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Eternity by Lydia Chola

In this book Lydia brings insight about life and the afterlife. You will read about the intrigues of time and how it all began. You will get a glimpse of several events that must take place in the history of mankind as foretold in the Scriptures. Every human being has been allotted time on this planet. In verse 5 of Job chapter 14, “Man’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.” The Bible teaches us that God has knowledge of the specific number of days we will live. God’s plan involves the day we were to be born and the day we are to die. This knowledge should help us be wise and live our lives in righteousness and be fruitful in every way. This book was written to help people find a live that is meaningful, fruitful, joyful and exhilarating as it explains God’s plan for man for his time on earth and into eternity. Lydia explains why it is important to involve God in every decision pertaining to this life. It is important to ask yourself these questions: When life on this side is over, where will I spend eternity? How am I spending the days that God has numbered for me? What am I doing with my God-given gifts and talents? Lydia gives further insights into eternity and addresses more important questions such as: Are human beings made of spirit, soul and body? Are heaven and hell real places? Is reincarnation truth or deception? Are Near-Death-Experiences proof of an afterlife? Will there be a day of judgement in eternity? When you take your last breath here on earth, those who believe in Christ Jesus and have lived a righteous life, begin eternal life in heaven. Those who rejected Christ face eternal damnation to hellfire. Death is not the end of life but the beginning of the afterlife which is eternal. Life on earth is just a preparation for eternity. God has placed an awareness in our hearts that the spirit lives forever. There is something more than this transitory world

Too Busy For Worship by Dr. Muthoni O...

This is the program journal of the book, Too Busy For Worship by Dr. Muthoni Omukhango. It will help you: 1. To capture your developing responses as a reader. 2. Understand what you are reading. 3. Show how you are improving as a reader. It is a record of your thoughts as you read which is completely unique and different from anyone else's. In the main book, you will learn: 1. That God ordained work and He was the first worker 2. That we were created to work without toiling 3. The significance of Sabbath and how to rest today 4. Best Biblical example of working from a place of rest

Too Busy To Worship by Muthoni Omukhango

Have you lost the heart of worship in your daily work like I did? I must confess; I am a recovering workaholic. In previous seasons of my life, this trait seemed quite endearing and many praised me for how hard I often worked. I soaked in that glory, deceitfully ‘scripturising’ it as burning the midnight oil (shaking my head now), as drawn from the parable of the ten virgins. As I grow deeper in my walk with God and get older in years, I have come to appreciate the difference between diligently going about my Father’s business and being too busy for worship. I am on a quest to restore the heart of worship in my daily work and I invite you to join me… In this book, you will learn: 1. That God ordained work and He was the first worker 2. That we were created to work without toiling 3. The significance of Sabbath and how to rest today 4. Best Biblical example of working from a place of rest


This book uncovers God's unwavering love and grace, offering inspiration to those impacted by toxic and abusive Church systems. It also provides a refreshing perspective that encourages us to intentionally walk in love towards our brethren who may be affected by spiritual abuse. In this book, Virginia weaves together: • Her personal experiences on breaking free from a toxic Church • Biblical wisdom, and practical guidance • An invitation for readers to embark on a faith journey without relying on man-made crutch-es. Join her in her profound desire to see Christians living Christ-centered lives, enjoying the freedom and love provided by Christ.

The Story of a Teen Enviromentalist b...

The tale of a teen environmentalist who fights against corporate greed and government corruption to protect her community and the natural resources of her homeland. With unwavering determination, she rallies her community, organises clean-up events, and educates others about the importance of preserving the environment. As her efforts gain momentum, she faces unexpected challenges and learns valuable lessons about resilience, teamwork, and the power of individual action to create lasting change. This captivating story not only entertains readers but also raises awareness about important environmental issues in Africa.

Pretty Smiles by Sonia Baraka

Neva, Estelle, and Leah are the best of friends; their lives have been as normal as “Cherry Oak” can be. But what happens when they find themselves with a dead body? Details of how they ended up waking up covered in ‘red paint’ are a mystery. Will they be arrested and jailed? As the story unfolds, they find out more about themselves, God’s unending mercy, and the power of repentance and forgiveness. They discover that people aren’t who they say they are and the dangers of lies that are painted as the truth. While their lives are altered for the worse, they let the masks disintegrate instead of wearing pretty smiles that hide the biggest lies.


Hazley Edgewood is a teen girl who gre up in an urban setting, and is used to getting everything that she wants. Things change when she goes to high school, blue lake high and meets people who are not as willing to meet her demands as her parents did. During Hazley’s lowest moment with no one to talk to, she turns to God, and there finds peace and hope. She also learns to appreciate and accepts others around her because life is best enjoyed, not alone but with family and friends.

Praying the word of God by Patrick So...

~Prayer is like digging to find a precious treasure, you can either get exhausted very quickly and give up or enjoy the process. ~ What makes it a tiresome venture is not knowing how to pray about a certain season or situation in life and also not being so sure if you prayed enough. ~We all suffer this dilemma;well, atleast I did, for a very long time.This led to a deep quest to know what really prayer is all about. ~As we embark on this journey of praying as guided by the word of God, the Holy scriptures will teach us why we pray,what to pray for,how to pray and all there is to know about this praying business.


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