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The Helper’s Son by Ayodeji Olaifa

KShs1,990.00 KShs1,690.00
"The Helper's Son" is a powerful and evocative tale set against the backdrop of apartheid-era South Africa. Follow the journey of Jongikhaya, a child born black but raised white by his mother's employers. As he grapples with shifting identities, the story delves into the complexities of race, class, and personal belonging. Jongikhaya's experiences reveal the profound impact of social hierarchy and inherited privilege on individuals and families. This poignant narrative highlights the struggle of navigating two worlds and the internal conflict that arises from cultural dissonance. Jongikhaya's search for self-discovery amidst tragedy and loss paints a vivid portrait of the human spirit's resilience. With themes of identity, grief, and reconciliation, "The Helper's Son" is a moving exploration of the search for belonging and the enduring ties that bind us to our roots.

Unjani Mfwethu ? The story of a migra...

KShs1,990.00 KShs1,690.00
Unjani Mfwethu? The Story of a migrant in South Africa is a book about the lived experiences of a migrant and indeed all migrants around the world. It tells the story of one individual, as he navigates the issues of racism, xenophobia, friendship, travails and triumphs. It is a story that shines light on our humanity as a people.

Nuns at the Gate by Ayodeji Olaifa

KShs1,990.00 KShs1,690.00
In the gritty depths of Europe's sex underworld, Haida, a young peasant girl from rural Nigeria, is thrust into the heart of a harrowing battle for survival. Her dreams of becoming a teacher are shattered as she becomes ensnared in the treacherous web of sex trafficking and financial crime. As Haida fights to navigate the dangerous labyrinth of exploitation and deceit, she must find the strength and resilience to break free from the chains that bind her. With a haunting price tag tattooed onto her neck, she confronts the daunting challenge of reclaiming her freedom and reclaiming her life. But in a world where peril lurks around every corner and trust is a rare commodity, Haida must rely on her wits and determination to unravel the web of men’s unlimited desire for sex that ensnares her. As she seeks allies in unexpected places and confronts the shadowy forces that seek to dehumanise her, Haida embarks on a gripping journey of empowerment and redemption. In this searing tale of resilience and tenacity, Haida's courage shines as a beacon of hope in the face of unfathomable darkness. "Nuns at the Gate" is a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the indomitable human spirit and the ferocious will to overcome impossible odds.

GööKA From the Village to the City | ...

KShs990.00 KShs690.00
Live life forwards but understand it by looking backwards. In the book, the author’s 21st-century daily experiences are mirrored in his village days. From the comfort of a ZOOM class, jog around the estate and make rare encounters. Walk with him through libraries, hit ( ) golf balls, visit the beach and learn a thing or two about hyenas, lions and leopards. These experiences are made especially interesting with historical, social, scientific, and mathematical satire as the author seeks to fulfil his 10,000-step daily requirement for fitness, monitored by his new master, ‘Googlefit’. Whatever age or career, the experiences in this anthology of 24 stories make you reflect on your life and laugh or cry.

Strange Water: Our Stories Redefined ...

KShs1,690.00 KShs1,290.00
In this edition, you discover the vibrant mosaic of poetic brilliance in ‘Strange Water’, a mesmerising collection that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Delve into a genius interlocking of artistry and talent as diverse voices unite to explore the myriad hues of African love, culture, and the human experience. With each verse, these gifted poets paint vivid landscapes, echo ancient rhythms, and weave powerful narratives for the African future they wish to see. Let the pages unfold, and your soul be enchanted by this anthology that celebrates the rich tapestry of African storytelling, its profound depth, and its boundless resilience in a fight to reclaim its place.

The Girl Called Rose Terri by Juliett...

KShs1,200.00 KShs900.00
The tragic end of a university girl presents Dr Kenny with a second chance. Rose Terri, an elegant, beautiful undergraduate architectural engineering student, falls for Dr Kenny, a practising medical doctor at a private hospital. Staring into her eyes, he feels like he’s staring into the depths of heaven. Dr Kenny is the emblem of perfection and love that Rose Terri wants, and their union weathers the storm of being from different social backgrounds. A story of love, loss, and pain.

Flashes of Vice: Vol IV: Collection o...

