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Sacked so what workbook

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In the wake of a loss of income, Sacked so what? The power of Hope and Action- a workbook becomes your trusted companion. This interactive workbook is more than just pages, it's a life-line to reclaim your confidence and seize new opportunities. Through thought provoking exercises and guidance, it empowers you to redefine your path, reignite your passion, and re-imagine your future. Discover the strength within you, cultivate resilience and take actionable steps towards a brighter tomorrow. This book is your bridge from despair to determination, reminding you that your journey is far from over. embrace hope, embrace action, and craft a triumphant narrative of resilience and success.

THE COMEBACK by Vincent Ogutu

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In The Comeback, the author affirms the saying that if you see them on the mountaintop, they didn’t just fall there. He has pooled together authentic, real life stories that depict the harsh terrain these people have walked or crawled through, the desperation, loss and pain on the one hand and on the other hand, the incredible resilience, determination and fortitude that kept them going even when there was no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, when they skidded again and again down the slippery slope and hope was in short supply. In the depth of despair a helping hand, a mentor or sheer grit has led to triumph, success, restoration and in several cases, unparalleled wealth. The stories and the reflections the Author shares will break your fall, provide stepping stones, a breath of fresh air and illuminate your path as you seek greater heights, or try to dig yourself out of any quagmire. Definitely a must-read.

Lessons from the Streets, The Art of ...


The Blurb

Lessons from the Streets ~ The Art of Money


~ Vincent Ogutu

 Inside these pages

 Lessons From The Streets ~ The Art of Money, the author’s sixth book, is an acknowledgement of our street vendors, their hard work and their resilience. It defines hustles, side hustles and the informal businesses which while thought less of, are actually one of the key drivers of our economy. In his unique captivating style, the author tells the story of our heroes and heroines - the street entrepreneurs, leaving the reader in no doubt that our informal businesses are therefore deserving of greater recognition and appreciation. The book is also a call to all of us to realise the potential that is literally and figuratively on our streets, not only for others, but for anyone who will take these profound lessons and make them work for oneself.

 The Author

Vincent Ogutu, an avid reader and prolific author, is the founder of Entrepreneurs Corner, an online entrepreneurial ecosystem. He is also the Chairman of Forteleza Investments Limited and a Business Coach under VOVO Valuable Observations. During the last 5 years, the author has mentored entrepreneurs from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzaniathrough the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP). With that, he has proven the fact that most of the principles of entrepreneurship are universal.

Vincent’s second book Who are the Top Billionaires in Africa won the African Christian Authors Book Awards (ACABA) in the 2022 Awards in the Business and Finance Category.

Escape Experience Freedom by Vincent ...

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Majority of the people who have changed the world emerged during strife and environments of extreme difficulty. The challenges you are facing are temporary situations meant to make you stronger and better. You can and will escape the seasonal setbacks only through action accompanied by faith and resolute determination. ARE you trapped in DEBT, STRESS or HATE YOUR JOB? This book is about how to overcome seasonal, temporary situations that cloud, trap and prevent you from experiencing true freedom. IT IS YOUR TIME TO EXPERIENCE A FULL LIFE WITHOUT LIMITATIONS •Face your jailers with knowledge and Experience Freedom. All it takes are Little STEPS big IMPACTS.

Who are the Top Billionaires in Afric...

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The solutions to Africa’s problems lie with the entrepreneurs. They must be willing to exploit the opportunities hidden in the problems; through ethical business practice. The entrepreneurs are the change agents that will create jobs, generate wealth and enable economic development in the continent. This book is about making it as an entrepreneur irrespective of where you start. Ibeto started with nothing. Strive Masiyiwa started with $75. What problem do you want to solve? Learn from the great sons of Africa. Power of Action removes PROCRASTINATION Power of Experience makes one WISER Power of Tenacity and Integrity creates life- long VALUE

Life is like That, Power of life Cont...

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Life is indeed a paradox, isn’t it interesting that one without education, background, connections or money is able to start and succeed in business with sheer power of determination a day at a time, month after month, year after year to the envy of many. It is also true those children of watchmen, drivers, messengers, farmhands, gardeners and cooks in a matter of time end up employing the children of their masters. Life is neutral it does not discriminate. If one is passionate, committed and determined to get the most out of life he surely gets it. If you procrastinate, whine, complain without accompanied action LIFE will also complain with YOU. IT IS YOUR CALL………TAKE IT!

Sacked so What Power of Hope and Acti...


In today’s challenging work environment where so many who graduated college several years ago, with previously enviable and admirable degrees, are still looking for elusive jobs, getting fired from one’s job can feel like the very end of the road. “Not so!” says Vincent Ogutu, a six-time author of powerful motivational books. In this epic book, “Sacked! So What? ~ Power of Hope and Action”, he persuasively shows us that sometimes being sacked could signal the beginning of a great future in entrepreneurship. This book, is a must read GEM



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