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This book is useful for future generations to engage, learn and connect with their culture. It is suitable for readers of all ages and is an excellent introduction to the customs and culture of the Dinka people of South Sudan.

AFRICANUM by Mutendei Writes

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Africanum: In an alternate reality, a quadruple set of super-powered beings emerge, anointed by The Akhamasi, an immortal sect of African sorcerers who awaken to a disheartening state of an Africa fallen from grace. Not accepting the fallacy of this alternate reality, through their use of their ancient magic and acolytes, they work to restore Africa and its descendants as the centre of a new geo-political alignment where Africa exists as the world's leading superpower, under the moniker of AFRICANUM, symbolized by its chief defender of the same name.   

Flowers Have Thorns

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‘……...and remember to perfume the world with the scent of doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way.’ Lamech addressed his relocating son. Through his tremendous experience in various flower farms and life, he shares words of wisdom with his son in this arduous yet enlightening plot. The simple and important life lessons are heavily brought out through core programs and his interactions in the floriculture industry. This book mainly targets anyone longing to achieve their principal dream and goal; which is becoming the best student in one’s life.

The Gatekeepers: How the White House ...

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What do Dick Cheney and Rahm Emanuel have in common? Aside from polarizing personalities, both served as chief of staff to the president of the United States--as did Donald Rumsfeld, Leon Panetta, and a relative handful of others. The chiefs of staff, often referred to as "the gatekeepers," wield tremendous power in Washington and beyond; they decide who is allowed to see the president, negotiate with Congress to push POTUS's agenda, and--most crucially--enjoy unparalleled access to the leader of the free world. Each chief can make or break an administration, and each president reveals himself by the chief he picks. Through extensive, intimate interviews with all seventeen living chiefs and two former presidents, award-winning journalist and producer Chris Whipple pulls back the curtain on this unique fraternity. In doing so, he revises our understanding of presidential history, showing us how James Baker's expert managing of the White House, the press, and Capitol Hill paved the way for the Reagan Revolution--and, conversely, how Watergate, the Iraq War, and even the bungled Obamacare rollout might have been prevented by a more effective chief. Filled with shrewd analysis and never-before-reported details, The Gatekeepers offers an essential portrait of the toughest job in Washington.

When a Stranger Called by 13 Kenyan w...

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An anthology of short stories by 13 Kenyan writers. The book covers different themes – murder, revenge, sex, marriage, workplace relationships, romantic relationships, drugs, etc – all summarized into one: HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.

The Maasai Language: An Introduction,...

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A Maasai Language book for children and beginners interested in learning the Maa language

The Maasai Language: An Introduction,...

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A Maasai Language and grammar book, talks about the Maa way of life and culture.

Vagabonds by Eloghosa Osunde

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As in Nigeria, vagabonds are those whose existence is literally outlawed: the queer, the poor, the displaced, the footloose and rogue spirits. They are those who inhabit transient spaces, who make their paths and move invisibly, who embrace apparitions, old vengeances and alternative realities. Eloghosa Osunde's brave, fiercely inventive novel traces a wild array of characters for whom life itself is a form of resistance: a driver for a debauched politician with the power to command life and death; a legendary fashion designer who gives birth to a grown daughter; a lesbian couple whose tender relationship sheds unexpected light on their experience with underground sex work; a wife and mother who attends a secret spiritual gathering that shifts her world. As their lives intertwine—in bustling markets and underground clubs, churches and hotel rooms—vagabonds are seized and challenged by spirits who command the city's dark energy. Whether running from danger, meeting with secret lovers, finding their identities, or vanquishing their shadowselves, Osunde's characters confront and support one another, before converging for the once-in-a-lifetime gathering that gives the book its unexpectedly joyous conclusion. Blending unvarnished realism with myth and fantasy, Vagabonds! is a vital work of imagination that takes us deep inside the hearts, minds, and bodies of a people in duress—and in triumph.

