Joel David Oluoch

Joel David Oluoch

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Times and Tides: A story and a rough ...

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In my Book, TIMES & TIDES; The Struggles of a continent are pertinent issues that should be checked into detail with a lot of keenness and deep indulgence. For over the years our nations have maintained a downward trend in growth and development in all dimensions; Socio-Cultural, Economic and political. These are the root of the African Problem. Everything else emanates from it The African continent has been faced with several struggles among which are wars, coups leading to destabilization, a rigged democracy and an overburdened citizen. Despite, the problem being African a bigger stake of it was caused by the intrusion of the white colonialists. But has thrived so well amidst African leaders who chose to benefit from the aperture of opportunity rather than strive for the common good of the society. Culture Stability is the greatest strength of the society, it dictates every dimensions that a people trek upon. It informs our governance systems as well as our economies. He that controls your culture has had a great control over your freedom. Our Cultures as the African societies have been discredited and showcased to be weak, barbaric and backward. This has led to loss of confidence in it by the people from African descent. But a people with such a rich history in their sculpture is in no way backward. Several attempts to stamp authority on Africans have been put into place by the opulent west, there has been rampant intrusion of our education systems, Faith structures such that our polytheistic religions that brought a commendable sense to Africans, a divine places that the Black people sought refuge is nolonger sacred. These intrusions further into our cultural systems leading discrediting our cultural practices have affected Africans greatly. And in all of their attempts they have succeeded. The Major World Body, the UN as currently constituted is biased and under-represented. The UN Security Council is a powerful branch of the UN with a composition of five permanent Heads with Veto powers but among them, No African Nation is a member. Are Africans less citizens of this world as compared to the rest of the races? Democracy despite being a blessing to the world it has had a fair share of problems affecting the Continent. It is a very expensive form of governance, that makes the society so invested into the process than the result, it has been a major cause of civil disruptions leading to violence and loss of lives. Is it time to delve into other avenues of governance? The African People are better united than in different segmentations of single state Nations with different currencies, Security forces us dilapidated economic Power. With the autonomy ammased by African individual nations, the continent should seek further avenues of coming together for the betterment of her people, either in a confederacy or a federal systems. That will be the beginning to the end of the African Problems.


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