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Mission Between the Times: Essays on ...

This revised version includes a new essay on the contemporary history of integral mission, a history that began with the Latin American Theological Fellowship, progressed within the Lausanne Movement, is bearing fruit globally through the Micah Network, and challenges evangelicals to address the major issues of our day.

The Transformation of African Christi...

This book seeks to engage in a systematic ecclesiological reflection on the extent to which the understanding and practice of “church” have changed during one and half centuries of Christianity in Nigeria with the purpose of providing pastors and practitioners with an interpretive framework for a contextual yet a biblical way of doing church as Nigeria moves into the future.

The Theology of the Land in Amos 7-9

In Amos the language about land is used extensively. However this subject of the land has never been studied as a topic in its own right, only as part of other themes. This work follows a synchronic reading of Amos and employing textual, literary and historical criticism the author carries out a careful analysis of the land. Although the findings are set in the context of the entire book, the study focuses on chapters 7-9 to explore the topic closer.

Theology of Reconciliation in the Con...

Built on an in-depth analysis of three Palestinian church splits, this text examines the cultural and theological implications of intra-church conflict in Arab evangelical communities in Israel. Translating Miroslav Volf’s formative theology of reconciliation into her contemporary Palestinian context, Dr Mansour provides an evaluation of both Volf’s theory and Palestinian peacemaking models. Through her research and analysis, she develops a Middle Eastern theology of reconciliation and encourages congregations around the world to develop greater cultural and theological awareness.

A Theological Examination of Symbolis...

Ezekiel holds true to the prophetic tradition in his use of symbolic sign-acts, particularly the shepherd metaphor found in chapter 34. Addressing the subject of failed leadership in secular and sacred domains, the author points to Ezekiel’s use of symbolism and the shepherd motif to show what society stands to lose under bad leadership and governance.

A Study of the Emergence and Early De...

Uayan weaves the story of six churches in the Philippines into the local history of their individual settings. Uayan presents a rich and previously unacknowledged heritage and support from US mission organisations from 1898–1946. The seeds sown in Chinese communities across the Philippines resulted in indigenous churches that are bearing fruit in missionary activity in China. This is an important contribution towards a global church history.

A Study of Current Leadership Styles ...

Indigenous church leadership is a new phenomenon in North Africa. Until recently, non-Muslim background believers were the only leaders of churches in this region. With the current growth of national churches there are increasingly more leaders from a Muslim background leading to a diverse range of leadership styles. This publication explores church leadership in North Africa, investigates common values, beliefs and cultures among church leaders.

The Structure and Function of the Pro...

Yohannes Sahile tackles the problem of Judges’ prologue, proposing that it is a single introduction with a narrative trajectory that begins with the death of Joshua. Judges 1:1–3:6 is often understood as a double introduction to the book, but here Dr Sahile presents a well-argued alternative. He thoroughly dissects the passage in question, adding to ongoing scholarship of Judges and bringing new insight to our understanding of the development of the nation of Israel in the Promised Land.

Sermon Listening: A New Approach Base...

The purpose of preaching has always been to edify, encourage, and emphasize the positive effects of coming together as a people of God. Yet there remains an inconsistency between the intended goals of preaching and the subjective perception of the listeners. In this homiletical study, Dr. Enoh Šeba provides fresh insight into the “turn to the listener” model and offers a theologically sustainable warrant mandate for the transformation of the preaching practice through a stronger involvement of the congregation.

Revelation and Grace: A Critical Appr...

Our globalized world, with its increasingly pluralistic societies, necessitates a theological framework that enables Christians to embrace their neighbors without compromising the essential components of their own faith. In this book, Dr. Djung explores the ways in which Hendrik Kraemer’s theology of religions offers the church such a framework. By placing Kraemer in conversation with other twentieth-century Dutch Reformed theologians, Dr. Djung allows the doctrine of revelation and grace to inform his interpretation of Kraemer’s work.


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