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Moraa and Miya the Cat

KShs500.00 KShs400.00
Moraa and Miya the Cat is a story about a particular cat named Miya. Miya was a birthday gift for Moraa from Auntie Ngeneke. Moraa loved animals and so she loved the present, but Mr. Bundi, Moraa’s father, was not so thrilled about having a cat in the house. As the story progresses, Miya the cat changes Mr. Bundi’s attitude toward her as she helps the family in many ways. She first alerts them about a theft that was happening in their home and later warns the family about a snake that almost found its way to the house. In the end, we see the father, Mr. Bundi, embracing Miya the cat and welcoming her as part of the family. The story is good as it is interesting and teaches the value of giving people the benefit of the doubt. It encourages young readers to love and take care of pets.

Jahenda the Teenager Mother

KShs1,000.00 KShs900.00
Jahenda, the Teenage Mother is a coming-of-age story about Jahenda, the protagonist and a Form-two student at Chavavo Secondary school, who believes education is her key to success. Like most teenage girls, she vows not to be distracted by teenage love, but when Alan, a handsome and charming young man, shows interest in her, she is tamed by his charm and falls head over heels in love with him. Yielding to the temptations of love, Jahenda makes the biggest blunder in her life when she becomes pregnant and, as a result, is expelled from school, an outcome which derails her dreams for success. That is not all! She is shunned by most people in her rural community and must confront the stigma of having a child outside wedlock. To make matters worse, when Alan, the very young man responsible for her pregnancy, dies unexpectedly after a snake bite, this young mother finds herself at a crossroads in her life. What makes Jahenda’s story a compelling read, therefore, is her ability to harness her inner ambitions to emerge from her fix by doing the unthinkable and defying societal norms to save herself. What a cautionary tale! Will this teen mother’s last act be her saving grace?

Many in One and Other Stories from Af...

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Many in One and Other Stories is a convergence of stories by budding writers of both genders from diverse regions of Kenya. The anthology breaks the monotony of classical Kenyan writers and captures emerging voices on the Kenyan literary scene. This meticulous and careful selection has considered a range of subjects from post election violence, political animosity, national integration, greed, broken love and cultural alienation. Set in contemporary African settings with vivid characters, the stories seek to entertain, challenge, inform and chastise the readers. With precision of eye and word, the writers in this anthology make lucid their creative territories. Ingenious and original, this anthology of resonant, assured and gratifying stories comes from a true connection with lived places and experiences accruing there-from. All the writers treasure language and deftly use its resources of metaphor, voice and syntax to explore their worlds and offer readers new knowledge about their worlds. I trust that readers will find this anthology a sizzling good yarn bubbling with edutainment.


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