KShs1,590.00 KShs1,190.00
What do you get when you mix terrorism, crime, crimes of passion, human relationships, and social evil? A collection of flash fiction stories that will shock you, thrill you, and make you think. They explore the dark side of humanity, where violence, betrayal, corruption, and oppression are the norm. Each story is a glimpse into a different reality, where anything can happen, and no one can be trusted.

The Zampa Law: Protecting Unaccompani...

KShs1,890.00 KShs1,590.00
As the world faces a plethora of turmoil from conflicts, civil war, and other calamities, causing people to flee for their lives, the homeless and vulnerable persons from Syria, Libya, Palestine and many sub-Saharan African countries seek a haven for their survival. Migrant minors separated from their immediate family members during these perilous journeys are susceptible to danger, are at risk of child trafficking, and are faced with immigration restrictions at the border of every country they run into. Thus, Italy’s new legislation, The Zampa Law for ‘Provision of Protection Measures’, is a boon to the children fleeing for their lives without being accompanied by any family or guardian into Italy. The author analyses the gap that the new Italian Zampa Law filled, the challenges in applying the new law and other aspects of the Italian immigration system related to unaccompanied migrant minors.

Sibiloi: The Genesis of Humanity by D...

KShs1,890.00 KShs1,490.00
ONE Mysterious belt in an antique shop in London is a compass to secret caves of the Amalek tribe in Sibiloi, Northern Kenya. FOUR Researchers want to unravel the truth: biologist Dr Martha Watkins, anthropologist Jim Trevor, and archaeologists Dr Paul Brando from California, US, and Professor Simiyu from Kenya. TWO Extremist organisations want the truth buried forever: a religious sect and a terror organisation. Deep in the caves of Sibiloi in Turkana, Kenya, is the answer that has evaded researchers for ages: Sibiloi holds secrets of the genesis of humanity.

The Pains We Live by Sophie Kiwelu (M...

KShs1,800.00 KShs1,490.00
When Lydia Mkunde falls in love, it is hard, fast, and at first sight. She doesn’t listen to the ‘small voice’ telling her that Jabez Kimoni is not the one. Her happily-ever-after is a nightmare, and she wishes to end the pain when the man she marries becomes someone she can’t recognise.

Never Never (Novel) by James Patterson

KShs990.00 KShs895.00
When Sydney police department sex crimes detective Harriet Blue is called into her boss’s office, she never imagined it would be to tell her that her brother is the prime suspect in the brutal murders of three women.

Our Stories Redefined Anthology 2022:...

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,200.00
Our Stories Redefined annual anthology for African writing is the vehicle for new-age African writers to tell their stories to a generation that understands them. In this 2022 flash fiction edition, the stories focus on Afro-modernity and Afro-futurism, mainly on familial and societal relationships. It is a collection of souls wishing to be understood in a chaotic and complex environment born out of years of conditioning. The characters in this anthology are struggling with one problem or another, a mirror of our society. It is not a collection of cynical characters but characters who have refused to drown in the world's cynicism.

Salvation in Death (In Death, #27) by...

KShs500.00 KShs300.00
Seconds after partaking of wine during a Catholic funeral mass, Father Miguel Flores is dead on the altar. Detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas confirms that the consecrated wine contained enough potassium cyanide to kill a rhino. And though the East Harlem neighborhood is a long way from the stone mansion she shares with her billionaire husband Roarke, it’s the holiness flying around St. Christobal’s that makes her uneasy.

Bachelorette Diaries (Anniversary Edi...

KShs1,000.00 KShs900.00
Shiri Golan is smart, intelligent, and successful—top media girl and owner of Golan Technologies that’s hired to develop stealth software for the Kenya Defence Forces fighter jets. But she isn’t as smart when she falls in love with a Catholic priest, and skeletons crawl out of her perfect man’s closet, hauling betrayal, a dark past, and deadly secrets with them. Hurt, betrayed, and vengeful, Shiri finds herself caught between forgiveness and justice and fighting unknown forces. This is definitely a great read, and the suspense is simply enthralling. Verah Omwocha, Kenyan Writer The book is a light read. Nancy Oyula

Marry Me a Co-Wife and Other Poems by...

KShs1,000.00 KShs590.00
Marry Me a Co-Wife and Other Poems is a collection of poems that seek to speak to the reader about our delicate social fabric that is in danger of being torn.

Memory in Death (In Death, #22) by J....

