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Nuria Kenya
Nuria Kenya

Nuria Kenya

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Carcase for Hounds

Meja Mwangi second Mau Mau novel tells the story of an Anvil. The group is under the command of a general called Haraka (Hurry) and the plot revolves around the fight between Harukas men and British troops led by a Captain Kingsley.18 The fictional By Meja Mwangi

Kosiya Kifefe

Kosiya Kifefe is a chequered account of growing up in post-independence Africa as profiled in the life and times of Kosiya Kifefe.Through Kosiya. the author skilfully traverses the years of the African youth with its dreams, uncertainties and... By Arthur Gakwandi


Pathfinders are refreshingly exciting readers that entertain and enlighten. They have been deliberately written and designed to encourage wide reading of creative works. Reading the stories should form a firm foundation for more elaborate study of... By Barbara Kimenye

Harvesting Gold

Eric Mwangi has, in a relatively short time, established himself as a poet of international repute. His first collection, Fountains of Life, gave a hint of his potential. Since then his poetry has gone global and won international acclaim. He is... By Eric Mwangi

Study Guide to the Pearl (Magister)

This guide book is not meant to be a substitute (or the novel. It is designed to assist those who have already read The Pearl gain useful insights into the novels plot, themes, characters and language use. Proper use of this guide will help... By Magister

Children of the Red Fields

For Laker and her Gulu High School comrades, this is the night they have all dreaded. Rebels have attacked their school, like they have been doing sporadically. Is this the end of her education, her dream of becoming a doctor and establishing a... By Phoenix

The Equatorial Assignment

The newly appointed Benni Kamba, 009 in the Secret Service of NISA, risks his life to destroy an international Afro-Mafia organisation which is trying to rule all Africa by planting puppet presidents in every state. They are led by the... By Moran

Boy Gift

After fathering nine daughters, all Toma Tomei wanted was to get a son. That way he would be made the Chief Councillor and leader of his people. But Old Jonah is dead set against it. Old Jonah even consults Multi the witchdoctor to make sure that... By Meja Mwangi

Arrow of God

Ezeulu, headstrong chief priest of the god Ulu, is worshipped by the six villages of Umuaro. But he is beginning to find his authority increasingly under threat - from his rivals in the tribe, from those in the white government and even from his... By Chinua Achebe

Butterfly Dreams

Freedom, romance, family, jealousy, death, ambition, fate ... From Kenya and China to America and Nepal, this anthology of short stories has it all! Sampling stories from the African continent and the world over, this selection gives the reader... By John Mugubi

Finding Colombia

Lex lives on the streets, with little to do apart from sniffing Jet Lee and minding his own business. Lex’s uneventful life is interrupted when he si tracked down by theAnti-Drugs Agency (ADA) officers. They need Lex to help them: to work as an... By Kinyanjui Kombani

Groping in the Dark

Groping in the darkis set in atypical Sukuma environment. The sociological problems confronting the protagonists though reflecting the tribal set up go far beyond to bring out in a realistic way, issues that confront our youth, through faulty... By Barnabas Katigula

CEOs Wife

Ever thought of the surprises in life? Not when you are righteous, have a family that is God-fearing and thirty years of marriage to boot. Wanja’s life would be the envy of many in the society. She had a faithful and doting husband, children who... By Ngurukie

Elephant Dance

The Elephant Dance, set within the scenic savannah land with its rich flora and fauna, illuminates the crisis of endangered wildlife at the mercy of invasive and destructive human greed. Embedded in the narrative is a sub-stratum of the... By Ole Kulet

Beyond the Barricades

Tracy is a young carefree girl whose life is easy until she faces something that could shatter her life. Kagure, her friend, has never had it easy in life. She is determined to complete her education but things take a turn for the worse and she... By EAEP


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