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Flowers Have Thorns

KShs800.00 KShs750.00
‘……...and remember to perfume the world with the scent of doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way.’ Lamech addressed his relocating son. Through his tremendous experience in various flower farms and life, he shares words of wisdom with his son in this arduous yet enlightening plot. The simple and important life lessons are heavily brought out through core programs and his interactions in the floriculture industry. This book mainly targets anyone longing to achieve their principal dream and goal; which is becoming the best student in one’s life.

What They Didn`t Tell You About Retir...

KShs1,900.00 KShs1,500.00
Every individual loves to have a job. Typically, this is achieved through self-employment and employment by other people, including public and private institutions. Having something to do daily adds spice and meaning to one’s life. Even though it is imperative for us to occasionally remember that we shall leave our jobs and adjust to leading another life after retirement, many people work every day without taking some moments to think seriously that one day they will retire from their active life. The purpose of this book is to provide pieces of advice on how to plan for retirement irrespective of one’s age; to illuminate on the consequences of not planning for retirement, the challenges which one encounters and how to successfully deal with them, and in general, to remind us that there is life after retirement. Life can either be exciting and fulfilling, or harsh and overwhelming, all depending on how we conduct ourselves in our days of active lives. The author further emphasizes the need to view life as continuation from one station to another, without focusing on an expiry date, as if it is an event or single contractual engagement.

The Unending Surprises in Marriage by...

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,000.00
When getting married, some of us assume that we know everything about our spouses and other stakeholders like friends and relatives. However, as time passes, we see changes in their behaviors, perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs and we are surprised. If the changes are negative, we find ourselves doubting the essence of marriage and its ability to last a lifetime. If the changes are positive, we celebrate. This book is for all married couples, irrespective of their age in marriage, and those who are planning to get married, to inform them that they will discover something new about their spouses and other stakeholders. It has real-life stories of negative and positive surprises. It also has solutions that will help you to deal with negative surprises and make your marriage fulfilling.

Busy Office vs Responsible Fatherhood...

KShs1,100.00 KShs1,050.00
There is no excuse for fathers to be absent from their families. In this book, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi brings a fresh look into the diverse roles that a father plays in the 21st century. He has provided valuable and practical approaches for the many areas that a father's attention is required.

Betrayal of Public Trust by Prof. Jac...

KShs1,100.00 KShs1,050.00
Many people in the world find themselves taking oaths of office pledging to abide by certain ethical practices, the constitution, and other laws. The society expects leaders to treat all people under them with care and without breaching trust regardless of the circumstances. In this book, Prof. Jacob T. Kaimenyi is appealing to those who destroy public trust with minimal regard of the consequences. The author also wants to prick the conscience of all people who have taken different oaths that they should abide by them without wavering.

Hello: Adventures of Corona the Chame...

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
Corona Virus is a new disease in the world today and it looks like the disease is here to stay with us. People will only have to learn to live with it by taking all the necessary measures to protect themselves. 'Hello: Adventures of Corona the Chameleon' is such an educative, entertaining and informative book which is best suited for school going children of grades 1,2,3,and 4. It is written in a very simple language and through it, every child can learn more about the disease: how it mutates to different variants, the symptoms and also what to do in order to protect oneself from infection now and in the future!

Move On – Bounce Back from Life...

KShs1,000.00 KShs950.00
Even in Our best form, we are never quite prepared for the impact of misfortunes, catastrophes, accidents, or other life debilitating Setbacks. We drain our energies daily trying to prop our achievements and prevent our fortunes from caving in. We writh and wallow endlessly, when we encounter a multilitude of Setbacks, for they open us up to feelings of fear, inadequacy, failure and frustration. The Author Jacob T. Kaimenyi aims to spur you to fortify yourself not against failure or loss, but against becoming obsolete in the face of such circumstances, for it is the ability for a comeback in the event of foreseeable and unforeseeable Setbacks in your life that matters. The book also seeks to grant its readers the power to embrace the moral strength to confront the reality of their pain and loss., rise from the dust, reinvent themselves and give life another shot!


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