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Analytical Study – Father of Na...

The study book offers insightful analysis of the novel Fathers of Nations by exploring the diverse style, thought-provoking themes, and rich character traits, providing reader with a deep understanding of the whole text. From captivating chapter summaries to in-depth examinations of literary techniques, this book serves as an indispensable companion for both teachers and students alike. By providing detailed analyses and discussions of literary techniques, this book aims to enrich reader's interpretations and facilitate meaningful discussions in both educational and personal contexts. It appears to be a priceless tool for anyone looking to engage more deeply with the text and gain a better understanding of it.


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This guide book provides comprehensive analysis of the novel 'Fathers of Nations' by Paul B. Vitta. In particular, the book covers: 1. Relevance of the title. 2. Setting 3. Synopsis. 4. Chapter summary and analysis. 5. Themes. 6. Character and characterization 7. Literary styles used in the novel. 8. Sample KCSE essay questions and answers. 9. Sample KCSE excerpt questions and answers.