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Baranzan’s People: An Ethnohistory of...

£34.00 £26.50
Brief Summary Based on in-depth fieldwork, research, and personal interviews, this comprehensive ethnographic study of the Bajju people of southern Kaduna State in Nigeria covers their origins, history, culture, religious beliefs, and practices. Bajju precolonial political-religious organization, economy, legal system, social organization, and values are described. Also included are chapters on the Hausa-Fulani, the colonial context, the Christian era, and cultural change. Ethnologists, missiologists, development personnel, and the Bajju themselves will find this a rich resource. For me as a Bajju scholar, this study is as important as E. E. Evans-Pritchard’s classic study, Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande (1937). For that reason, all Bajju sons and daughters must read this important work (from the foreword by Dr. Samuel Waje Kunhiyop). Baranzan’s People: An Ethnohistory of the Bajju of the Middle Belt of Nigeria is a companion volume to Bajju Christian Conversion in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, published by SIL International® 2019.

African Friends and Money Matters: Ob...

£34.00 £26.50
Brief Summary African Friends and Money Matters grew out of frustrations that Westerners experience when they travel and work in Africa. Africans have just as many frustrations relating to Westerners in their midst. Each manages money, time, and relationships in very different ways, often creating friction and misunderstanding. This book deals with everyday life in Africa, showing the underlying logic of African economic systems and behavior. Two new chapters in this second edition emphasize personal relationships, making the book even more relevant to the thoughtful reader. Maranz introduces these principles, as well as the very different goals of African and Western economic systems, plus ninety specific observations of money-related African behaviors. Personal anecdotes bring this book to life. The result is that the reader can make sense of customs that at first seem incomprehensible. This popular book has captured the interest of Westerners living in or visiting Sub-Saharan Africa: business, diplomatic, and NGO personnel; religious workers, journalists, and tourists. The readership includes professors and students of African Studies. African readers will also be interested for what it reveals about Western culture and ways Westerners often react to Africa. David E. Maranz (Ph.D., International Development) has worked with SIL International in several African countries since 1975 in community development, administration, and anthropology consulting. His earlier book, Peace is Everything (SIL International), examines the worldview and religious context of the Senegambia region.

Acclimated to Africa: Cultural Compet...

£34.00 £26.50
Brief Summary Misunderstood: one thing foreigners never want to be! But Africans and Westerners, interpreting the world through different cultural lenses, misunderstand each other with alarming regularity. This is sometimes funny, sometimes scandalous, but always damages credibility. This book is designed to promote cultural competence among Westerners working in Africa and among Africans living in the West. Cultural competence--knowing what one needs to know to act in a manner acceptable in a society--is the first step to credibility and the surest antidote to being misunderstood. DiGennaro creatively introduces dialog between two fictitious characters: Juma as the African voice, and Wesley as the Western voice. They articulate their culture's perspectives on seven themes, themes which were identified by Westerners in Africa and by their African co-workers, as the most chronic points of cross-cultural stress: organization, finances, friendship, spirituality, communication and conflict, leadership, and work. Easy to read and broad in approach, this book is ideal for North Americans and Europeans who desire to expand their appreciation and comprehension of Africans' social reality. Debbi DiGennaro (M.A. in Social Work, The Ohio State University) moved to East Africa in 2008. She leaned heavily on her training in social sciences to facilitate her understanding of work and relationship patterns in Africa. Based in Nairobi with her family, DiGennaro currently leads the regional team of a faith-based NGO.


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