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Set in the 22 nd century, mankind’s dependence on technology ushers in a bold new era of evolution. The proliferation of Artificial Intelligence in due time, pits man against machine. Phasing out the middle class and thus widening the gap between the affluent and destitute. Sparking the spectre of insurrection, wars & the volcanic upheaval of revolt. In a bid to resolve the ensuing mayhem, Artificial Intelligence offers a solution to the quandary. By the adoption of Chrysalis; Kenyan society attempts a social experiment that will finally not only provide equality but equity to all its citizens. Some however remain nostalgic for a past in which the status quo reigned supreme. From the spectacle of conflict to the intrigues of the Senate, from the struggles to exert influence in the corridors of power to the betrayals that threaten to tear apart the alliances of convenience forged. Visions of Chrysalis is an intimate portrayal of the quest to change the course of a nation’s history, and the three men whose destinies inevitably clash in a ruthless duel of ambition.

By Their Fruits-A collection of essay...

The portrait of a family coming to grips with the complexities of mental illness. A tale of metaphysical passion in which greed, acceptance, and denial are powerfully juxtaposed. An in-depth exposition into the evolving nature of globalization & the dynamics beckoning it to its deathbed. A young woman emotionally calloused by the trauma of her undistinguished past. Outrunning the sins of her mother. Determined to outwit the stalking shadow on her trail. Dueling with the kind of conflict only drugs can create; a social worker is caught between helping the needy and feeding his own ruthless need. A critique of Africa’s lag in comparison to the developed world. Expounding on a fundamental flaw in her ability to amass and transfer generational wealth; with a bold mindset alteration proposed. A reminiscence of love and loss accompanying the encumbrance of compromise. Crowned by an uncalculated betrayal of trust. Compiled in a unique, appealing, and timeless collection of essays and short stories. A potent intellectual cocktail.

All The Old Gods- A collection of ess...

A feminist’s unrivaled desire for freedom beyond the shadows cast by society and the shame accompanying unbridled self-expression. Defacing parallels drawn between femininity and weakness. A Cyborg’s quest to discover what it truly means to be human in a journey spanning centuries. Uncertainty gives urgency to this tale as an artificial intelligence masters human emotion and the potential dangers it exposes to mankind. An analysis of the most practical financial model capable of liberating Africa from the shackles of poverty into the dawn of economic prosperity. A family afflicted from the wounds of an absentee mother and a young woman’s great expectation of forgiveness, resolution and healing. Identity, race and the systems of control experienced through the eyes of a young man grappling with the ills of modern-day power structures. In a bid to comprehend how some men came to be unequal. Folklore from a bygone era, exhuming an age-old question. What does it profit a man to gain the entire world at the expense of his soul? Compiled in a thought-provoking collection of essays and short stories. Providing crystalline observations of life at large and the transcendent nature of the human condition.


The origin of sin. Right and wrong. The eternal conflict between good and evil. Are our actions products of predeterminism or free will? Questions Ariel, a fallen angel burdened by centuries of guilt; grapples with to no avail, until he meets a human girl. Through her, he becomes Banda and sets forth on a new path. But is a demon capable of atonement or is he beyond redemption?

Reluctant Surrender and other poems

Imagine yourself entranced in a dance. A startling yet introspective twirl into the inner self. Confronting unpleasant realities masked as metaphors. All while grappling to tame the fierce spirit residing in our capricious hearts. Like a soul set on fire simultaneously thawing in ice. Consumed by passion, depravity and spurts of virtue. A collection of poems scrutinizing the nature of love, addiction and other malevolent elements that make slaves out of men. Rendering one powerless as they succumb in slow, inevitable reluctant surrender.


In a world where human beings never existed, early mammals evolved into an advanced race of fur-growing Simians. Developing highly-advanced technology and a monarchical culture very similar to our own. These advances, however, came at a steep cost to the residents of this different earth. A pampered young prince on vacation from school is confronted by the very horrors that his ruling family wrought on the Planet-Kingdom of Gaea. Thus unfolds a tale of class-warfare and splintering friendships in the face of duty, power, and legacy. All while this hierarchical society wrestles with its preconceived notions of moral responsibility, freedom and equality.

SIMBI- A collection of essays and sho...

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A village’s perverse aspiration for perfection. Abandoning itself to the profligate unkindness its founders devised. Giving way to divine retribution. A man’s war with himself. Foregoing the simple joy of life for power. Attained with the incursion of a terrible debt. An exposition on the nature of man. Is he defined by a singular deed or the sum total of cumulative action? Does this condemn and absolve him simultaneously? Scientific breakthrough unearths a rogue gene that finally places immortality in mankind’s grasp, but at the price of a baby’s life. Splitting the world in two in the face of this ethical dilemma. Is a United States of Africa feasible? What frameworks should be instituted to transform this dream into reality? Are external interests a hindrance or are Africans the enemy of their own progress? A Kenyan couple grapples with modernity, feminism and resultant marital strife. Will they make it through the storm or be consigned as casualties of love and war? An outstanding collection of essays and short stories. By turns dramatic, fanciful, humorous and evocative.


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