KShs400.00 KShs300.00
The #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Survivor in Death" has Lieutenant Eve Dallas walking a tightrope between her professional duties and her private demons.

Thoughts of a Patient Man Breaking an...

KShs600.00 KShs500.00
Thoughts of a Patient Man Breaking and Other Verses is a literary capture of moments - both real and envisaged; the writer's own as well as those not his to hold.

Beyond by Davis Njoroge

KShs1,590.00 KShs990.00
Maxwell Barasa was born an ordinary child, but a series of events see him gain unfathomable power in his infancy. No one, including his father, who is the main reason Max is a metahuman, knows Max’s secret except Fredrick, Max’s childhood friend. Afraid the world would be terrified of his other self, he decided to live his life as an introvert with a close-knit circle of friends. But … ... when you are the link to the most powerful weapon in existence, making yourself small is impossible, especially when two of the most powerful alien civilisations are after you. A new Sci-Fi epic of aliens all focused on Earth for a weapon only one man can lead them to.

The Fundamentals of Strategic Writing...

KShs2,150.00 KShs1,890.00
Do you find writing—whether a correspondence letter, memo, formal email, or report—a challenge? In a world where everyone is busy, you don’t want your reader to ignore your text because you did not communicate clearly. And they shouldn’t have to read through tons of text to get to your message. Writing may sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be, especially focused, objective, and visible high-quality writing, regardless of your professional background or speciality. That’s what this book is all about—honing your strategic writing skills. Whoever you are writing for should understand what you want to communicate right from the onset, from the first paragraph, and even the first sentence. This book will give you enduring fundamentals to help you produce accurate, concise, and clear information for your reader.

Heart Strings by Onejikũ

KShs850.00 KShs700.00
… even though darkness will cloud your vision, The stars will be the light when you dream, Guiding you to better paths, Reminding you of the success in new chances … Heart Strings is a collection of hope, rebirth, and reawakening poems. It is a source of hope to those who have given up or are going through hardships, a reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that this too shall pass, and a new day will come.

The Ogre of Sebet by Kathryn Langat

KShs600.00 KShs450.00
In the tranquil village of Sebet lives a proud beautiful girl called Oset. Oset turns down all suitors until a mysterious handsome young man comes along and wins her heart. When Oset arrives at her new home, she discovers that her husband is actually an ogre that lurked in Sebet forest! The ogre eats her piece by piece until, one day, Oset sends a bird to ask her family to go and save her.

Our Stories Redefined (2021) Poetry A...

KShs900.00 KShs749.00
An anthology by African poets to celebrate new-age African writing. ‘Our Stories Redefined’ annual anthology is the vehicle for new-age African writers to tell their stories to a generation that understands them. In this 2021 (poetry) edition, the poems cut across the generations. They paint a picture of a new generation not grappling with Afro-modernity but embracing Afro-currency with a hope for a better future for Africa.

When a Stranger Called by 13 Kenyan w...

KShs1,500.00 KShs999.00
Brief Summary An anthology of short stories by 13 Kenyan writers. The book covers different themes - murder, revenge, sex, marriage, workplace relationships, romantic relationships, drugs, etc - all summarized into one: HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.

Finding Eden By Mark Bichachi

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,199.00
Brief Summary A man caught between true love, fate and the modern african dating scene. A tense battle between his sexuality, his religion and the expectations of society. A romantic tale like no other, that keeps you glued on the edge of your seat as you follow the story through dates, flings, marriage, infidelity and trips across the globe.

Echoes of Military Souls (Poetry) by ...

KShs2,000.00 KShs1,500.00
Brief Summary Echoes of Military Souls is a power-packed package of art that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a roller coaster stream of emotion. The poems forcefully remind us that soldiers lay down their lives for fellow humans. But do we really value this singular sacrifice? The theatrical ambiance of the poems imprint indelible vistas of hope for the indefatigable human spirit!

The Boy With Shoes (Memoir) by Hillar...

KShs750.00 KShs500.00
Brief Summary The Boy With Shoes tells the humorous story of a young boy growing up in Kenya in the 80s, an era that set pace for the current day middle class. It revolves around this boy who is lucky to have the only pair of shoes in the whole school, but which he can’t wear because it makes him the outcast. Shoes have been used to depict the never-ending antagonism between the Haves and Have Nots, a common occurrence in Africa. Life for the boy with shoes is one long battle between trying to fit in the society yet still being in tandem with his hawk-eyed disciplinarian mother going by the alias Taylor, after the Woman of Steel.

