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Painful Tears by Wairimu Kibugi

KShs700.00 KShs499.00
Lilian discontinues her education and marries John at a tender age. The couple lives happily until Lilian discovers that John is having an affair with another woman, and this is the beginning of real trouble for Lilian.

The House of Rust by Khadija Abdalla ...

KShs2,000.00 KShs1,890.00
The House of Rust is an enchanting novel about a Hadrami girl in Mombasa. When her fisherman father goes missing, Aisha takes to the sea on a magical boat made of a skeleton to rescue him. She is guided by a talking scholar’s cat (and soon crows, goats, and other animals all have their say, too). On this journey Aisha meets three terrifying sea monsters. After she survives a final confrontation with Baba wa Papa, the father of all sharks, she rescues her own father, and hopes that life will return to normal. But at home, things only grow stranger. Khadija Abdalla Bajaber’s debut is a magical realist coming-of-age tale told through the lens of the Swahili and diasporic Hadrami culture in Mombasa, Kenya. Richly descriptive and written with an imaginative hand and sharp eye for unusual detail, The House of Rust is a memorable novel by a thrilling new voice.

Gikuyu Oral Literature by Wanjiku Muk...

KShs1,000.00 KShs750.00
This book offers an intimate initiation into the oral literature of the Agikuyu people of Kenya. The authors offer examples of oral narratives, proverbs, songs, riddles and poetry collected from live performances, many of which they have themselves participated in. The examples are rendered both in the Gikuyu language of performance and in the English translation. The authors have succeeded in conveying the atmosphere of the actual performance by remaining faithful to the conversational language of narration or recitation. Each narrative, even when very much a part of a commonly-held tradition, comes out with the originality of the performance of a particular, individual artist. And the songs are presented as they have been sang for particular occasions - by individualized singers who express a cultural and value world through a particularized mood and emotion. The authors also feature quite prominently the performance of two gicandi artists. Gicandi is a uniquely Gikuyu artform - a poetry recited to the accompaniment of the music of the gicandi instrument. With its good examples, lucid and stimulating discussion as well as questions that provoke thought, this book is an ideal support book for the secondary school and university oral literature programmes.

Urathi wa Cege wa Kibiru by D. Kinuth...

KShs700.00 KShs450.00
Ibuku rīīrī rīna rīa Ūrathi wa Cege wa Kībirū rīna ūhoro woothe wa mūrathi mūhe gītīīyo na Agīkūyū, kuma gūciarwo gwake, gūkūra, kūrua gwake, ona ūrīa aanjirie kūratha na maūndū marīa aarathire na marīa marīīkītie kūhiinga. Ibiku rīīrī rīna moothathi mangī maingi ma arathi Agīkūyū, nyīmbo cia tene, marebeta na ngano. Written in gīīgīkūyū, this book is about the renown prophet of the Agīkūyū, Cege wa Kībirū - commonly known as 'Mūgo wa Kībirū'. Read about his childhood, how he started prophesying, all his prophecies, their interpretation and which ones have come to pass. This book also features prophecies from other Agīkūyū prophets, proverbs, songs among other stories.

Ten Thousand Rocks by Ndirangu Githaiga

KShs2,000.00 KShs1,500.00
Will’s abrupt decision to leave his medical practice in Atlanta and take up a new job in Virginia Beach catches Laura by surprise. But moving back to their hometown was always going to be complicated since Will never told his family about their eight-year marriage. Still fresh in their minds is the stinging memory of Laura’s disastrous first meeting with his parents, particularly his mother—for whom a white daughter-in-law is an anathema. As Will settles into the tedious routine of his new job, the simmering estrangement between him and Laura gradually deepens, until the day comes when he is involved in a near-fatal car accident. Laura is left reeling in the aftermath and forced to come face to face with her in-laws at the hospital, when complex medical decisions need to be made in the absence of clear-cut answers, and where strong opinions and poorly disguised animosities seem to have the upper hand. Weeks later, Will emerges from a coma, and upon discovering he is quadriplegic becomes uncharacteristically vicious towards Laura, sending their relationship into dark, unfamiliar territory. Amidst this rising turmoil, the ocean remains a source of serenity, with the rhythmic breaking of waves and joyous cries of seagulls serving as an abiding reminder that life is worth living even when we go astray and need help finding our way back home.

Kagituju Kajigi na Johana Muritu Meru...

KShs500.00 KShs250.00
Kagituju Kajigi na Johana Muritu [Meru : Hare is a Rascal and Simple John] Unknown Binding – 1 Jan. 1994 by Frank &Charles Richards Worthington

A Season of Blood: Poems from Kenyan ...

