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Beyond the Morning

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Beyond the Morning touches on real life facets and their modulation on the rhythm of life. It has themes (life, death, loneliness, setbacks, success and more) that punctuate daily experiences across spaces (rural and urban), age (young and old), gender (men and women) and more. What others say “The author’s themes are clearly expressed in the context, as they soothe a wounded soul!” -Wilson Oluoch. “Beyond the Morning is an epitome of art, the very repository of human soul. It contains gems of philosophy and snatches of lyric rhythm artistically put and laced with beautiful syntax. Grab a copy and enjoy a mouth- watering menu of poems resplendent in imagery” - Patrick Okoyo Awino, Journalist, Communications specialist & Media scholar.

The Song of a Blacksmith and Totems o...

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The Song of a Blacksmith and Totems of Abagusii provides insights into two aspects of Abagusii that have not previously been written in this level of detail. First are totems of Abagusii clans and how these came to be. There are insights that inform why, for instance, the Abagirango came to be associated with the leopard. This is in addition to the origins of some clans of Abagusii. Stories of totems of Abagusii clans are similar to stories told by other ethnic groups that may have similar origins or interacted with Abagusii in their sojourns. Further research into how this came to be would unearth the relations that may exist among these ethnic groups. The second area is on spiritual matters, including phenomena, roles and some spiritual manifestations in the Gusii community. A number of spiritual roles are discussed, including the purpose of these roles and how individuals were consecrated to assume them. The elaborate processes that were required for consecration underline the importance accorded to those roles. While many people may not relate to the work in this book, it nonetheless provides good insights into the society that Abagusii lived in.

Smiles in Pathos and Other Poems

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miles in Pathos and Other Poems is a collection of selected poems by Khainga O'Okwemba. The poet stands on the opposite ends of his contemporaries because of his faith and reverence in the traditional forms of poetry. He is intimately Augustan in craft and romantic in idealizing the poetic forms. The poems are written in three models divided into separate books, with each book sub-themed. In Book One we have the celebratory short poems called Poems of Homage which are inspired by the poet's admiration of canonical African writers: Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Chris Wanjala, Peter Abrahams, Leopold Sedar Senghor, Ayi Kwei Amah, Denis Brutus, Christopher Okigbo, among others. The Incidental poems in Book Two called Poems of Known Tradition , adopt identifiable forms; rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, repetition, stanza, terza rima, sonnet, and which take on socio-political themes. In Book Three we find the mock epic narrative poetry with the title Pearls of Laughter. The narrative poem needs first to be enjoyed as a love story, and as a satire. Every piece has a life of its own. However, the work is well appreciated when the fragmented pieces are united into one, a feat generally admired by the poet

In the Murk of Life: An Anthology of ...

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In the Murk of Life is an anthology written by first year students in the department of literature at Kisii University in Kenya. As its title suggests, the poets in this collection explore the murky landscape of life in Kenyan society and examines issues that are universal in content: They deal with the bitter-sweet lies evident in intimate relationships among young people. They tackle the issues of corruption, murder and betrayal that paint the rotten fabric of Kenyan politics. They also, categorically, state their fears in poems about death, cancer and HIV/AIDS. Nature and the environment feature prominently in poems about birds, trees and nights and, subsequently, unveil truths that lay beneath the ordinary understanding of this phenomenon. In essence, In the Murk of Life the Kenyan society is portrayed as “the place we call home” as the poet Mose E. Morang’a states in his poem, and as a “Disheartening Society” as the poet, Aurellia Atieno, views it.

Mines and Mind Fields: The Spoken Word

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"These poems especially speak to a number of related realities in Kenya and other countries in the African continent; they speak about a people with ingenuity and yet forced to make tough choices because of hard economic and political conditions; they speak of an evolving culture, shaped by everyday realities of life and the ingenuities of survival. The mixture of languages and slang also give the poems an interesting immediacy and life." - Mwenda Ntarangwi, Sociology Professor "She is one of the most respected female poets in Nairobi today". The Sunday Nation writer Joseph Ngunjiri says of Njeri, "Njeri Wangari has a powerful voice, and she knows how to put it to good use. Whenever she takes to the podium to recite a poem, she has her enthusiastic audience applauding all the way. " -Sunday Nation 8 February 2009. - Kenya's Leading newspaper. "The poems bring a lot into perspective; and give me a thing or two to think about. ... Very nice ..." - - Cee- A Kenyan Blogger "I have had a hearty laugh reading Maisha Ya Hawker, got the tears to prove it :-) You just topped Women Behaving Badry and I love it! Your expression is amazing Njeri. I can't wait to see you perform this one." - Ndanu - Performance Poet "I must admit these are lovely poems. I have been following your blog for a while and it is very inspiring and informing. I am a poet and run the blog Two Hours Before. Your blog actually inspired me to do it also and I must tell you that your work is excellent. I will keep tuned and hopefully will get an opportunity to meet you and may be attend your performances." - Simon Mwangi Muthiora - Blogger and Poet


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