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The African in Me by Martin Chiro

This book gives a new approach to African history or famously black history that you will find interesting to read. Throughout the years, the world has known of a poor and unpeaceful Africa but that is just but a fraction of Africa you need to know. Yes, Africa has been impoverished for years through colonialism and slavery but it has proven to be a strong continent. Its people have proven their wisdom, intelligence and resilience in the world. I believe the history of Africa is either hidden, erased, misinterpreted, or whitewashed. This has kept the people of Africa in the dark for a long time. It is what has prevented an awakening; for if someone knows of how great he can be then you cannot keep them under servitude. This book talks of a land that was inhabited by royal and intelligent people. People that gave birth to the world’s greatest civilizations. These are stories that most Africans do not know about, it is because they have never been told to them.

The Village Pariah by Imali J. Abala

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The Village Pariah, narrated in verse, dramatizes the story of Rosie Kasovo, a beautiful and lonely woman from Ngoroke village. Abandoned by her husband shortly after their marriage when he secures a job in the city, her striking beauty unwittingly becomes her double-edged sword, inviting relentless scrutiny from the people of Ngoroke. Every action she takes falls under their watchful gaze. Despite her sincere efforts to contribute positively to the common good of the community, her deeds are met with skepticism. As the accusations and betrayal against her mount, one question remains: will Rosie be able to emerge from this ordeal unscathed, or will she crumble under the weight of her village’s judgment? What Others Say The Village Pariah is a remarkable book illustrating how beauty was once believed to guarantee happiness and a seamless life, yet for Rosie, a Logooli woman, it has become a barrier, a pariah wall, isolating her from the community. Strangely, the fate of the entire village appears intertwined with hers, their destinies woven into the fabric of their relentless gossip. Into this tangled web steps Eliab, a man lacking noble standing but propelled by the villagers’ whispered truths, determined to confront her. If his impulsive action can mend their afflictions, both tangible and perceived and liberate the unfortunate souls ensnared by her charm, then so be it. - Alfred Nyagaka Nyamwange, English/Literature Teacher and Deputy Principal at Bon’gota Secondary School.

MALIKI by Rutere Shenver

  • Maliki ni drama iliyojaa makeke yanayosababishwa na pupa ya viongozi ya kutwaa hatamu za ufalme wa Makokoo. Kwa upande wa pili kunao wahusika wanaopinga juhudi hizi ili ufalme huu usiangukie mikononi isiyostahili. Mvutano huu unasababisha uhasama na vifo vingi.


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The lives of African migrant workers in Europe are a multifaceted narrative marked by challenges, resilience, and aspiration. Departing from their homelands in search of better economic prospects and opportunities, these individuals embark on journeys fraught with uncertainties and hardships. Upon arrival, they often encounter a complex web of legal, social, and economic barriers that shape their experiences in their host countries. For many African migrants, the pursuit of employment is paramount. However, they frequently encounter obstacles in accessing the labor market due to language barriers, lack of recognition for foreign qualifications, and discriminatory hiring practices. Consequently, a significant portion of African migrants find themselves relegated to low-wage, precarious jobs in sectors such as agriculture, construction, hospitality, and domestic work. Moreover, the issue of legal status looms large over the lives of African migrants. Many grapple with the complexities of immigration laws, facing the constant threat of deportation or detention. Those residing in Europe without legal documentation often live in the shadows, vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, and marginalization. Social integration presents another formidable challenge. African migrants often confront xenophobia, racism, and cultural alienation in their host communities. These social barriers hinder their ability to establish meaningful connections, access services, and participate fully in civic life. Additionally, maintaining ties with their home countries and navigating the complexities of transnational identities further shape their sense of belonging and cultural identity. Despite these adversities, African migrant communities demonstrate remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. They forge networks of support within their own communities and engage in grassroots organizing to advocate for their rights and interests. Cultural associations, religious institutions, and migrant-led organizations play crucial roles in providing social solidarity, legal aid, and educational resources. Amidst the challenges, African migrant workers in Europe also embody hope and aspiration. Many strive to build better futures for themselves and their families, sending remittances back home and investing in education and entrepreneurship. Their experiences underscore the interconnectedness of global migration, labor markets, and social justice, highlighting the need for inclusive policies and collective action to address the structural inequalities that shape their lives.

