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The Practice of Mission in Egypt: A H...

Most of the historical mission studies focus on the work of Western missionaries going to Majority World countries. Few studies have examined the indigenous churches and their relationship with Western mission agencies in practising missions. This book is a historical study of the interaction between the American Presbyterian Mission and the Evangelical Church in Egypt.

The Philippine Council of Evangelical...

Go presents the growth of evangelicalism in the Philippines from 1898 to 2000, looking at the formation of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and motivating factors of founding members. Go brings insights on the impact that American issues had on the Philippine church. Through detailed explanation of the interaction and influence of the modernist/liberal, fundamental, and evangelical movements in shaping Philippine Christian history, this study addresses the reason for a lack of unity in the Philippine church.

The Pharisees in Matthew 23 Reconsidered

Layang defends and analyses the view that the actions of the Pharisees, and the condemnation they receive in Matthew 23 are consistent with the context of Jesus’s time on earth. Layang tackles the dating controversy of the Pharisees in this chapter and the chapter's subsequent authenticity. An interesting and in-depth study that credits Matthew 23 as historically reliable and authoritative as part of the Word of God, giving a convincing counter-argument to recent critical thought.

The Perilous Sayings: Interpreting Ch...

Dr Amos Winarto Oei brings fresh clarity and understanding of the antitheses of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. Providing a thorough evaluation of key historical and contemporary interpretations of Matthew 5:21–48 from notable theologians, Oei illustrates the unity surrounding the teachings of Jesus, even among disparate denominational traditions.

Interpersonal Reconciliation between ...

In this Sri Lankan case study, Dr Mano Emmanuel examines the specifics of interpersonal conflict within a shame-oriented culture. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, she incorporates cultural anthropology, missiology, and communication studies into her analysis, identifying seven aspects of culture that must be addressed if reconciliation is to be fully experienced in the Sri Lankan church.

The Impact of Ethnic, Political, and ...

This publication seeks to challenge established thinking about the causes of violence in Northern Nigeria. It explores immediate and long-term effects of that violence through reflection, study, and survey of previous research. The fundamental argument within is that ethnic, political and religious violence has affected Christian perspectives and core values and thus has hampered efforts towards just peacemaking.

The Fellowship of the Throne in John’...

What relevance does the book of Revelation hold for our lived reality within secular societies? In this book, Dr Fabián Santiago explores concepts of authority, society, and political power against the backdrop of the Apocalypse and in conversation with Oliver O’Donovan’s political theology. An excellent resource for students of political theory and theology, Christology, and biblical narrative, this book offers a powerful theo-political critique of secular discourse on the nature of political authority.

Faith-Integrated Being, Knowing, and ...

In this holistic study of the integration of faith and learning, Dr. Sarinah Lo challenges the Western tendency to privilege knowing over being and doing. In the context of Indonesian higher education, Dr. Lo addresses the cognitive, affective, spiritual, relational, and vocational aspects of human nature. She demonstrates that effective integration of faith and learning must reach beyond the academic disciplines to address the formation of a Christian perspective in all areas of life, thought, and practice.

The Evolution of Legislation on Relig...

Dr F. A. Nazir places the discussion of offences relating to religion in the historical context of the south Asian subcontinent, the institution of penal codes in British India during the colonial period, and developments in legislation after 1947 independence and the creation of the state of Pakistan and in postcolonialism. Nazir’s thorough and rigorous historical research brings important understanding and reflection to contemporary religious laws, religious rights and multi-faith society in Pakistan.

Engaging Politics in Myanmar: A Study...

In this book, Dr Aung Htoo places Walter Wink’s political theology in conversation with both Aung San Suu Kyi and the work of Martin Luther King Jr. Locating this dialogue against the political backdrop of Myanmar’s history, Htoo explores the theological and political implications of nonviolence in the cultural context of the country’s people groups. He draws on the shared Buddhist and Christian foundation of commitment to loving kindness to suggest a new political reality for Myanmar.


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