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Nuria Kenya

Nuria Kenya

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Doctor in a Mirror

Annabel is in trouble. It is that season again.Daktari,the old woman who lives in a small hut is prepared for the job she is well known for. Annabel sees a doctor in herself and does not want to be operated on by the village doctor. This, however,... By Mwangi

Buzz off the Web

Having Doti for a second born does not bring joy in Robins family. Though both Robin and his wife, Sally, are doctors, they cannot bear what they see in their newborn baby. Doti is left on her but this cannot go on forever. She wants to study,... By Ambiyo

Moran African readers: Dead Men’...

Ben takes on a job with a Namibian oil company, unaware that he will be working for a dangerous gang of smugglers. By

Walk with me Angela

Walk with me, Angela is an explosive story: the ultimate in love, romance, heartache and betrayal. It is fast-paced and has some of the most amazing twists and turns. Wangu has come a long way to win Angelas love, but he now has to look for a way... By Stephen Mugambi

To Grasp at a Star

Pathfinders are refreshingly exciting readers that entertain and enlighten. They have been deliberately written and designed to encourage wide reading of creative works. Reading the stories should form a firm foundation for more elaborate study of... By Kingwa Kamencu

Man from Machakos

He felt devastated, destroyed, obliterated from the meaning of life. The sun of his world had set and darkness had risen to cover him. Kivindyos dream of serving in the army is shattered. not because hes not qualified, but is on innocent victim of... By David G. Maillu

Caught in the Wax

The NPPE Reading Scheme forms an important part of the New Progressive Primary English (NPPE) course. The readers for each class are specially written to emphasize specific language skills learnt in the main course. Here is a reading scheme that... By Egara Kabaji

Njaga the Town Monkey

Njaga did not go to the Museum to amuse you Njeri or Swaluku. Or to school to help Choge or the science teacher. He challenged the Maasai warriors and surprised the Ndumo women. He tricked Fisi-the-Hyena, Sungura -the-Hare and Nyani-the-Monkey. He... By Joel Makumi

The Kasiwes and their Animals

The Kasiwes and their Animals is Anne Matindis third book in the. Phoenix Young Readers Library. Others are: The Sun and the Wind, and The Lonely Black Pig. The book is a collection of seven stories that highlight the importance of keeping... By Phoenix


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