Rejected and Blessed by Anderea Morara

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Rejected & Blessed is Anderea Morara’s second novel. His first novel, The Sting, has been adopted by many secondary schools as a crucial reader. Rejected & Blessed is set in East Africa, but cast in a global context with the primary purpose of highlighting the human aspects of the continuous cultural transformation from the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial eras as well as the global political economy. The novel tells the dramatic and traumatic love story in which the clash of cultures in the context of rapid social change, makes it awfuly difficult to determine right from wrong. This book gives a glimpse of how this transition affected and is affecting, communities in the region and the resultant coping strategies as well as the effects of the associated coping mechanisms, especially in the realm of love, marriage and child-rearing. On the global scene, the subtle dynamics of economic hegemony, foreign aid, brain drain, racism and cultural dialectics are glossed on.

VIVULI VYA USHINDI: Siri ya Maumivu, ...

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Nilitoka katika familia maskini watu wengi walituita tumelaaniwa. nilijua na kila mtu alijua. Kulikuwa na tatizo katika familia yangu; hakuna aliyeonekana kwenda popote. Mama yangu alipelekwa hospitali kwa toroli ambapo alifariki na babu yangu alipelekwa hospitali pia kwenye toroli alimofia, kaka yangu alikimbizwa mitaani; akawa mwendawazimu, wale watu unaowaona wamebeba gunia. Nilikusudiwa kufa kwa saratani nikiwa na umri wa miaka 30 lakini niko hapa. Sikuambii hivi kwa sababu nahitaji huruma yako. Lakini kwa sababu vivuli hivyo vikawa ushindi wangu; Vivuli vya maumivu, vivuli vya kukataliwa, vivuli vya aibu, vivuli vya fedheha, vivuli vya ukosefu, vivuli vya laana na vivuli vya vita. Vivuli hivi vimekuwa ushuhuda wangu. Kila kivuli nilichokabiliana nacho kilikuwa na ushindi. Mimi ni mwanamke wa ushindi. Kupitia maumivu hayo, nimezaa vitabu 10, na makampuni 2, mimi ni mzungumzaji wa mabadiliko na mhudumu wa Mungu. Je, safari ilikuwa na thamani yake?

Shadows of triumph:A mystery of Pain,...

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I am a butterfly,beautiful,free and with vibrant colours. But I was not always so; I was called Caroline wambugu by my birth parents but this was not my real name,long ago before I came here on earth,I was given a name by my true father a butterfly.( A butterfly undergoes intense pain to be birthed out). I did not know so until later in life. I came from a poor family many people called us cursed. I knew it and everyone knew it. There was a problem in my family; no one seemed to go anywhere, we never advanced in our education, we were beautiful but unmarried and poor. Oh,I forgot to tell you my mother was taken to the hospital on a wheel barrow where she died,my grandfather was taken to the hospital on a wheelbarrow,where he died and my uncle was meant to get one brother was driven to the streets; he became a mad man,those men you see carrying a sack while my fate was to die of cancer at 30 years of age but here I am. Free and beautiful. I am not telling you this because I need your pity. But because those shadows became my triumph. The shadows of pain The shadows of rejection The shadows of shame The shadows of humiliation The shadows of lack The shadows of curses The shadows of warfare These shadows have became my testimony. Each shadow I faced was lined with triumph.

Spiritual Combat: Mastering the art o...

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In this book, I highlight actual experiences of some of the spiritual warfare I have gone through, the dimensions of truth that saved me and to demonstrate to you the power of God. Who Should Read mastering the art of warfare in the spirit realm? Those seeking to know the nature and strategies of the Enemy. Those who have been hidden and have been contending for a longtime in spiritual warfare Those individuals who have been waiting for the manifestation of a God-given dream or Vision. Those individuals whom God has called and feel they have been hidden in the womb of the spirit. Individuals seeking to understand the strategies and nature of spiritual warfare. Adults seeking to understand what is holding them back from their true potential. Individuals seeking to understand why warfare occurs. For Faith Based Organisations to reveal the importance and the role of spiritual warfare to their members. For Change Agents who want to arise and impact their generations.


