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Mission Partnership in Creative Tensi...

Cueva has refined his concept of ‘partnership in mission’ by advocating reciprocal contextual collaboration in this reflection on contemporary missiology. Referencing historical, theological and functional aspects of mission and analyzing its impact on the evangelical movement, he identifies that mission always develops with positive and negative tensions. Emphasizing an understanding of current missions including traditional, networking and emergent models, and how they can be combined, interconnected and interchanged, the author proposes a fresh model that ensures suitability for every context.

Hermeneutics of Mission in Matthew: I...

Matthew’s Gospel is pivotal in scholarly discussion on the hermeneutical use of the Old Testament in the New. Sarma proposes that Matthew utilizes the Old Testament as a book of promise of God’s salvific plan and that Jesus is the fulfillment of that promise. For Matthew, God’s purpose to save fallen humanity is the grand narrative of the Bible. Using promise-fulfillment as the interpretative framework for mission theology, Sarma explores redemptive events, institutions, geography, prophetic ministry, and typology.

Insights from the Lives of Olive Doke...

This publication addresses the most challenging phase in church-planting missions, the torch being passed from pioneering missionaries to indigenous leaders. Having observed a very different story in the relationship between Olive Doke and Paul Kasonga, Mbewe argues that the key is deep-rooted mutual respect and admiration. Following a biblical interpretation of missions and referencing extensive sources regarding these church-planters, the author identifies the key ingredients to successful handovers and consequently a model for successful church-planting missions.

Seeing the Face of God: Exploring an ...

Scrutinising previous scholarship and based on careful exegesis of several crucial passages in the Pentateuch, this publication presents the motif ”seeing the face of God” in an entirely new context of divine self-revelation.

In Academia for the Church: Eastern a...

Tension between theory and practice in theological education is an unfortunate yet common occurrence, with educators sometimes finding themselves on one extreme or the other. Some academics can be so immersed in high-level theological discourse that they hardly interact with the main questions of the average church-goer, while others are so keen to be engaging and relevant they fail to be rigorous in their scholarship.

Can God Save My Village?: A Theologic...

The introduction of Christianity by missionaries in North-East India, without ignoring the positive contribution, failed to provide a sound theological foundation for the people of this region in their quest for identity and liberation. In this publication, the author, a native of the region, investigates the struggle for identity among the tribal people of North-East India and more particularly the Kuki people of Manipur.

Missions amidst Pagodas: Contextual C...

For almost 200 years Protestant missionaries have endeavoured to communicate the gospel to Burmese Buddhists in Myanmar. However, Christianity among this people group is still regarded as a ‘potted plant’ with former Buddhists being separated from their community and culture. In this publication Peter Thein Nyunt, a former Buddhist monk, examines past and current approaches of the Protestant church among Burmese Buddhists. Based on his findings he develops a contextual missiological strategy, with a relevant christological message and ecclesiological structure.

Yahweh’s Elegant Speeches of th...

This publication is a pioneering work in the contemporary study of stylistics, reminding the reader of the literary elegance and beauty of the speeches of Yahweh in the Abrahamic narratives. It studies the attribution, aesthetics and representations of these divine speeches.

Concrete Time and Concrete Eternity: ...

This publication investigates how Karl Barth’s doctrine of time and eternity can contribute to the continued understanding of the relationship of divine eternity to time or temporality. Examining from a theological, philosophical and physical perspective, with emphasis on the Trinity, as well as Barth’s Christology and pneumatology, Lui helps us understand Barth’s doctrine. Barth’s contribution to the subject is significant, with his doctrine of time and eternity being relational in ontology, Trinitarian in background and concrete in character.

Theology of Work and Poverty Alleviat...

This publication seeks to determine the need, possibilities, and strategies, necessary to alleviate urban poverty in Mozambique through the tool of transformational business, understood out of a Contextual Theology of Work (CTOW). Focusing on the Maputo metropolitan area, but also wider contexts, the author examines the dynamic relationship of urban poverty, unemployment and work.


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