Michael Thuo

Michael Thuo

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Hiki ni kitabu kinachofunza misingi ya biashara na kuhifadhi rekodi za uhasibu kwa vijana wanaohitimisha masomo.

Excuse me I am Sorry by Michael Thuo

£5.50 £5.45
Do you have an ill-mannered child? Don't be sorry!This book teaches children from grade 1 to 3 on courtesy,etiquette and manners.It has 26 chapters,each representing a letter of the alphabet.

The Siege Of The Shwedagon by Michael...

£8.50 £8.00
Ruddin is a self-styled revolutionary with a heart for vengeance. His ethnic minority people have been displaced from the place they have called home for generations-Myanmar. Armed with nothing more than a tattered map and revolutionary ideas, he embarks on the most treacherous journey of his life. The Shwedagon Pagoda is a significant symbol in his onslaught against the junta regime he is hell-bent to depose. It was a childhood fantasy ‘must-visit’ imposing stupa. But now, the almost impossible to penetrate fortress is his perfect hideout to nab his nemesis-the young leader of Myanmar and commander of Tatmadaw. The young leader is his presumptive father-in-law but the young U Thwe despises the Rohingya, the ethnic minority in which Ruddin belongs. Repatriating the millions of the displaced people from Bangladesh, back to Myanmar, would be a tall order. Where do you even start? How do you even gain entrance to the gilded stupa and execute your mission with military precision? What would be the coincidence that the young leader would be on a spiritual pilgrimage to the pagoda and by happenchance ,you are poised to nab him? This make-believe fictional account strains the bounds of credulity, invariably offering a glimpse of hope to the millions of displaced Rohingya people. The story is unreal. The people are real. The scenarios are real. The places are real. Reality is twisted. Imagination is real……and impossible is nothing!

Zanj of Alkebulan by Michael Thuo

£8.75 £8.00
Zanj(black man) of Alkebulan (formerly Africa) is a fast-paced treatise on Africa, as conceptualized in the magical realm. The time capsule explodes and events since antiquity unfurl: pre-colonial Africa, colonial era and neo-colonialism. The tale is a wrap up of a continent in perpetual turmoil ( loss of identity, slave trade, scramble and partition, corruption and power struggle, to name a few)…and a glimpse of a resolution, as seen through the lens of an African.


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