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In this book the Author inspires the reader to take action, as she emphasizes that every individual regardless of age or status, has the power to make a difference. With, unwavering determination this book serves as a rallying cry for men and women to arise and change the trajectory of their lives, their families, their marriages, their churches and their nations.

Rise From The Ashes: Navigating the s...

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Rise from the ashes: Navigating the spiritual wilderness Your suffering is a precursor of the greatness and abundance about to be manifested in your life. When the darkness ends, the wilderness ends, and the veil is flipped you will be blinded by the glory about to be revealed. In this book you will learn: How adversity plays an important role in your spiritual growth and maturity. How to navigate through the wilderness experience. Understanding that spiritual wilderness is a phase you will have to go through regardless of who you are. Understand the butterfly system; how it forms and its colour symbolism in your life. Understand the butterfly effect and your importance in shaping destinies. Understand how spiritual abortion occurs. Access devotional content to help you through adversity.



Just a little book with divergent perceptions—affirms the irrationality of belief in God and the critical destruction religion has inflicted on society, from the Garissa University, Orlando shootings, killing of Deborah a Nigerian college student by her Muslim counterparts to 9/11 and much more.

With inclemency and repartee, Nahashon examines God in all his forms, from the sex freak despot of the bible to the more benevolent and irrational angelic horologist favored by some wishful thinkers. He takes away the major altercation for religion and parades the ultimate improbability of a supreme being. He shows how religion propagates war, propells bigotry, and have children abused, bolstering his points with historical and synchronic evidence. The Hallmark of ignorance and the God Hallucinations makes a compelling case that belief in God is not just irrational but unanimously detrimental. It also offers brilliant insight into the good side of not subscribing to faith as cultivation of willful ignorance to individuals and society at large.

AFRICA AURA by Nekoye Ommeh

I spent a lifetime using loudspeakers trying to enlighten a people [Africa], yet I had internal darkness [Aura] that only needed a whisper.

The Weight of Black Tongues and Other...

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“The Weight of Black Tongues is an anthology of over half a dozen original short stories by an emerging star of new Kenyan literature, Bonface Nyamweya. This debut collection is both startling and gripping – envision it as a ride on the tail of a shooting star, zooming through Kenya’s night skies, each twinkle representing a unique story. As a dynamic figure in post-COVID-19 literary circles, whom I have had the honour of mentoring, Nyamweya showcases the depth and scope of storytelling in Kenya, transitioning from unusual novels and sartorial poetry to making his mark in short story fiction. From the enigmatic Whose Title Died to the riveting Waiting for Mama, each title in this new book invites readers into a world of mystery and profound reflection, solidifying Nyamweya as a rising force in African literature in the wake of the fin de siècle.


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UGANDA A GREAT NATION” is a brand new book by debutant Ugandan author Timothy Kirenda. The book is an encapsulation of the authors perceptions and reasoning to declare that Uganda is a great nation or maybe one of the greatest nations on earth. A fairly small landlocked country east of the world’s biggest continent, why and what do you know about Uganda is the pendulum that is swung by the author throughout his piece of work. He navigates around the issues of culture or African culture as it is, politics and leadership, the history of the country, the women in the country or what we call Uganda’s beautifying aspects and also Uganda’s position on the globe. All to commemorate the authors grand standing that Uganda is a great nation, this book was written to advance the concern to the reader and to obviously confront impediments the likes of ignorance, doubt and disgruntlement. The authors assessment of Uganda as a nation colonized by the British, attained independence in 1962 and is currently run by one of Africa’s longest serving Presidents Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is an appraisal that entails the good and bad, the highs and lows and the beautiful and not so beautiful aspects.