Dear Ex

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"DEAR EX" is a heart-wrenching love story that delves into the dating scene of the 21st century woman. This gripping novel will leave you questioning the complexities of modern relationships and the true meaning of love. "REJECTED" is a powerful and emotional read that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end. It is an exploration of the absurdity and meaninglessness of life, as seen through the eyes of the narrator. This novel will leave you questioning the nature of existence and the human condition. "THE CRY OF KAFRIA" is an epic historical novel set in pre-colonial Africa. This novel delves into the rich culture and history of the continent, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs of young Africa in vivid detail. "Traverse Through Nairobi" is an exciting read that is relatable to anyone who has ever experienced life in a big city. This novel takes you on a journey through the streets of Nairobi and reminds us that the city is not just a place of fun and entertainment, but also a place of deep struggles and hidden struggles, and it is only the strongest who can survive. This book is a call to remember the city is not just a place of fun but largely a place of deep, untold struggles and only those who fight hardest can fit in. Don't miss out on these incredible stories, get your hands on these novels today!

The Dark Moon

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Are you ready for an unforgettable journey through love, adversity, and self-discovery? Look no further than "The Dark Moon"! Dell, our resilient protagonist, is faced with a series of difficult challenges that test her strength and willpower. But with the help of her loyal companion Jay, she navigates through the complexities of poor governance, education, tradition, and maxism. This novel is not just a story, it's a reflection of the world we live in and the struggles we face. But it's not all heavy, The Dark Moon is also a story full of humor, sarcasm, dilemma, and irony, that keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next. The story ends with a suspenseful climax that will leave you thinking long after you've finished the last page. One of the most striking aspect of the book is how the text weighs the black and white people on the same scale and looks at them as equals, just as it should be. It's a novel that truly highlights an important aspect of color, and it will make you question your own biases and prejudices. Buy "The Dark Moon" today and embark on an unforgettable journey that will change the way you see the world. This is a novel that you won't be able to put down, and it will stay with you long after you've finished it.

When The World In My Voice Sings by D...

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When the world in my voice sings by Author Dennis J Indimuli is a collection poetry that boldly speaks about social issues . Corruption ,Justice, Love , Human rights and nature. Facing the current African continent and world at large. The author uses symbolism as a style depicted from the the cover page to talk about Africa (blackness) as captured in some poems. He later sums up the book with a poem in form of a song entitled When the world in my voice sings that describes what exactly the world entails .This book will leave you in a deep reflective mood a bout the current state of our world and hopefully inspire you to become an urgent of change .

Return The Bride Price And Other Poem...

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The poetry anthology Return The Bride Price And Other Poems by Ayieko Jakoyo is a collection of poems with diverse subject matters ranging from culture, love, marriage and other contemporary issues touching on human life. The thematic and structural diversity by the poems in this anthology makes it a masterpiece for the lovers of poetry. The anthology has a well arranged poetry notes and first five poems well analyzed to suit the standards of Kenya National Examination Council. The book is therefore of great help to secondary students, upcoming poets and lovers of poetry in the entire universe. The author creatively and artistically addresses issues affecting the current society and goes an extra mile to provide a long lasting solution through his artistic work. Ayieko Jakoyo is a seasoned teacher, a prolific writer of both poetry and prose and an academic strategist. He is a master of descriptions and a literary enthusiast determined to impact positively to the society through his words. His passion for literature was inspired by the old tales of his grandmother, a mantle he is determined to carry on to the next generations.  

The Eternal Audience of One by Remy N...

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This coming-of-age tale follows a young man who is forced to flee his homeland of Rwanda during the Civil War and make sense of his reality. Nobody ever makes it to the start of a story, not even the people in it. The most one can do is make some sort of start and then work toward some kind of ending. One might as well start with Séraphin: playlist-maker, nerd-jock hybrid, self-appointed merchant of cool, Rwandan, stifled and living in Windhoek, Namibia. Soon he will leave the confines of his family life for the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, in South Africa, where loyal friends, hormone-saturated parties, adventurous conquests, and race controversies await. More than that, his long-awaited final year in law school promises to deliver a crucial puzzle piece of the Great Plan immigrant: a degree from a prestigious university. But a year is more than the sum of its parts, and en route to the future, the present must be lived through and even the past must be survived.

In the Shadow of the Styx by Annemari...

