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Triad – The Three Dimensional Investm...

Thompson Great treasures both within and without, are only realised when we trade off our appetites, our conveniences, and traditions of comfort. You can never arrive at a place of effectiveness out of convenience. There is a price-paid to achieve any level of greatness. Only those willing to trade-off their present pleasures, will have future relevance. Your relevance will always lose colour when you trade off your garment of diligence to comfort. Thus, the glory and the colour of your results, are in the health of your current investment. The most precious gift given us is our minds. It is what allows us to imagine, think, and memorise. It helps us to learn, love, think, create and even experience enormous pleasures and joy. It is the gateway to our emotions, our capacity for deeply experiencing life, and also our ability to resolve as well as intimacy. It helps us to innovate, grow and accomplish. The great author and philosopher Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve.” In short, whatever your mind can call for, your hands can hold out. This book has been written to get your mind to a place of achieving effective and divine results. Every human being is after results, more so successful results. However, not every success is effective, and not every result is impactful. God created us to be successful but effective at the same time. “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty well and preserved body, but rather, to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming ‘wow! What a ride!'” – Hunter S

Sculpted by Design by KEMIRIMO D. OKUJA

The book is the first volume of the History of Uganda from the Biblical perspective. Most of our early history is founded on mythology, folklore or evolution. In this book, you get to read the Bible as the life manual written by God for the reader, the dreamer, and the one on a quest to make meaning out of life. God did not merely throw words around and out came this world. Like the sculptor and engineer, He carefully and masterfully placed His Words in the universe as valuable trinkets. He unveiled over seven days, a most delightful and perfect maze, our world. This world includes Africa, it includes Uganda and all who live within its boundaries.

It’s About Time – Your Blueprint For ...

Key Features Stay organized and focused Get more done Achieve your goals Earn more money Increase your productivity

Unveiling The Secrets To Prosperity B...

unveiling the secrets to prosperity, UNLOCKS, demystifies, reveals and brings true conceptualisation and configuration of the concept of prosperity just as the Bible provides. It takes the reader from the realm of quagmire VIS a VIS PROsperity. It will launch the reader’s expiry date of mediocrity. Biblically speaking, God wishes us to prosper. This SHows CLearly that the prosperity just like sitting for an exam solely DEPENDs on US, but to make it easier for US, God outlined his will pertaining prosperity. This book Births to you the will thereof. Faith comes where The will of God is known, one cannot prosper without FAITH to prosperity.

Who are the Top Billionaires in Afric...

KShs1,290.00 KShs990.00
Brief Summary This book is about making it as an entrepreneur irrespective of where you start. Ibeto started with nothing. Strive Masiyiwa started with $75. What problem do you want to solve? Learn from the great sons and daughters of Africa.
  • Power of Action eliminates PROCRASTINATION.
  • Power of Experience makes one WISER.
  • Power of Tenacity and Integrity creates life- long VALUE.

Managing Your finances God’s way by G...

KShs1,590.00 KShs1,290.00
Brief Summary Managing Your Finances God’s Way is formulated in 10 easy to follow steps. It is a very easy read addressed to a keen newcomer but also valuable to the seasoned investor. This book will not only give the knowledge of how to handle money but also help you understand the spiritual side of money.

Smart Money Habits by Gladys Juma

KShs1,290.00 KShs990.00
Brief Summary Smart Money Habits is practical, forthright, helpful and fun to read! It was written so that readers can quickly and easily comprehend exactly what actions they need to take and why. It provides solutions to the problems at hand and the problems ahead.

It’s About Time – Your Blueprint For ...

KShs1,290.00 KShs990.00
Brief Summary It’s About Time – Your Blueprint For Successful Time Management
  • Stay organized and focused
  • Get more done
  • Achieve your goals
  • Earn more money
  • Increase your productivity
  • It's About Time - Your Blueprint For Successful Time Management quantity

Whiteboard: Business Models that Insp...

KShs1,890.00 KShs1,490.00
Brief Summary This creative collection of illustrations, inspirational quotes, and savvy business models shares one purpose: to spark conversations and evolve companies.

Beached Whale: Learning to Swim in th...

KShs1,890.00 KShs1,490.00
Brief Summary Is your company beached? Stranded on the sands of past success? Slow and steady no longer wins the race.


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