John Stanko

John Stanko

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Unlocking the power of your faith

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The Bible tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please God. That means faith is the means by which you can serve God to achieve great things for Him as Dr. Stanko explains in this book from his Unlocking series.

Success in Babylon

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In the post Christian world, it’s important for all believers to understand that they still have a purpose and mission, even if they find themselves working in Babylon, like Daniel did. This book will help you not just survive, but thrive in settings that may seem not to be on receptive to the message or life of faith.

Unlocking the power of your thinking

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The Bible is clear that you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Since the business of the mind is thinking, that means the key to your spiritual, transformation lies in the world of your thoughts. Learn how to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ in this book from Dr. Stanko’s Unlocking series.

Unlocking the power of your creativity

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You were created by the Creator in His image and that means you are a creator too. In this book from his Unlocking series, Dr. Stanko explains how to overcome the enemies of your creativity so you can fully express what it is that God has created you to create.

Unlocking the power of you purpose

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You have a purpose, something for you to do that only you can do and something for you to be that only you can be. In his first book in the Unlocking series, Dr. Stanko explains how to find your purpose and then goes on to outline a plan for how to fulfill it.

Unlocking the power of your productivity

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Jesus was clear that He chose you to “bear fruit, fruit that will remain.” In this book from his Unlocking series, Dr. Stanko helps you not just talk about being productive, but to also understand how to break through to live a fruitful lifestyle for God.

Unlocking the power of you

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Many people are fighting who they are, believing that they must undergo major changes before God can use them. Dr. Stanko has news for you in this book from his Unlocking series: God can use you as you are where you are right now!

The power of purple

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Many say that the Bible is a book written by men about men, but that’s not quite accurate. God had many women of purpose who were champions in the work they did, and Dr. Stanko explains who they are in this book so you can follow their example.

Proverbs 31 men

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There are many men of purpose in the Bible, some of whom are less familiar to us than others. Dr. Stanko examines some of those lesser known examples and shows what we can learn from their lives to also be men of purpose.

Life is a gold mine ,can you dig it

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In this book, Dr. Stanko presents what he calls the five Goldmine Principles of purpose, creativity, goal setting, time management, and faith.


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