Ministry of Misdemeanor (Memoir) by H...

KShs1,000.00 KShs700.00
Brief Summary Life in high school: raging hormones, peer pressure, rebellion, and self-discovery. A paragon of adolescence, it embodies unplanned pregnancies for young girls and boys becoming fathers, all in the name of exploring. Relationships are formed, rules broken, and, sometimes, lifelong mistakes made. Ministry of Misdemeanor exemplifies the height of tempting fate—daredevil teenage antics, intrigues, mischief, and pushing the limits at Akili High School.

Broken Hedges (Novel) by Joseph Kang&...

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,000.00
Brief Summary Forever trailed by the spiders, political activist Kamirangi Mwenda has dedicated himself to fighting the locusts—the people behind the corrupt and oppressive government—a fight for the second liberation of Kenya, His father, the veteran Mau Mau General Baikioo, is a bitter man: wallowing in poverty, not honoured as the hero he is, and false promises by the government; the sacrifices he made for the liberation of the country are nothing ... and his son is walking the same path. As the locusts threaten to wring the country dry, the past grapples with the present, pulling apart father and son, forcing them to realise that the cost of true freedom might be far too high.

Holy Innocence (Poetry) by Elove Poetry

KShs400.00 KShs300.00
Brief Summary Holy Innocence is a collection of innocent musings on love, the things lovers do innocently moved by love, the emotion that makes the mind stop functioning the minute one falls helpless in to the abysmal abyss of love. May it be teen hominess, school-boy/girl crush on someone, secret admiration, harmless flirtation, infatuation, or lust for someone already taken - love does this innocently, just to fulfill the longing of a heart that is helplessly in love for which words can't describe. Holy Innocence is sensational, love poems to the max. Every girl should read this.

Holy Crimes (Poetry) by Elove Poetry ...

KShs400.00 KShs300.00
Brief Summary Holy Crimes is a collection of crimes of love, the little things lovers do oblivious, innocently, inadvertently, sometimes deliberately and guiltily. The joys of love are compacted in the mystery behind the history love has written since time immemorial, it continues to write and shall write even in days to come. When that one single day the lover wakes and feels fluttering like a butterfly, dancing like a dervish, butterflies rioting in them thence they commit the crimes. When love ends and life has to continue, the lover commits the crimes. Crimes of love, Holy Crimes, that the lover gets away with, and shall get away with.

First Words (Poetry) by Vincent de Paul

KShs450.00 KShs300.00
Brief Summary First Words is a 2010 Nairobi International Book Fair (NIBF) Literary Awards winning collection of poems that would ring, reverberate and ricochet long after you have heard them... the inner self seeking your attention and begging to be listened. Vincent de Paul's first words to the world is through the pen, the sharpest of all swords, to salvage a lost people, to revoke vices, condemn and right a society that's profane and down the oh so ever trodden path to damnation.

Flights of Poetry Fancy (Poetry) by V...

KShs600.00 KShs300.00
Brief Summary Flights of Poetic Fancy is a collection of whims, capricious enchantments and impulsive imaginations that attack the mind beguiled into visions and fantasies. It is an aggregation of quarrels, musings, battles (rather not) fought, wounds and wooing's, loves and agonies and all sorts possible nonsense and forgetfulness – anything and everything ghastly grim of the wandering mind – that possesses the mind and convinces it that no maxim and order has more sense than its thinking. Flights of Poetic Fancy has a critical sensibility and humorous look at life, issues, vice and life while challenging the invention of history and beliefs strongly held by a people rather falling into despondency. From the award winning author of First Words, Holy Emotions and Flashes of Vice, Flights of Poetic Fancy will leave you impishly amused yet reeling with ire and indignation.

Holy Emotions (Poetry) by Vincent de ...

KShs500.00 KShs300.00
Brief Summary Holy Emotions is yet another collection of 49 poems from the author of First Words. It is an exploration of the Love - an emotion of immense joy yet great sorrow - and the emotions that come with it - joy, happiness, betrayal, hurt and sorrow. Relax and enjoy the most sensational poetry ever from Vincent de Paul.

