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The Pearl on the Horizon

KShs1,300.00 KShs1,200.00
The Pearl on the Horizon is a moving story about the devastating effects of materialism which sends a rich ethical message in line with religious teachings. Madame Victorine Mahfouz grows up in a materialistic family and looks at everything through these lenses. On the other hand, Eugene and Fresha believe in high achievements in education and consequent roses. Confronted with unemployment and tough socio-economic demands, Madame Victorine mocks the two and even threatens to destroy their engagement. Underlying the plot is a classic romantic love relationship between Eugene and Fresher, on the one hand, and Madame Victorine’s illicit amorous scandals, on the other. In these well-written passages with techniques enriched by letters, songs, poems and narration, the reader will appreciate the author’s juxtaposition of success and survival. The Pearl on the Horizon draws a line between survival and success, crowns the latter prominence and discredits the former. The writer suggests that success is slow but bears enduring results. Survival, on the other hand, is quick but can lead to ruin. What others say “The novel is captivating and factual. It captures social and material conditions in Africa occasioned by poor governance. So what is success in the face of devastating levels of unemployment, stiff competition from the large pool of graduates and the need to survive? Is it unprincipled material acquisition and a ‘good living’ or a good education and ethical living?” – Rose Keya, Book Editor. “The Pearl on the Horizon speaks volumes to young adults who may want to take shortcuts in life and the consequences of such actions.” Harriet Irungu, Student of Literature.

Amariogo Y’Omogusii

KShs600.00 KShs500.00
This book introduces nostalgic herbal remedies which cascades into the present realm of medicinal application outside the current conventional medicine. Herbal medicine is the oldest present form of treatment ever applied in mankind. It is as old as man, God instructed Adam and Eve to eat from any fruit tree in the garden, but spare only one at the centre. The fruits and trees were medicine. Quite many of the modern medicine are derived from the natural vegetation. The vegetation act as food for man as well as medicine. There were no modern hospital facilities then; this came along with the advancement of Science and Technology. Most countries globally now use herbal medicine infused with technological innovation for rapid result. Herbal medicine has less negative effects to both man and animals, their administration is also simple and fast sometimes it can be taken directly or as food. For generations Omogusii has used this form of treatment to manage many diseases they encountered on the way as they sojourned to the present settlement. Some ailments were life threatening and broke out in large scale which occassionally were unmanageable. However through herbal medicine, diseases like Cholera, Yellow fever, dysentery and many others which had snowballed into calamities were controlled and contained. Therefore this book has tried to sample the types of ailments which were prevalent and are still of concern together with the herbal administration applied. Although the authors may not have exhausted all the information, an hunch has been left for further research. The book i s written in Ekegusii for that is the target group even though it can be used universally with little language interpretation and translation. Inconclussion therefore this book is very appropriate and handy in administration of herbal medicine.

Ontongoro neChing’erabanto

KShs800.00 KShs700.00
Eamate ya Mwanyagetinge korwa Iranda, Keera amo n’Ebate yataborigwe abana babo n’amatongire akageire koba ching’erabanto engaki y’enyakoira. Abamanyi b’echimbaroki korwa egetaseni kia Iranda beindire gochia ase ense y’Obwari y’eching’erabanto ase Eamate y’eChing’enang’eni chi’Egetinge Egesiani magega y’Otongoro konyora obobisi gete. Korende, chinkwana chiabo chiabutokire ekero bare obogatagati bw’engoronyongora, barigereretie amatunwa y’ebitare. Inee, Otongoro mbaigete buya? Ninki bakorete gose? Eki Abande Bagoteba “Mosinto o Nyamweya gwakorire enkore. Kwaimokereirie omonwa oito bw’Ekegusii igoro mono kobua buna abange bare gocha korengereria. Tiga ’ngotogie ase aya. Bono amarieta ande konye asirire korwa ase chinkwana chia botambe, abokigwe as’amariko aya. Kwaretire ase tore amageni amange torache gwatora ase ebiare n’ebiare bigocha. Tiga ebirengererio ebiruruki, goetera ase omogano oyo, bitoire gochia igoro ase totare gocha goika. Ase ogotacha, bona kogororoka; ochie kare buna Esameta n’Emanga! Masoge manene!” – Dr. Peter Nyansera Otieno, Kisii University.

