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BOOK: A LETTER TO MY FORMER PUPIL, AUTHOR: EDWIN NGALA. A Letter to My Former Pupil is a story that captures the tribulations, celebrations, excitement and nostalgic memories of lives and times of the teacher and the pupil, at Alama Academy, the academic powerhouse. The story is written in a letter format, often refers to as epistolary in literary jargon. Though,it does not use either of the formats(friendly or official letters). Perhaps, because the narrator had no address of the his recipient. It's a reply to the unsolicited letter the narrator had received. The sender had placed between the page of the composition exercise book that had been collected for marking. A common habit among the innocent, adventurous, young minds. This is one story that any person who has been into a classroom, can relate to.

Sunset in the Savannah by David Ole M...

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Sunset in the Savannah is an absorbing story of the determination of one young man, Lesalon, to succeed in life no matter what. It captures his life journey from primary school to university. The book depicts the interesting interface between tradition, culture and modernity.

Set deep in the African Savannah, the book is bound to keep the reader glued and turning the pages from beginning to the end.

Jokes Jokes Jokes

Laughter is a precious gift that we can give and plays a central part in everyone's childhood years.

The Pencil

Once there was a pencil, a lonely little pencil, and nothing else. It lay there, which was nowhere in particular, for a long long time. Then one day that little pencil made a move, shivered slightly, quivered somewhat...and began to draw.

Little Bear’s Trousers by Jane ...

A picture book no family can afford to be without at a price every family can afford.

Fireman Sam Story Collection

Eight exciting stories based on episodes of the popular TV series, this bumper collection of adventures is sure to be a favourite with children.

Sleeping Beauty

A delightful story that will capture the imagination of your child. This book is sure to become a family favorite. Hardcover slightly larger than A4

Senteu by David Munke

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Senteu is a story inspired by legendary Maasai Warrior Karampu Ole Senteu, the grandson to Mpatiany the great Maasai Oloiboni or seer, who speared dead Colonial-era Narok District Commissioner, Major Hugh Murray Grant on 16th of August 1946 in Morijo market, Narok, after a bitter altercation. A warrior from the Maasai tribe of East Africa, a people who have remained true and loyal to their age-old culture and traditions, Senteu the lead character in the story is a man of indefatigable courage and amiable self-discipline. Senteu is not only a story of indomitable strength and courage but also a story of honor, Justice, fair play and integrity. It is a riveting and pulsating tale of the adventures of Senteu as he battles lions in the wild and ethnic invaders in the African jungle.