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Relational Preaching: Knowing God, Hi...

Relational Preaching is a guide to help achieve greater depth in your preaching through developing a stronger relationship with the Lord, with Scripture, and with your listeners. Its message is direct and down to earth. Its style is devotional and prayerful. Preachers around the world will be blessed as they join the author in soaking themselves in Scripture and reflecting on what these Scriptures mean for them.

The Preacher’s Portrait: Five New Tes...

In this updated version of The Preacher’s Portrait John Stott presents a portrait of the ideal preacher; a portrait painted by the hand of God himself on the broad canvas of the New Testament. rough studying ve roles of a preacher – steward, herald, witness, father, and servant – Stott illustrates God’s ideal for a preacher’s character, message and purpose.

Pastoral Preaching: Building a People...

Church congregations are not being given a comprehensive, biblical understanding of the faith. Drawing on his own experience as a pastor in Zambia, Conrad Mbewe tackles issues such as the content of pastoral preaching, how pastoral preaching relates to church life, finding the time to prepare pastoral sermons, and dealing with discouragement. Throughout the book, it is clear that the author’s conviction is to see preachers grow strong churches, to build a people for God.

Live, Listen, Tell: The Art of Preaching

New guides readers through sermon preparation and hearing God through the Scriptures. By drawing on life and Scripture, especially the road to Emmaus narrative, he illustrates that preachers are living, listening and telling a story. New shows how to prayerfully listen to the Scriptures in preaching preparation and how the fruit of this leads to a sermon – and impacts the way we live, listen and tell.

Life through God’s Word: An Introduct...

If you have ever been tempted to disregard Psalm 119 under an assumption that it is some dry and dusty psalm about Old Testament law, you are certainly not alone. However, in this in-depth study of the longest chapter in Scripture, Chris Wright reminds us that it is first and foremost a prayer overflowing from a deeply intimate relationship with God.

Let the Gospels Preach the Gospel: Se...

Based on his own sermons preached over a number of years at All Souls Church in London, Christopher Wright explores the rich variety of the cross of Christ and lets the four Gospels preach the Gospel in their own way. An excellent resource for preachers, which is further enriched by the final chapter that provides a personal commentary on how Wright prepared each of the sermons.

It’s OK to Be Not OK: Preaching the L...

This book challenges us to confront our struggles and questions instead of denying them. Most importantly the author invites us to bring all of ourselves into God's presence and the community of faith. It is through our experiences and sharing them with God and his church that we grow in intimacy with God and our relationship with one another.

The Future of Humanity: Preaching fro...

In this book, Murray Robertson breaks down Revelation 4 to 22 so that the concept, context, tone and contemporary message can be fully realised by those reading and preaching this apocalyptic text. Containing questions for discussion at the end of every chapter and a few sample sermon outlines, this is a very practical handbook for anyone committed to authentic biblical preaching.

Echoes . . . The Lord’s Prayer in the...

Most Christians, whether preachers or not, are familiar with the Lord’s Prayer; maybe too familiar. In this excellent devotional, Geoff New urges us to encounter the Lord’s Prayer again – to encounter it as a text that is urgent and powerful, speaking directly to the needs and longings of the human heart. Written primarily with preachers in mind, this book addresses common ministry challenges and demonstrates how the Lord’s Prayer can meet us in every season of the Christian life.

The Dynamics of Biblical Preaching

Jonathan Lamb illustrates the power of God’s Word by focusing our attention on the heart, task and purpose of preaching by leading us through Nehemiah 8:1-12. Reworked to benefit from the authors’ years of experience working alongside indigenous preaching movements around the world, this book includes excellent resources for group studies, preaching preparation and running a preachers’ group.


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