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Arise and shine, for your light has c...

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This book challenges us to become better and excellent in the gifts, talents and experiences that we are all endowed with, or have developed over the years. It provokes us to arise out of the status quo and make the most of the time and opportunities before us.

7 Keys To Success by Bishop Peter Ndungu

"Discover the time-tested secrets to unlocking your potential and achieving success with Bishop Peter Ndungu's insightful guide, '7 Keys to Success.' Dive into the mindset of successful individuals and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Don't miss out on this transformative read!"

The Real You by Angela Murenga (Swahi...

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The Real You (Swahili Version) ni kitabu cha kufungua macho ambachi kinalenga kukuonyesha jinsi ya kufungamana na Mungu aliyeekuumba uwe na kusudi lake kwa maisha yako.

Diaries of a humanitarian worker, My ...

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This book is a compilation of work experiences in the humanitarian setting in the author's different roles as a field worker. The author goes by the name Wangari and has been in multicultural and multicentric work experiences with Medecins Sans Frontiers. The complexity of the field make it a challenging yet deeply satisfying life and career choice. The book is in gratitude to the Wangari's parents and fellow aid workers around the world.

The PRESENT IS THE SEED by Allan kuchwa

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"The Present is the Seed" delves into the profound journey of embracing the new normal and cultivating a sense of self-justice through the metaphorical process of planting a seed. In a world undergoing constant change, the book advocates for acceptance and urges readers to navigate the intricate landscape of transformation. The narrative unfolds as the protagonist metaphorically plants a seed, symbolizing the initiation of personal growth. Central to the book is the notion of harvesting – a metaphor for reaping the rewards of personal development and the acceptance of opportunities that come one's way. It emphasizes the importance of appreciating and being content with the harvest, reflecting on the achievements and lessons learned throughout the journey. Crucially, "The Present is the Seed" promotes the idea of inclusivity and rejects self-discrimination. It encourages readers to recognize and embrace the diverse opportunities available to them, fostering a mindset that opens doors rather than closes them. In essence, "The Present is the Seed" serves as a guide for navigating the complexities of the present, advocating for self-justice, and fostering a mindset of inclusivity and appreciation for the opportunities that contribute to personal growth.



‘’For those going into university for the first time, these are your formative years; this book provides the basis upon which you can build a formidable foundation which will serve you well through college, but most importantly, when you graduate and embark on your professional life… This book is also of great value to parents of university students; to those counselling students as they prepare for their careers and for those in university administration… It is a book whose time has come, but also one that I wish had been published many years ago because it was greatly needed then, it is much needed now and will serve students well into the future; it is a book that’s timeless in its guidance and wisdom.’’

Foreword by Professor Chacha-Nyaigotti-Chacha.


Owning Your Career – The Journe...

Owning Your Career is a career playbook. It is divided into three easy to follow sections and has coaching questions at the end of each sections to help the reader reflect.


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How to excel in examinations is my personal inspiring story that you can relate with. While in High School, by God’s grace and with hard work, I experienced a paradigm shift in my performance and I improved from position 106 to 56 in Form 2 and finally position 3 in the final Examinations.In one term, my performance in one language subject improved from grade D to grade B. My performance in Mathematics, improved from an average of 30 marks to a B plus in the final exams and Physics improving from 32 marks to an A minus in the final exams. Let my story inspire and bring out the genius in you to study extra hard to achieve remarkable grades. My prayer is that you go and be an excellent student who will break the limits in academics and in all areas of your life and become an outstanding student.


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The information in this book is from my own personal experience as a student. May it be the GPRS which will propel and steer you like a guided missile! Read, assimilate, and allow the information to explode and positively transform your mind. At the end, make your life and studies balloon and burst out into many ripples and beautiful rainbows of endless possibilities! Where impossibilities with be nothing! Emerging as an excellent student, a champion and trailblazer in your generation. Where you become the star, you were created to be!

THE HOWS OF ANGER by Kinya Gitonga

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This is an ultimate guide to controlling your emotions. Its is a perfect read to everyone trying to learn anger management. The book gibes detailed information for dealing with anger in a healthy and constructive way leading to a more fulfilled life.

Stepping Up for Women – Your Wo...

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The book gives the reader expert tactics, secrets and strategies to speedy career growth. The reader will learn how to maintain the momentum, how to get to the table, how to integrate and balance life among others.

