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A Diary of a Called Woman

A diary of a called woman's a memoir of Prophetess Khanyo Ndlela, it is her journey to receive healing and heeding the call of God on her life. In this book Prophetess Ndlela narrates her upbringing and the challenges she faced growing up,which led to her change of character and behavior. She shares how it was to grow up in a home where there was gender-based violence,a home that seemed Christianly with Christian background and principles yet a home of tears and no hope for the future. She opens the doors of her heart and let us in on deep secrets from her past that she could not share with anyone.she also narrates how she was repeatedly raped with no mercy by a tongue speaking,fire spitting man of God in her home with no one to talk to. She further shares how spirits of bondages can binda person from one generation to the next if they are not dealt with properly and broken from our families. 3. Good Resolution Photo 2 for each 4. Social Media Handles Email: Facebook:Khanyo Faith Ndlela Instagram: Khanyo Ndlela 5. JPEG Front Cover 6. PDF Coverspread 7. Other books or programs the author would like to promote on your page Simangaliso God of Miracles Outreach Baal-Perazim Women's Gathering Ministry

WIDOWS WEAR LIPSTICK by Martha Kyosha...

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland” —Isaiah 43:19 Sunday, 8th March 2009 is a day forever etched in the recesses of my mind. Salty tears streamed down my face, I fathomed life as a widow. As I knelt before Jacob’s body, he whispered to me, “Maama Isabel, do not worry about me. I am fine.” His whisper gave me hope as I contemplated the pieces of this altered reality. How would I tell my girls? And what of the life of the unborn child who grew inside my belly? Finding my inner strength, I slowly rose to my feet, determined to face whatever lie before me. This was the first day of a new chapter in my life.


Susan candidly shares with us her personal experiences with depression, the highs and lows of her struggles and how, by God’s grace and with the support of her family especially, she’s been able to pull through. Hers is not a theoretical approach borrowed from philosophical knowhow, rather, a humble submission of realities faced, some of which are too harsh to bear, yet she’s courageous and vulnerable enough to share them with us. Her desire, as spelt through this write-up, is to sensitize the masses on depression and other mental illnesses, in the hope that the affected can find help before it is too late, and that through understanding, society can offer a strong support system to people battling depression and other mental illnesses and help them come to a place of rest. Ultimately, the author is keen to point us to God, without whom we may never get to a state of complete rest and perfect peace. Enjoy the learning as you read this wonderful book.

Love Unlimited: Set Free by a Greater...

What’s it like to be in bondage to an addiction you cannot control? Is there a way out? Love Unlimited will give you the answer one woman found in her quest to be free! In 2005, Ruth Njagi wrote out a goal that she was going to be an author and a speaker. In her earlier years, she had the intention of writing romantic books, from which she once received tremendous enjoyment. After 2005, however, Ruth’s worldview and writing goal changed, but her desire to write and speak remained the same. Today, communicating the pain and struggle of her journey has become her mission. In her first book, Love Unlimited, Ruth shares deep secrets she never thought she would share with anyone, especially through a book.


Tuesday, 4th September, 2012 06.00 Hrs “...Karibuni kwenye uwanja wa ndege wa kimataifa wa Jomo Kenyatta, mabibi na mabwana.Hapa ndipo tumetamatisha safari yetu kutoka Uholanzi...” (Welcome to Jomo Kenyata International Airport, ladies and gentlemen. This is where we end our flight from Schipol Airport, Amsterdam......) This was part of a P.A announcement that I made on the early morning of 4th September 2012 on arrival at JKIA from Schipol, Amsterdam. Little did I know that it would also mark the end of a seven year journey with my employer; The Pride of Africa.

Belonging – A Tale of an Orphaned Gir...

The book ‘Belonging – A tale of an orphaned girl’ is a story of Hope to all orphans and people who have almost given up and almost lost all hope. Even when all seems lost, our ‘Belonging’ can still be traced in God alone! People may fail you, but God never fails, He is our present help in time of need. This book also was written with the intent that whatever money comes out of it, will take care of orphans out there, my dream is to have a belong home for orphans out there. I currently have two orphans I take care of, and hopefully get more with time as led by God. Today, I am a testimony of belonging! I am a graduate of social work and social administration, and I hold master’s degrees in both Public Administration and Management, and Human Resources. I have worked in some of the top companies in Uganda, amongst them; Nile Breweries, Uganda Registration Services Bureau and now with The Infectious Diseases Institute. My question, would someone say that I have not belonged yet? I give all the glory and honour to my Father in heaven who has been and is still with me from the day of inception.


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We all undergo challenges that require grit to surmount. These challenges shape our world view and are necessary to put a check on our excesses. Though painful, they mould us into dependable, better and more useful world citizens. Coiled with rich stories that defined George’s life, this book hilariously explores the evolution of his belief systems on his journey to become the man he is today. The invitation is simple., Embark on an exhilarating adventure of Days before Dawn.


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