A Cry in the Mau

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A Cry in The Mau is not a plea for sympathy, nor is it a challenge to authority. It is not merely a product of leisurely pursuits. Rather, it is a vessel—a vessel carrying stories of the Mau Forest, truths, and lessons meant to traverse the currents of time. The purpose of this book is simple yet significant: to ensure that the narratives of those who came before us are not lost to the annals of history. It is a humble attempt to bridge the gap between generations to offer insight into the struggles and sacrifices of our predecessors who tried to earn a living in the Mau Narok and ended up facing the wrath of the government. These scenes are not born out of imagination but are drawn from the stark realities of life, particularly in the Mau Forest. This is not a tale of joy and delight; rather, it is a sad narrative of a society where survival often demands the sacrifice of one's fellow beings.

999 reasons part one

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  1. Best for boys and girls to learn more about life


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Maya in Silent Whispers takes a transformative journey through the uncharted territory of a young girl’s life, where innocence is shattered, and the strength to heal and rise above the darkness of circumstances is discovered. In as small village nestled amidst rolling hills, Maya, a bright-eyed girl filled with dreams and aspirations, find solace in the world of books and learning.

Enyangi y’Ebitinge

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Traditional Wedding in Gusii (Enyangi y'Ebitinge), published posthumously, documents the process of old-style marriage in Gusii and related steps, culminating in a wedding ceremony. The process was meticulous and made of a series of steps, each with a very clear purpose and intended not just for the couple but also for their families and clans. Abagusii attached a lot of value to marriage. It was a major landmark in the 'growing up' of a man or woman in that society. Marriage marked the transition from the care of one's parents to being independent and taking care of oneself and one's family. That transition was possible only after marriage. The importance of marriage and the honour it was accorded is underlined by the respect that was given to a married woman. For example, if she found herself late in getting home someone, that person had an obligation to ensure that she got to her home safely; after all, she was a mother and her progeny would be the link to the future. The book is a flashback to when family and relationships were valued and were at the core of order and success in society. It is especially informative today, especially when modern generations do not appear to associate as much importance to wedlock as it was in the past.

Conversations about the youth in Keny...

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Conversations about the youth in Kenya tackles challenges facing Kenya youth. The book reflects on development matters facing the youth


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BOOK TITLE: CHIKE KOD KWECHE MAG LUO (LUO RULES AND DOGMAS) The African people are blessed with diverse traditional cultures distinct from each other. The Luo people had their cultural values and beliefs defining their moral standards of existing cordially with one another. These are now fading away with modern behaviors creeping in and overtaking the cultural values with devastating effects on the millennial generation. To safeguard some of these traditional values before they reach the route of extinction, I thought I would start documenting some of these valuable Luo beliefs and traditions. This book, written in Luo language, whose title can be best translated as ‘Luo Rules and Dogmas’ describes some of the ways Luo ancestors or forefathers managed to give their homesteads good and healthy living environment and their children disciplined/principled as they followed the traditional practices to the latter. The 10-chapter book has Chapter 1 of the pre-amble and encompasses in Ch.2 the traditional practices that were observed during the construction of a homestead. In Ch.3 are the practices that ensured that the home was well protected; Ch.4 the ceremonies that would be performed to bring blessings to the new homestead; and Ch. 5 ensuring the homestead was food secure. It goes on to describe in Ch.6 the different calamities that would befall the community and their remedy or how to manage such, like morbidity, mortality, and war. Ch.7 details the customary beliefs that every member of a homestead must adhere to, to prevent any evil spell in the family. Ch.8 describes the different ancestral spirits and their healing powers as well as superpowers. Ch.9 gives a brief on how Luo ancestors ensured the prosperity of the homestead was protected. Finally, Ch.10 gives the proverbs and their meanings that our forefathers used when warning wayward people to toe the line if they wanted to maintain peace in the homestead. Proverbs were words of wisdom and a means that the ancestors used to teach young people without having to narrate long sentences. Knowledge is power and the power is in sharing and Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. I have shared what I gathered from those who can still remember the Luo traditions so I may also get feedback from readers and know more. Only the knowledgeable seek to know more. Have a great reading