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Black and Female by Tsitsi Dangarembga

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In Black and Female, Tsitsi Dangarembga examines the legacy of imperialism on her own life and on every aspect of black embodied African life. This paradigm-shifting essay collection weaves the personal and political in an illuminating exploration of race and gender. Dangarembga recounts a painful separation from her parents as a toddler, connecting this experience to the ruptures caused in Africa by human trafficking and enslavement. She argues that, after independence, the ruling party in Zimbabwe only performed inclusion for women while silencing the work of self-actualized feminists. She describes her struggles to realize her ambitions in theater, film, and literature, laying out the long path to the publication of her novels.

Even When Your Voice Shakes by Ruby Y...

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When Amerley is offered a job working for one of her mother’s old school friends, she knows she has to accept. Her wages will feed her family, help her sisters stay in school, and ensure that her mother won’t have to worry about them. Amerley’s move to Accra isn’t easy, but she soon settles into her new life away from her small village—until she is raped by the son of her employer. Torn between keeping quiet to keep her job and speaking up for herself and for justice, Amerley must decide how to live her truth, and the impact of her choice will be felt through her entire community. Through the life of an ordinary girl from a small country village, Even When Your Voice Shakes exposes the damage wrought by institutionalized misogyny and poverty and reveals how even those who are most disadvantaged are never without their own power.

Tomorrow I Become a Woman by Aiwanose...

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When Gozie and Obianuju meet in August 1978, it is nothing short of fate. He is the perfect man: charismatic, handsome, Christian, and – most importantly – Igbo. He reminds her of her beloved Uncle Ikenna, her mother’s brother who disappeared fighting in the Civil War that devastated Nigeria less than a decade before. It is why, when Gozie asks her to marry him within months of meeting, she says yes, despite her lingering and uncertain feelings for Akin – a man her mother would never accept, as his tribe fought on the other side of the war. Akin makes her feel heard, understood, intelligent; Gozie makes her heart flutter. For Uju, the daughter her mother never wanted, marriage would mean the attainment of that long elusive state of womanhood, and something else she has desired all her life – her mother’s approval. All will be well; he is the perfect match, the country will soon be democratic again and the economy is growing, or so she thinks … Loosely based on the real stories of real women known to the author, Tomorrow I Become a Woman follows a complex relationship between mother and daughter as they grapple to come to terms with tremendous loss. This powerful debut by Aiwanose Odafen is a sensitive exploration of a woman’s struggle to meet societal and cultural expectations within the confines of a difficult marriage, a tribute to female friendship and a love story that spans two decades and continents against a backdrop of political turmoil and a fast-changing world.

Hawkers-Pokers by Kinyanjui Kombani

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The son of the one of the country’s richest men is missing, presumably kidnapped. The ensuing search and rescue operation triggers a series of events dragging in one of the city hawkers’ scouts. Meanwhile, a manager in a financial firm tries his hand at money multiplication miracles, and a woman makes a difficult choice to secure a better world for her child. It is all a mess – the kind of social commentary that can only be told by one of Kenya’s most critically acclaimed contemporary writers.

My Remarkable Mom: This is your story...

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My Remarkable Mom is a guided journal that has been thoughtfully created to help us get to know our mothers better. Every relationship, including that of a mother and child, benefits from deliberate tending and intentionality. The book may be filled by a child on behalf of their mother as they talk, or if a mom is able to, and if it is preferred, she may fill the book herself in addition to the conversations. A mother with young children could start to fill the book for them while memories are still fresh. It will be a precious keepsake in which entries can be made as life unfolds.

Eye of the Storm by Yusuf K Dawood

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Eye of the Storm is a fast-paced mystery thriller written with hospital background. It is the story of a surgeon tortured by the trauma he suffered in the past. To release himself from the psychological shackles imposed on him as a result, he turns into a modern-day, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It is a study of a genius bordering on lunacy and keeps the readers on the edge until the story unravels and the ghastly truth comes out. It makes the reader wonder where the writer is leading to until the climax explodes in the reader's mind making it impossible to put the book down until the storm blows over.