Stepping Up – A guide for Utili...

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There is nothing as painful as knowing you can do more than you are doing yet have no idea how and where to start. This book gives you the starting point.

Divine Chaos by Zeddy Cherotich Wekesa

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Experiencing the Divine in the midst of the chaos of life

ReConfidence: Get Your BOLD BACK by P...

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What happened to that CONFIDENT version of yourself? Where did you leave behind the five-year-old, who believed they could do anything and become everything? In this book, Paps shares with you her life journey combined with seasoned self-coaching tools and strategies to help you GET YOUR BOLD BACK on 3 crucial areas of your life: WONDERING ABOUT LIFE PURPOSE? YOU WILL... Clarify your legacy. Discover your natural strengths. Get pointers towards an aligned career, vocation, and life path. Build a fresh perspective of abundance mindsets and true fulfillment. STUCK IN SELF DOUBT? YOU WILL. Believe in yourself once again. Deal with your heartaches. Declutter and recharge your soul. Heal your inner child and set your soul free. SKEPTICAL ON FAITH MATTERS? YOU WILL... Re-evaluate your God space. Align to life-giving relationships. Build stronger foundations for your life and generations. Paps Wanyugi is a Certified Life Coach, Psychologist, and Millennials Mentor with a mission to inspire individuals and groups to CREATE the EXTRAORDINARY life they DESIRE and DESERVE. She has over 17 years of experience implementing transformational coaching outfits for preteens, teens, women, mentors, and parents inspiring intentionality and confidence. SHe has also authored Leading Generations: A Handbook For Mentoring 21st Century Preteens and Teens in Africa. Paps is wife to James & mum to 4 wonderful kids!

A Basic Guide To Diplomatic Service

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The book which is also a guide is useful to students of diplomacy and international relations.It explains titles used in diplomacy, the structures of embassy, how ambassadors are appointed, recalls, etc.It contains practical aspects as well as pictures that will make it easy to understand.

Saleh Bashir Ali is a the author of this book. He served as a diplomat with the Kenya High Commission in New Delhi in India between 2002 to 2006. He currently teaches at Riara University in Kenya.

Biblical Foundations for A Successful...

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This book addresses the following questions: for the married... Why am I married? Did I make a mistake? What can I do about it? How can I be  a better husband or wife to my spouse? And for the singles... Am I ready for marriage? Do I want to marry/get married? How do I know that my fiance/fiancee is the right person for me? What can I expect to encounter in marriage? How best can I prepare myself for it?

The Courage to LEAD Young: A Memoir b...

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In a compelling account of her own professional journey at Amref Health Africa – an international health non-governmental organization, Evalin Karijo shares the skills and wisdom she gained in her climb from a voluntary role, to leading multiple teams, directing an international, youth-focused, health initiative, and eventually to a strategic leadership position that paved the way for many young people to take up leadership roles within her organization and beyond. The trail she blazed within a decade is evidence that young people are uniquely qualified and essential in participating fully in leadership. As she proudly exited the powerful demographic called youth, Eve wrote the book she wished for, early in her own professional climb. The Courage to Lead Young: A Memoir, is her hand-up extended to other courageous leaders ready to take up the leadership challenge. ********************** About the author Evalin Karijo is an award-winning leader, global health specialist, a strong advocate of youth leadership in Africa, and a lover of nature. She has received various recognition, including the Management Africa Magazine ‘Top Woman’ feature, and the #Top35Under35 Kenya 2020 award for her leadership role in the health sector. She holds a Masters degree in International Public Health (University of Liverpool), a Global Executive MBA in Health Leadership and Management (United States International University-Africa), and Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health (Kenyatta University).

Cracking the Monitoring and Evaluatio...

A career transforming book for ALL professionals in the Non-Profit Sector. In this book you will learn about SOFT and other skills and how to develop them. Additionally you will learn about how soft/people and other skills can advance your career in humanitarian aid and development and in monitoring and evaluation. If you wan to learn about soft skills, get this book. It is written in a non-technical language and in a conversational style.

The Process of Success by John Gitau

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This guidebook discusses the four steps that every success follows. Many people follow the steps without knowing and achieve success. It is the writer’s view that the knowledge of the four steps will enhance success leading to understanding. We implement what we understand better and faster. Time is the most limited resource we have and to accomplish more as measure of success we need to understand the necessary processes.