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The Lady who Married a Crow

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In The Lady who married a Crow and Other Stories J. C. Makori brings rare tales and storytelling from the past. The stories capture a tradition and wisdom which, if not documented, would disappear all the same. Storytelling was at the core of the social fabric of the people of the past. It brought together the young and old, and the raw and experienced. Through this interactive process, the community’s cumulative knowledge, experiences and wisdom were passed from generation to generation. The process further cemented the place of the storytellers as custodians of community wisdom, values and history. In this collection, the author has given a glimpse into that past, the lessons the community treasured and wisdom embedded in the stories. Written in the style of the original oral form, the tales offer lessons, and insights into history and culture that could inform the present and shape the future. What others say “The stories in this collection are compelling, painting vivid images in the reader’s mind through immersing the reader in the world of the different characters and the community in which the stories are set! The book adds a much needed African folk tale resource, and can be used as a pedagogical tool and for recreational reading.” – Grace Wangari, Children’s Book Editor. “This is thrilling collection that would interest readers across age sets. The stories offer moral lessons such as the value of truthfulness, kindness and good relations.” – Bethsheba Nyabuto, Book Designer/Editor.