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Russian Baptists and Orthodoxy, 1960-...

Russian Baptists and the Orthodox Church have had a difficult and, on occasion, dramatic relationship over the past 150 years. Despite the evident dissimilarity,in theology, church practice and traditions, there is common ground, which has been largely unexplored. Focusing mainly on 1960 to 1990 the author investigates the differences and similarities between the two denominations, recognising a significant Orthodox orientation among Russian Baptists in their theology, spiritual mentality and culture.

Missionary of Reconciliation: The Rol...

Bishop Festo Kivengere of Uganda (1919-1988) is one of the most widely known African evangelical leaders. Central to his ministry, he preached the Christian doctrine of reconciliation into a Uganda where Christians lived under the horrors of Idi Amin’s rule and its aftermath. Dr. Alfred Olwa carefully examines 26 of Kvengere’s sermons from a biblical and theological perspective to better understand his theme of reconciliation.

Our Politeuma Is in Heaven!: PaulR...

In this work the author asks: who were these enemies Paul was speaking to? What did they do wrong? Why did they deserve destruction? In search of these questions the investigation looks to the early Christian communities and their formation within the socio-political realities of the urban centers of the Roman Empire.

Reading Psalm 145 with the Sages: A C...

Traditionally, the Psalms have been read in reference to their historical context. This publication suggests reading a psalm in its literary context and with reference to the editorial intent of its placement in the Psalter. The study analyzes Psalm 145, a unique Davidic psalm, providing the reader with an in-depth understanding of the purpose of its placement.

Development of Chinese Church Leaders...

Confucianism and its influence on culture in East Asia has profoundly impacted Chinese churches and the development of their leaders. This work seeks to build an indigenous approach to developing church leaders by understanding the theoretical, and the situational foundations, of relational leadership from both cultural and biblical perspectives. The research is further enriched through case studies and interviews observing the practices of leadership in contemporary Chinese churches.

Foundations for African Theological E...

Morality is central to the life of every community or society. Our ethical decisions and choices are made based on our convictions about how we perceive God, the world and ourselves. At the core of these convictions are our biblical, religious, social, moral and cultural values that shape our character and behaviour. This book has integrated these values from three contexts - African, Western and Biblical.

Christianity in Suriname: An Overview...

The purpose of this study is to give a survey of the history, a summary of the works of theologians and a guide to sources, about Christianity in Suriname.

Reconciliation and Peace in South Sud...

This work, carried out prior to the creation of The Republic of South Sudan, focuses on the Christian perspective on reconciliation and peace in South Sudan.

Communal Holiness in the Gospel of Jo...

The book focuses research on Ancient Near East viticulture to determine the context(s) of when the vine was used to refer to Israel in a covenant relationship with God. In this historical context the Johannine vine metaphor receives fresh meaning and relevance for the people of God.

Role of the Holy Spirit in Protestant...

Through highlighting the role and significance of the Holy Spirit in the whole divine action, this volume contends that pneumatology is not a dull theological locus, but rather an essential theological disposition relevant for today.


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