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The Incredible Alpha

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This particular novel will stitch your mouth from talking to eating till you go through every sentence in each paragraph.

The Masked Dream

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The storm was not over; it was just the beginning. Immediately the coast guards’ ships were swallowed into the horizon; a sailor in Kamau’s boat on the watch spotted a large boat approaching them from the back at high speed. The ship looked piratical. He raised the alarm to alert the other crew members.

The Men I’ve Hated by Tinatswe ...

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A Zimbabwean woman takes readers on a journey through relationships with men from childhood to her adulthood. She interrogates the meaning of freedom and her place in the world through her experience of patriarchy in family, love and inescapable burdens of womanhood. Tinatswe Mhaka (BA) (LLB) is an author, lawyer, feminist digital storyteller and activist from Harare, Zimbabwe. Tinatswe is the founder of Feminist Voices Zimbabwe, an organisation strengthening gender advocacy and access to justice through documentation and dissemination of information. Tinatswe is passionate about digital media and the mainstreaming of injustices prevalent against women in the global south. She has numerous publications related to the emancipation of women through law and policy. Tinatswe has previously had stories published in Turquoise Dreams, a short anthology by Zimbabwean women. She is an Atlas Corps Editorial Fellow at the Leonardo International Society of Arts, Science and Technology.

Sunrise at Midnight by Florence Mbaya

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Abigail looked at him lovingly, then turning to her mother said, "Mama, know I have failed you, but when you get to know what happened, I know you will be more forgiving..." "Failed me?" her mother asked, looking quizzically at her. "You completely let me down, Abigail. I did not expect you to have a baby before you completed school and was able to fend for yourself, and your baby! I can only hope that you have learnt your lesson. Though a baby is a blessing from God, it comes with responsibilities which will become even bigger and more complicated as Benji grows," she said. Abigail accepted her mother's reprimand without bitterness. She was right. Indeed the responsibilities currently were already exhausting. Anything more will destroy me though,' she thought. 'Everyday brings new challenges! I wonder if I will ever manage to do anything else.' Loudly she said, "Mama, I want to defer school until Benji is older."