Of Scattered Tears

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Scattered Tears’ is an anthology of 18 soothing poetries on the theme of ‘Love’. Love is a thin heavenly neutral line between smiles and tears. Not all relationships end with a ‘happy ever after’ and that is why this collection is here for you. To help you heal that broken heart. Heartbreak is real; heal and live happier. The poetries in this book are written with high professionalism that will leave you hungry for more. I have dedicated it to four main types of readers: 1. To those with broken hearts. I know you want to heal and live a happy life, this book is for you. 2. To those learning poetry. This anthology contains all the basics that you should know about poetry, including forms and styles. The next update of this book will contain a detailed analysis of each poem. 3. To those enjoying poetry. Sit tight and read this book. I do not doubt that you will enjoy every bit of it. The good news is that ‘Of Scattered Tears’ is a twin book of ‘Of Painted Smiles’. The twin books cover the two major spheres of love: Heartbreaks and Happiness. 4. To anyone and everyone who likes to read. I am a reading addict too. Writing this book has been easy. I love poetry and it mostly comes to me as a free-fall. It took me few days to research, days to write, months to compile, and just minutes to publish. An awesome experience, I should say. Heartbreaks break and burn the heart as well. Sometimes it may almost seem to be impossible to move on from it. It is very important to realize that with or without a heartbreak, life should move on, as long as you are breathing. This awesome collection of soothing poetry is here for you. Everything contained in this book is pure work of my imagination, thoughts, and perspectives. Prepare to enjoy yourself with this heart-fixer kit, learning aid, leisure book, call it however you want to.

The Incredible Alpha

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This particular novel will stitch your mouth from talking to eating till you go through every sentence in each paragraph.

Barua kwa Moyo Wangu

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  1. Dunia inapita kwa Kasi sana. Wakati nao hausimami. Jua nalo lakimbia. Ni hali hizi na nyingine ambazo zimemfanya binadamu kujipata katika tanzu zinazotatiza na changamoto changamano chungu nzima. Maradhi, siasa duni, ufisadi, dhiki, ushirikina, mateso, chuki, mauti, vita, elimu, uongozi mbaya, utamaduni, kisasi, wivu, ubaguzi, ugatuzi, afya, ulevi, shinikizo, bidii, ari, hiari, uvumilivu, subira, ufanisi, ushindi na mapenzi ni baadhi tu ya mambo yanayomkabili mlimwengu katika dunia yake.
Fasihi ndicho kioo au video aula ya kuyaweka makabiliano ya mja na ulimwengu hadharani. BARUA KWA MOYO WANGU na HADITHI NYINGINE ni fasihi iliyosukwa kwa ustadi ili kuyaweka wazi mapito ya mja tangu utotoni hadi ukubwani. Ni diwani ya kusomwa na mtoto ili aelewe maisha ya wazazi na mzazi aelewa maisha ya mtoto. Kiongozi akiisoma ataelewa mahitaji ya raia na raia atajua majukumu ya kiongozi. Hadithi zimesukwa kwa msuko na mnato. Misamiati,tamathali,fani na mbinu za Lugha zimetumika kumpa msomaji dira ya kumwongoza kuifahamu jamii yake vizuri. Waandishi ni walimu na watahini wa mitihani tajika nchini. Tajriba yao imejiweka wazi katika hadithi zao za kusoma na kusoma tena.

Tragedy on the mountain

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Tragedy on the Mountain is a collection of thrilling and suspenseful short stories that transport readers to the treacherous and unpredictable world of adventure. Each story is crafted with care, introducing readers to complex characters and mysterious scenarios that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Whether it’s a gripping tale of a group of hikers scaling a treacherous mountain or a heart-stopping account of a daring ice-climbing expedition, Tragedy on the Mountain offers an exciting escape into the unknown. With vivid descriptions and captivating plotlines, each story is sure to keep readers engrossed and hungry for more. From the icy depths of an avalanche to the mysterious depths of a hidden cave, Tragedy on the Mountain will take readers on an unforgettable journey of suspense, mystery, and danger.

The Masked Dream

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The storm was not over; it was just the beginning. Immediately the coast guards’ ships were swallowed into the horizon; a sailor in Kamau’s boat on the watch spotted a large boat approaching them from the back at high speed. The ship looked piratical. He raised the alarm to alert the other crew members.

Stars Aligned by Anyika Bryan Muchesia

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Robert is extraordinarily determined young man who believes in himself and what he does. His character makes him both admired and hated. From the loss of his mother to the mistreatment by his uncle and guardians, Robert wins the heart of unlikely entity, a police inspector. In a world where the police are hard to tolerate, Robert grows up as a normal child portraying both the weak nature of human beings in school and the unique abilities of a believer in self. His drive for life, his zeal to become someone, and his passion and excellent eventually make him stand out from any crowd and become a darling of many. This is a story a soul that refuses to wallow in limitations caused by disability and instead strive to reach for the stars. The turns and twists make it a riveting read.

