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The Pearl and Other Poems

KShs700.00 KShs600.00
The Pearl and other Poems is a collection of 41 poems of different forms, styles and themes; themes that touch on varying aspects of life like love, marriage, politics, farming, education, business, leadership, religion, and anxiety, among others. What Other’s Say The poems in this collection are really enticing and evoke real emotions leaving me yearning for more. The content and titles have no match. Echesa’s creativity is just out of this world - Elizabeth Namarome Mukenya. I just can’t argue with the message in the poem “Dancing in the room”, indeed people don’t get tired of doing things they love. I love the poems in this collection, and keep coming back to them - Silas Khasao Wandera.

The Girl of Red Beauty

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
In these thirteen chapters of verse, titled The Girl of Red Beauty, Alfred Nyagaka Nyamwange captures voices of the people of Gusii, AbaGusii, through their songs, proverbs and play games. The voices pronounce AbaGusii philosophies, fears, moods, and tempo as they work and traverse the hills and the valleys that constitute the Gusii Highlands. The element of the poetry here emanates from the beliefs, norms, proverbs, sayings, wisdom, songs, stories, and the environment, all of which combine to produce a presence of living souls. The personas fully manifest in an active environment, whereby, at every strum of the lyre and roll of the drum, the verse comes alive. Welcome, sing and dance along. What Others Say Nyamwange writes in the trend of African oral tradition with his poetry using local imagery and idioms, and of simple and direct language. "It affirms valuable continuity with pre-colonial African culture synthesized with other cultures to create something unique.” – Dr. Chris Okemwa, Author, Poet and Lecturer in Literary Studies. “The uniqueness of the anthology of this poetry lies in the thorough depiction of the culture of AbaGusii from different facets such as marriage, circumcision, religion, environment through poetry. The work resembles great poetry such as Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol.” – Dr. Andrew Nyongesa, Editor and Literary Scholar

The Gong: A collection of Poems

KShs1,000.00 KShs900.00
"A very good insight into the writer's perception of life - as a child, the woes of African teachers, life and death, religion, prostitution, marriage, witchcraft, love, hatred and existence. "These poems are genuine; and convey the heartfelt experiences of a very sensitive, honest and articulate spirit. You can tell that Christopher is talented. "Poetry is a concentrated form of expression. It's not for the prosaic or the talkative. Christopher is fortunate to belong to the class of humans who can say a lot in a few words." - Charles Phebi-Agyekum, Author "Christopher Okemwa is a master of mixing the voice of rapture with despair, an exceptional voice, in many ways unlike the usual voice we hear from Africa , longing to unravel the secrets of life and of love, striving to reach the unreachable, accomplished and lyrical." - Anna Petkova Mwangi “The Gong is an excellent work that engages the reader. Each poem leads to a journey; a weaving of Stories, Sayings and Truths, each one creating an imprint on the mind. It is an unforgettable experience and a remarkable record of the times which must be shared.” - Estella Muyinda

Ominous Clouds

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Ominous Clouds is a collection of poems that have specifically been selected from previous works by the author. The collection comprises of poems with the theme of Kenyan politics. Issues of governance, negative ethnicity and political violence are tackled. The poems have been translated to Finnish, Norwegian and Greek. These multiple translations enable the poetry to travel around the globe and beyond the readership in English, the original language in which they were written. As the translators have noted, the translations offer readership in the said languages to learn about the country Kenya as captured in the poetry.


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