Moraa and Miya the Cat

KShs500.00 KShs400.00
Moraa and Miya the Cat is a story about a particular cat named Miya. Miya was a birthday gift for Moraa from Auntie Ngeneke. Moraa loved animals and so she loved the present, but Mr. Bundi, Moraa’s father, was not so thrilled about having a cat in the house. As the story progresses, Miya the cat changes Mr. Bundi’s attitude toward her as she helps the family in many ways. She first alerts them about a theft that was happening in their home and later warns the family about a snake that almost found its way to the house. In the end, we see the father, Mr. Bundi, embracing Miya the cat and welcoming her as part of the family. The story is good as it is interesting and teaches the value of giving people the benefit of the doubt. It encourages young readers to love and take care of pets.

Biblical Wisdom in Proverbs of Abagus...

KShs800.00 KShs700.00
Abagusii have a rich oral tradition that, among other things, is captured by the proverbs in their language of Ekegusii. The proverbs speak to a wide range of subjects and situations, and many of them capture their spiritual disposition. Indeed, like all communities across the world, Abagusii had very clear ideas of the world and how it worked, including any phenomena they encountered. This forms the core of Biblical Wisdom in Abagusii Proverbs. By means of illustration, using one hundred proverbs from Ekegusii, the author contrasts the proverbs and their meaning with situations captured in the Christian Bible. While the overlap in spiritual beliefs of Abagusii and the texts in various parts of the Bible may be wider than captured in this work, the author makes the case that Abagusii were deeply religious and likely as much spiritual as the Bible depicts.

Haughty Boys of Ngoroke by Imali J. A...

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,000.00
Agoyi's afterschool argument with his step-mother sets off an unpredictable series of intriguing misadventures. The subsequent meandering journey is one of the choices between what is morally right and the lure of the 'attractive". Always a balancing act between what could be (success) and potential disaster, Ayoyi's life is a perpetual succession of dilemmas. The moral question of choices is the central theme of this work.

Where we Started: a novel

KShs1,800.00 KShs1,500.00
“Where We Started brings the past and its inhabitants alive and makes possible a very different understanding of the history of the United States, enslavement, and the struggle for freedom. It is really good.” - Alan Singer, Slavery: Complicity and Resistance (ed)

The Unforgotten

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Imali Abala’s The Unforgotten is a memorial work of fiction that captures the fate of Desi Makhungu in the face of tragedy and cultural gender disparities. When her son Jordan Ūmbisi leaves home in search of greener pastures, following the footsteps of his older brother, it is a moment of hope for better days ahead. He leaves behind his pregnant wife and aging parents who all remain optimistic that he will be successful and help them along! That is never to be! He completely loses ties with his family even when tragedy strikes back home. Now widowed, Desi faces the full gravity of living as a woman with no male figure in the home! What would be her fate in the days to come with neither husband nor son present? Who would build her a home when the old one falls apart? Would cultural practices ‘bend’ enable her to inherit her husband’s land?

A Mysterious Woman

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
A Mysterious Woman is a captivating story of Nyang’arisa, the protagonist and a woman who chose a life of crime for survival. Unlike what society is accustomed to, Nyang’arisa joins a group of men, her ‘business partners,’ to make a living through an unlawful acquisition of what belongs to others. After some time, Nyang’arisa finds love in a young, hardworking, and loving man, Michael, whom she later marries. The thought of Michael knowing of her life in crime makes her scared and restless. She chooses to lead a mysterious life, with her history hidden from her husband and family. Nyang’arisa builds a new family, her tainted past notwithstanding. However, she lives always looking back over her shoulder with the nagging thought that her past might one day catch up with her. True to her thoughts, her past catches up with her as she ends up spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Kwamboka’s Inquiry

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,000.00
Who killed Dr. Sarah Kwamboka? This popular founder of a girls’ school is shot dead in her house and an inspector from Nairobi is sent to Kisii to investigate. While attempting to uncover the motive behind the brutal crime, Sgt. James Dingiria discovers that Kwamboka had been collecting memoirs from the area as a way of preserving the region’s history. This novel weaves a murder mystery around short stories that reveal the history of ordinary people from this part of the country with a look at present-day Kenya. What others say “Dobrin has carefully plotted his novel with style that provides a smooth flow through short stories. It is a carefully thought plot that rouses a reader’s tang!’’- Sally Boyani, Book Editor. “It is a gripping story about murder, corruption, power, church politics, colonisation and chauvinism. The great drift of suspense in the text and the interwoven short stories make it a page turner. It is a well told must read.’’- Verah Omwocha, Book Editor.


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