JoyHope Kang'ang'i
JoyHope Kang'ang'i

JoyHope Kang'ang'i

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Junior and Senior School Diary

Most Students in Junior and Senior School are in their adolescence years which range between 12-19 years. During this Human Development Stage, many questions arise and sometimes as parents, we are not always in a position to answer them. In my mentorship sessions with Teenagers over a good number of years, I have managed to put together the Frequently Asked Questions by Teenagers, and in this book, I have answered those questions which are in the broad categories of: Education, Social, Emotional/Mental, Physical, and Religion. I encourage parents to Teenagers to read through the book, to acquire insights on the questions Teenagers ask, and add into their knowledge on how to answer them. Parents, Teenagers, Teachers and Mentors will be great beneficiaries of the content of this book.

Unshackled by JoyHope Kang’ang&...

In Unshackled, you will go on a self- discovery journey by learning how your childhood experiences impact your adulthood, by learning the different stages of Human Growth and Development borrowed from Psychologist’s Erik Erickson’s theory of Pyscho social Development. I walked through the shadows of death as I was going through a depressive phase at a particular point in my life and you will find powerful insights which I learned in my healing journey. This Book is an eye opener to anyone who has had unanswered questions around their perceptions of the world and all those who continue to fight unseen battles. My prayer and strong belief is that you will break free from invisible shackles after reading this book.

Rivers in the Desert by JoyHope Kang&...

Rivers in the desert is based on a true story and it gives beautiful life and marriage insights. You will learn what men expect from women and what women expect from men. You will also read articles on different aspects of life and your perception towards life will change for the better. If you are going through a tough phase in your marriage, this will be a great eye opener as it contains great lessons learnt by a young woman who was married to a fraudster, later got divorced and still managed to rebuild her life and made great positive impact in the world. You will also know the type of husband or wife you have been and make a decision if that is the best you can be or you will be a different and a better version of yourself.

Choose to Forgive by JoyHope KangR...

In choose to forgive you will learn that forgiveness runs the economy of the heart. Once you choose to, you will save the cost of losing friends. You will also save medical bills because maybe the physical illness which you have struggled with for years was caused by unforgiveness. You might be subjecting people around you to stress, paying your hospital bills, yet you have the cure within you. I challenge you to forgive and experience total liberation, gratitude, peace, wholeness and great health.


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