KShs1,200.00 KShs990.00
The conditions that prisoners in Kenya endure are extremely barbaric. Every morning at 5 a.m., male prisoners are ordered out of the cells stark naked for internal body searches. The guards search their mouths and armpits, ears and nostrils. They pull, twist and squeeze their genitals. They order the prisoners to face the walls with their legs spread apart to examine their anuses for concealed weapons, money and other contraband. They use sharp sticks to probe the prisoner's rectums. In a sense, the guards are more interested in prisoners' buttocks than in the search. They make sexual remarks such as, "Look at this one, his buttocks are two mountains, it is difficult to mount him...and look at this one, his arsehole is sharped like a woman's vagina...This one has a soft arse like his mother..." After the brutal searches, the prisoners are beaten and kicked. These monstrous acts are repeated every morning. It is a humiliating and degrading. Maina was arrested on June 2, 1982 by dictator Moi's regime for the crime of thought. He was imprisoned for six years with hard labor. Despite the brutal isolation and censorship, physical and psychological torture, Maina made friends with a few prison guards who supplied him writing material and smuggled everything g he wrote out of prison and took it to Mumbi, his wife. The poems in this text were part of the written material smuggled out of prison. The themes of poems express the horrors of imprisonment, the brutality and viciousness of the Kenyan authoritarian regime, the intensification of the struggle for democracy.

The Other Woman by Grace Ogot

KShs1,000.00 KShs690.00
The Other Woman comprises a collection of stories in which Grace Ogot explores themes of social, cultural and spiritual importance. She uses adroit imagery to unveil some of the evils which bedevil modern society, such as brutal violence, lust for power and wealth, and family turmoil. Her grasp of social and the cultural conflict in her society is most vivid in these trenchant writings.

Minutes of Glory: And Other Stories b...

KShs700.00 KShs550.00
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong ’o, although renowned for his novels, memoirs, and plays, honed his craft as a short story writer. From “The Fig Tree” written in 1960, his first year as an undergraduate at Makere University College in Uganda, to the playful “The Ghost of Michael Jackson,” written while a Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California Irvine, these collected stories reveal a master of the short form. Covering the period of British colonial rule and resistance in Kenya to the bittersweet experience of independence—and including two stories that have never before been published in the United States—Ngũgĩ’s characters include women fighting for their space in a patriarchal society, big men in their Bentleys and Mercedes who have inherited power from the British; and rebels who still embody the fighting spirit of the downtrodden. One of Ngũgĩ’s most beloved stories, “Minutes of Glory,” tells of Beatrice, a sad, but ambitious waitress who fantasizes about being feted and lauded over by the middle class clientele in the city’s beer halls. Her dream leads her on a witty and heartbreaking adventure. Published for the first time in America, Minutes of Glory and Other Stories celebrates the storytelling might of one of Africa’s best-loved writers.

Unbury Our Dead with Song by Mũkoma w...

KShs2,500.00 KShs1,750.00
In the heart of Nairobi, four musicians – The Diva, The Taliban Man, The Corporal and 70-year-old bartender Miriam – gather for a once in a lifetime competition, to see who can perform the best Tizita. In the audience is tabloid journalist John Thandi Manfredi, who is enthralled by their renditions of the Ethiopian blues. Desperate to learn more, he follows the musicians back to Ethiopia, hoping to uncover the secret to this haunting music. Manfredi's search takes him from the idyllic Ethiopian countryside to vibrant juke joints and raucous parties in Addis Ababa, set to a soundtrack of stirring Tizita performances. From the humble domesticity behind the Diva's glamorous façade, to the troubling question of the Corporal's military service past, Manfredi discovers that the many layers to this musical genre are reflected in the lives and secrets of its performers. A love letter to beauty, music and the imagination, Unbury Our Dead with Song captures how it feels have an encounter with the sublime.

The Leader : English Version of the K...

KShs1,000.00 KShs599.00
Brief Summary The Leader focuses on the perennial issues that bedevil leadership in Africa. While the citizens of Sagamoyo are preparing for month long festivities in recognition of "monumental development", Chapakazi Market, which is the mainstay of the regional economy is closed suddenly. Why have the Leaders closed the Market? What will happen to the people of Sagamoyo who rely on the Market? This play gives a realistic image of a country that takes pride in having been independent for decades. However, who has benefited from these independence?

The Wrath by Simeon Uwuoga Adol

KShs700.00 KShs600.00
Brief Summary Nya'Chula, a lady of rare beauty but whose body is a cage of evil spirits and should only live with a medicine man , submits herself to be married as a third wife by one of the regular folks. Shortly, after, her husband dies " a simple death" and leaves men competing to inherit her. In an effort to guard against the dowry of her daughters going to stepsons, she hires the services of a mean witch who kills a stepson, an upcoming wrestler upon whom the village pegs its hope in the coming inter-village sports festivals, and his mentor. But its blood for blood and the witch demands to be paid for his services with the life of her daugher.


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