Nuria Kenya
Nuria Kenya

Nuria Kenya

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Guavas and Oranges

Muko is one of the Mulondo children. He is lazy and loves skipping school. General Ogwang, the Village Council Chairman, once catches him loitering around the village market. The General is a neighbour to the Mulondos and suspects the Mulondo... By Susan Mugizi Kajura

The Powerful Magician

Daniel Irungu vividly describes the way his grandmother first told him the exciting stories in this book. After hearing them from her, I told them to others and they in turn listened to me without moving. They looked at me with wide-open eyes and... By Daniel Irungu

Goodnight, Sleep well and Bless You

Once upon a time, there lived an old woman, Maria. She lived alone in an old village market. She had no children of her own but she loved them dearly. She walked along the dusty village paths chanting to all the children: goodnight, asleep well,... By Phoenix

Kamuniak and Ori

Ori the baby oryx has just been born. His mother has to run away to save herself from Kamuniak the lioness. What will happen to poor Ori in the wild? Nyambura Mpesha is a researcher and university lecturer who enjoys writing for children. Her... By phoenix

A mule called Christmas

Christmas is a playful mule. He wants happiness. All along he has been playing with school children. He now wants to play with his fellow animals. Will they accept him? By Phoenix

Resolution Number Six

Man, the So-Called-Master, has proved to be the greatest danger to animal beings. He has killed some for their skins, others for their meat, and turned countless others into his slaves. More than this, he continues to kill innocent animals,... By Phoenix

Kendi and Wambi

The Junior Lifesavers Series is a mark of quality, well-researched stories prepared to help the young primary school child understand the causes, spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. Kendi and Wambi answers questions some children ask about... By Sasa Sema

Adventures of Pongo and Uncle Talema

The Rift Valley Province of Kenya is an opposition stronghold, their secret eviction is ordered. The regime is clinging to power, ethnic hatred is rampant. In this first novel from a new Kenyan writer, an unlikely trio emerges: a foul character... By EAEP

Musiimbi’s Shadow

Musiimbis Shadow is an anthology of six interesting stories that are well told in simple language. The stories have moral lessons meant to model the young readers and develop them towards the desired direction. The book is lavishly illustrated in... By KLB

Street Gang Kid

Vikanis village is attacked and burnt down. He escapes to look for his uncle in Soweto, outside Johannesburg. Vikani is forced to join a street gang. Then he is arrested by the police. He gets to Soweto only to be arrested again for trying to kill... By Heinemann

The Birthday Treat

E.A.E.P. Sparrow Readers are stories to enjoy. They have been particularly developed with the middle primary school child in mind, and as a curtain-raiser to the popular E.A.E.P. Junior Readers Series. Children are encouraged to read as many of... By EAEP

Nyanja’s Choice

One school holiday, I decided enough was enough. When my crooked friends came for me, I pretended not to be well. I said I felt awful and wanted to rest. When they had gone, Cucu demanded to know what I was up to. I told her I was just tired of... By Focus Publishers


Young lady, the Inspector said, come you know so much about the wretch? Sara and the Pirates illuminates the carefree nature and the adventurous spirit of four youngsters who daringly go into the sea in search of dolphins. In their search,... By KLB

Theluji Nyeupe na mbilikimo Saba

Hadithi hizi za kipekee zimepambwa michoro maridadi ambayo inaleta ubora na uhondo wa masimulizi ya Ladybird kwa wasomaji wa kizazi kipya. Watoto kutoka kizazi hadi kizazi wamependa sana hadithi hizi, na watapata burudani zaidi kwa kuzisoma pamoja. By ladybird


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