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Kendi Karimi

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Herstory Unleashed: Empowered Women E...

KShs1,700.00 KShs1,450.00
Herstory Unleashed is a recount of history lived in the actions and words of some very brave women who have used their freedom of speech to write and rally, to inspire and empower. These are not just any women but African women, melanated women, women whose voices still count as a minority, rising above the majority to put permanent prints in history. Minority my foot!

The Cages We Built by Kendi Karimi

KShs1,250.00 KShs500.00
In these pages, the author weaves words together like a master architect, constructing a literary house that will shelter your thoughts and emotions. Brick by brick, they unveil the hidden depths behind the enigmatic title, inviting you to explore the war and rebellions fought within the mind and heart. It's time to unlock the cage and set your soul free!

Murdering Romance by Kendi Karimi

KShs1,300.00 KShs1,000.00
A Wakini Kuria Prize & African Writers Awards shortlisted author

Murdering Romance is a story about Mukami who simply wanted to experience an actual authentic moment of genuine love and call it her own. But let the title not lull you into thinking that the book is solely about romance. It is much more. The author first portrays Mukami as this lady who seems to be on a revenge mission disguised as a pursuit of love but as the plot thickens, the storyline evolves into other deeper issues. The book delves deep into several themes including domestic violence, toxic masculinity, femininity, absentee parents and abuse, among others.

Often there is a gulf of difference between fiction and non-fiction but in Murdering Romance, the dissimilarity between the two is too blurred to discern.

Life In No Order: A compilation of sh...

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,250.00
A head scratching, heart stopping collection of stories Praise for the stories in Life In No Order GENRE: SHORT STORY TITLE: OUR BRIEF HEAVENLY HOUR WRITER: KENDI KARIMI, KENYA REVIEWER: HALIEO MOTANYANE, LESOTHO WEBSITE: WRITER'S SPACE AFRICA Captivity is one of the biggest achievements that a writer should rejoice in whenever their story masters it. For a story to be a masterpiece, the reader should be captivated to the point of not wanting to stop reading while wishing the story should not end. This is what Kendi Karimi’s story has done to me. Rather than call ‘Our Brief Heavenly Hour’ a short story, it would fit perfectly as a ‘Personal Letter’. “Kendi, you have a deep-rooted philosophical soul that is unparalleled in verse! Your poetic style is quite unique.” -LANCE SHERIDAN Don’t Wait In The Sun, Dance In The Rain Your prose is so incredibly eloquent. The metaphors you create uniquely elevate your writing. You convey the joy of love, the grief of heartbreak, and the beauty of healing so intimately and powerfully.” -PHOENIX WILLIAMSON Number 27 “Wow! This such a motivational and inspiring story. Everyone's lives have dark days and when I am going through mine, this story would keep me alive. This has given the readers (or maybe me) the strength to keep their hopes on guard.” -KEYA JADAV Something Full And Round And Fruity Wowwwww. This was immediately powerful and compelling…I could feel the grief between the lines, the pain, the fear, but also the love. -KELLY DENNISON White Men Police Teeth You are such a commanding writer. Strong, yet subtle compelling me to dive deeper into my consciousness and perception. -BETH CONNOR This was absolutely amazing…your use of metaphors really blows me away. This is such a raw and powerful work of art. -SAPPHIRE “It’s like you’ve given words to the unexplainable, and yet it’s so effortlessly put that it’s breath-taking.” -WANGARE About the book Stories are never just stories the same way love isn't just love or hate just hate. With love, you make the life-altering decision to live and die by your lover's side when marriage come along. With hate, you bully a child into submission, into self-loathing, into depression. With stories, you tell about your share of pain and joy, love and hate and in doing so, you knit a lovely invisible creation that sheds light on culture and history as is in your time. You have the chance to immortalize something with a story, a chance to shine the torch on life. These stories, these histories, are poetic, vivid, full. Life in no order is a collection of short stories that talk about life, in no order. About the author Kendi Karim graduated top of her class with first-class honors in Mass Communication. Her short story, What Does It Mean To Be Kind Anyway, was shortlisted for the Wakini Kuria Prize for children’s literature in 2021. ‘Our Brief Heavenly Hour' has also been featured by Writer’s Space Africa and her work has been recognized by BIC group and EUEPA. A writer for the lovers, dreamers and believers. For the hope give-ups, and the heart beat-ups.


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