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Nuria Kenya

Nuria Kenya

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A Bump on the Head: 2n

Mesa is a bully. He does not treat other boys very well. Find out what happens to him in the end ... By John Muitung'u

The Leper and the Princess

The Junior Readers Series has been specifically designed to encourage reading for pleasure and to meet the supplementary reading needs of children in Upper Primary School. Wide and repeated reading of books in the series should help to... By EAEP

Storymoja Life skills series: Mwende

Norah Mwende who is an orphan lives with her auntie, Mutheu. Mwende is on the verge of starting a romantic friendship with Stephen at her school. Things, however, take an ugly turn when Mrs Kaveke, the discipline mistress at Mwendes school,... By Storymoja

Swift Readers: Thunder in love

Wesonga prides in his nickname Thunder; doing the outrageous and believing everyone admires him. So when he is introduced to a facebook girl by name Lizysky Rowins, he is over the moon. But what does this love affair have in store for Thunder?... By Queenex

Swift Readers: Saving our teacher

Crawford Monocle Kathee Mbocori, alias Mr Kathee, is the darling of Kambungu Primary School. It is the desire of every pupil to be in his class. Now someone wants him out. Worse, she wants him jailed! Concerned parents and pupils, among them Alice... By Queenex

Black Hand Gang Grow Up

After several years, the members of The Black Hand Gang catch up. But this time, they really changed. They look back to their past and sometimes marvel at the things that the younger ones do, which they also cherished doing. A great deal has... By Macgoye

Brave Girls 5C

Brave Girls is a captivating tale of children who have been kidnapped by some evil organization, but who finally manage to destroy the kidnappers network and evil deeds. Brave girls is the third story in a series of six supplementary class readers... By Ezekiel Alembi

Zawadi series- the Bitter sweet and o...

Zawadi and her siblings hate carrying packed lunch to school. The siblings envy their friends who buy snacks from the school canteen. On sports day, their mother surprises them with money to buy lunch. Zawadi is thrilled. For once she will be like... By Gichuru

Moran Pearls: Courage To Say No

I want you to know that every time you smoke a stick of cigarette you shorten your life. And if you go on to use hard drugs like marijuana and cocaine, sooner or later youll develop mental problems. So your life is in your hands. You must have the... By Koranteng

Con Artist ( KLB)

Con Artistis a story set in the Old Town, at the Kenyan Coast. Saumu is a fourteen-year-old girl who encounters the con artist while working in her mothers shop. It was very tempting for Saumu and her friend, who are in class eight and, therefore,... By Moraa Gitaa

Backbone of the sky

A family so strong and incorruptible finds itself at the center of a melodrama with a powerful chain of cartels. To unravel the deals of the cartels, you have to join them but cover your winking eye. Will they succeed? What is at stake? How much... By Jill Inyundo

Calabash and the Box

Mama Kaddays favorite calabash floated off when Lamina went to the stream to wash the dirty dishes. When Lamina found the calabash, there was a black metal box in it. How did the box get into the calabash and what was in the box? By Sesay


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