranger who changed your view of life forever? Could one sentence change the way you look at relationships? Work? Maybe even your world? There are many days to day interactions that we brush off as unimportant. What if we saw more? What if we left the world better, in each moment, than it was when we arrived? Even if that meant doing hard things. What would that look like? What would that mean for your job, for your family, for your life? Consider what could happen if we took responsibility for not just our mess, but cleaned up found messes, even if it isn't ours. What could this mean for a company? What if you taught your employees to take initiative to leave the world and the things around them better than they found them? The Sink is the story of the small moments that make the biggest impact on our lives and our business, if only we pay attention. All it takes is one moment to transform and shift our perspective. Like the book Who Moved My Cheese, The Sink will ignite individuals, employees, leaders, and CEOs in organizations across the world to give more, pay attention to the details, and achieve results by leaving everything better than the way they found it.


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