An unknown killer is responsible for the death of newly minted lovers; Phil and Lillian. One minute they're celebrating the possibility of a long life together, the next they're contemplating eternity in the hospital where they die.Shenanigans ensue as they try to fit in with post-death society. What are the norms, who makes the rules and who can they ask about being taken to the leader?It's an adventure with many unexpected twists; but through it all, at least they have each others' backs. Updated with a new outtake.

The Swamp is Full of Mystery by Annem...

In particular, the swamps of Louisiana and Le Marais hold many secrets; or is it Mama Ruth who owns the secrets and the swamp just holds them for her? It's alive though, with the past, present, and future colliding in one place; almost in one person. Mya Devereux. She's in the eye of the storm, the center of this cosmic dart board...and she has no clue. She's just worried about passing Chemistry. Leo's not worried about anything. He has it all figured out. Phil and Lillian can only watch and comment. Too bad they're ghosts so popcorn is out.

Lwanda: The Stone Awakens by Ted Walde

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A million shillings in debt, a pyramid scheme, and a life of crime. Not the welcome Lwanda expected when he left his village to start a new chapter Nairobi. While in the city he meets Keziah, a budding entrepreneur and the love of his life. She entices him to join a pyramid scheme that sells unregulated bodybuilding supplements and he gets hooked. Little does he know the pills are worsening his rare genetic condition and he must find a way out before his body turns to stone.

Before Your Memory Fades by Toshikazu...

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In a small back alley in Tokyo, there is a café that has been serving carefully brewed coffee for more than one hundred years. But this coffee shop offers its customers a unique experience: the chance to travel back in time. From the author of Before the Coffee Gets Cold and Tales from the Cafe comes another story of four new customers, each of whom is hoping to take advantage of Café Funiculi Funicula's time-travelling offer. Among some familiar faces from Kawaguchi's previous novels, readers will also be introduced to a daughter, a comedian, a sister, and a lover, each with something they wish they had said differently. With his signature heartwarming characters and immersive storytelling, Kawaguchi once again invites the reader to ask themselves: what would you change if you could travel back in time?

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Bl...

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“You cannot fix a problem you do not know you have.” So begins Emmanuel Acho in his essential guide to the truths Americans need to know to address the systemic racism that has recently electrified protests in all fifty states. “There is a fix,” Acho says. “But in order to access it, we’re going to have to have some uncomfortable conversations.” In Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man, Acho takes on all the questions, large and small, insensitive and taboo, many white Americans are afraid to ask―yet which all Americans need the answers to, now more than ever. With the same open-hearted generosity that has made his video series a phenomenon, Acho explains the vital core of such fraught concepts as white privilege, cultural appropriation, and “reverse racism.” In his own words, he provides a space of compassion and understanding in a discussion that can lack both. He asks only for the reader’s curiosity―but along the way, he will galvanize all of us to join the antiracist fight.

Blonde Roots by Bernardine Evaristo

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What if the history of the transatlantic slave trade had been reversed and Africans had enslaved Europeans? How would that have changed the ways that people justified their inhuman behavior? How would it inform our cultural attitudes and the insidious racism that still lingers today? We see this tragicomic world turned upside down through the eyes of Doris, an Englishwoman enslaved and taken to the New World, movingly recounting experiences of tremendous hardship and the dreams of the people she has left behind, all while journeying toward an escape into freedom.

Soul Tourists by Bernardine Evaristo

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Meet Stanley Williams: Single, in his thirties, grieving the death of his Jamaican father and wondering if there is more to life than his nine-to-five banking job in a sky-high glass menagerie. Enter Jessie O'Donnell: barmaid, former singer-cum-comedienne, and desperate to get into her rusty old Lady Niva and hit the freeway across Europe. The unlikely pair begin an electrifying odyssey that weaves in and out of history, colliding with the forgotten heroes of Europe's past. Shakespeare's mysterious 'Dark Lady of the Sonnet's, Pushkin and his Ethiopian great-grandfather and the mixed-race Allessandro de' Medici of Florence are all ready to have their voices heard, and Stanley and Jessie do what they can to hang on for the ride . . .