Inevitable Desires: First Love by Vin...

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,190.00
Brief Summary When her boyfriend goes missing without a trace, Hedwig Sanzi Joe is not prepared to face the reality. As she tries to understand what really happened, she is drawn into a vortex of a dark past, secrets, and betrayal. Every step she makes, everything she does, is a terrible mistake with catastrophic outcomes in her life. As she navigates through the murky waters of her new life, her dead boyfriend comes back to life at a time her marriage has hit the rocks. Hedwig has a fierce battle to fight—desires of her heart and the ticking bomb that’s her marriage.

Flashes of Vice: Vol III by Vincent d...

KShs1,190.00 KShs990.00
Brief Summary ‘Flashes of Vice: Vol III’ depicts society’s ills through flash fiction stories: terrorism, sexual relations, conspiracies, why aliens have beef with humans and the scars of war. It is a collection of flash fiction stories showing terrorists that the 72 virgins in heaven is a hoax, Allah Himself confirming there are no 72 (sic) hours up there, the untold stories of secret military program that was the Egerton mosquitoes in Nakuru and stories of aliens planning to invade the earth amid conspiracies to control the world population through Zika Virus. The stories begin and end without warning: like ‘Allah’s Open Letter to Terrorists’, or the story of the virgin girl who vowed never ever to have sex with terrorists in heaven. Or the serial killer military widow who kills her dead husband’s friends for revenge. Or the untold story of Jesus’s resurrection in ‘How Did the Dead Escape?’. The stories take you into the future, a flash of alien invasion on earth, and the all-time-juicy conspiracies to make the world a better place.

Bachelorette Diaries Life and Musings...

KShs1,000.00 KShs650.00
Brief Summary Shiri Golan is smart, intelligent, and successful—top media girl, and owner of Golan Technologies that’s hired to develop stealth software for the Kenya Defense Forces fighter jets—but she isn’t as smart when she falls in love with a Catholic priest and skeletons crawl out of her perfect man’s closet hauling with them betrayal, a dark past, and deadly secrets. Hurt, betrayed, and vengeful, Shiri finds herself caught between forgiveness and justice and fighting her father’s secret Jewish movement that aims to establish a New World Order and control the whole world.

Flashes of Vice: Vol II by Vincent de...

KShs990.00 KShs790.00
Brief Summary Life on the fast lane; sex, money and crime – the holy trinity of life. Terrorists and their virgins; love, romance and marriage chastised. Flashes of Vice tells life as it is in short, punchy, thrilling stories. The switch is flipped on and off before you know what is happening, leave you wanting more and more – something you will never get. Flashes of Vice: Vol II is the second book in the Flashes of Vice series. It is a collection of flash fiction stories touching on the vices affecting the society today: the holy trinity of life – money, sex & crime; terrorism and relationships.

Twisted Times: The Phantom by Vincent...

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,190.00
Brief Summary A man is killed in cold blood; the killer must be brought to book. For nine years, Kennedy Maina’s life has been uneventful until he leaves the church. Chaos plague his life when he is framed for murder, and unknown forces are against him. As his past comes to haunt him, a ruthless, phantom killer is after Ken for revenge. It’s tragedy after tragedy and the ghosts of his past rally for a comeback. Against a backdrop of conspiracies, drug trafficking and crime, powerful business cartels and a secret Brotherhood, blood is shed for selfish reasons.

Twisted Times: Son of Man by Vincent ...

KShs1,290.00 KShs990.00
Brief Summary The dead can’t rest in peace. The living are in danger. And one man’s run has begun. When Kennedy Paul Maina runs away from home, robbing the dead and crime becomes his life at the university where to survive he has to do what he must … and façade is a beautiful thing. He runs from the police as a criminal, runs from assassins, and ultimately runs from himself. Worse, the vengeance-ridden leader of the criminal gang he left is after him—he wants to make Ken’s life a living hell.

Flashes of Vice: Vol I by Vincent de ...

KShs890.00 KShs690.00
Flashes of Vice: Vol I is a collection of flash fiction stories, the first in a series of flash stories first published on Flashes of Vice, the author’s blog published within a duration of one year. Flashes of Vice tells life as it is in short, punchy, thrilling stories. The switch is flipped on and off before you know what is happening, leave you wanting more and more – something you will never get.


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