Let the Old Man Speak and Other Poems...

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This anthology is a three-part collection of forty three poems written by Odhiambo Kaumah, a teacher of Mathematics and Chemistry, a passionate creative writer and a community organizer for progressive social change. The pieces, by the prolific author, are as diverse in themes as they are in structure. However, the inspiration behind the pieces is an old voice that attempts to speak sanity to the profanities of the fast-changing, socio-cultural and political practices. Issues such as marriage as it was and as it is, children-parent and youths-elders relationship in the age of "a dancing urban youth population" feature prominently. Odhiambo Kaumah’s father, an old man with a good grasp of Luo traditional practices and as well a staunch Christian – catechist – inspired his conversational tone in describing everyday life in a rustic, African set up, in this anthology.

Eco Africa: An Anthology of Poems

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Eco Africa: An Anthology of Poems is a magnificent collection of poems from across the African continent (Eastern, Western, Central, and Southern Africa) with various contributions from some African poets in Diaspora. There are poems on nature such as its beauty and clean air, on potential consequences of climate change, notably global warming, and the potential devastating effects of drought, floods and hunger. There is uncertainty, and hence fear and hope. The verses shed streaks of light on the contemporary concerns about pollution, its impacts on humanity and the earth’s flora and fauna. However, even with the gloom and doom, the artists offer pointers to remedies! Will humanity hearken? Loaded with vivid descriptions, suspense, and free expression, the works herein make it hard for the reader to place the book down even after reading the last word! What Others Say “The poems have an appealing and timely message on matters of the environment.” – Dr. Chris Okemwa, Kisii University

The Merchant of Venice by William Sha...

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The Merchant of Venice is an intriguing drama of love, greed, and revenge. At its heart, the play contrasts the characters of the maddened and vengeful Shylock, a Venetian moneylender, with the gracious, level-headed Portia, a wealthy young woman besieged by suitors. At the play's climax, Shylock insists on the enforcement of a binding contract that will cost the life of the merchant Antonio — inciting Portia to mount a memorable defense. In this richly plotted drama, Shylock, whom Shakespeare endowed with all of the depth and vitality of his greatest characters, is not alone in his villainy. In scene after scene, a large cast of ambitious and scheming characters demonstrates that honesty is a quality often strained where matters of love and money are concerned. The gravity and suspense of the play's central plot, together with its romance, have made The Merchant of Venice a favorite of audiences, and one of the most studied and performed of Shakespeare's plays. It is reprinted here from an authoritative text, complete with explanatory footnotes.

Time, Chance and Potential by Edward ...

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A delightful Coffee Table book featuring 50 short stories about the author and 50 original paintings by the author

Slaves, Priests and Kings by Kimari K...

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What did the discovery of King Tut's Tomb and Rossetta Stone mean for Egypt? This book is about everyday solutions to complex social problems.
  • How do you motivate students to try and solve real world problems? Or workers to self supervise.
  • How do you foster the spirit of innovation amongst barely literate rural folk
  • Why are some communities social economically more dominant than others.
  • The answers, though not obvious, are deceptively apparent.

This Red Land: A novel

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“I was moved by the character’s struggle to find meaning in their lives. So sorry to see it end! I couldn’t put it down. It is a story told with great imagination and sensitivity. The descriptions of New York, Kenya and Japan come alive.” - Mel Haber, business writing teacher “This novel expertly transports the readers across continents, decades and cultures. The characters’ lives are nicely interwoven in this real-world novel.” - Rich Green, retired professor of comparative literature. “In this moving sequel to his novels Malaika, Salted With Fire, and Kwamboka’s Inquiry, Dobrin weaves a riveting, tragic tale bridging the lives of his richly developed characters in New York and Kenya across decades marked by violent political and social upheavals. From the red soils of Kenya, to the red of blood spilled, to the red of political ideology, This Red Land presents timeless themes of love, struggle, and yearning for justice in a carefully crafted, wise, and deeply human work of richly detailed historical fiction.” - Colleen Eren, sociologist. Enriching. Enjoyably Complex. Bravo! “Vivid characters leading parallel lives with vastly different experiences and perceptions of the world are expertly interweaved by the author to briefly intercept in an unexpected and powerful way amid rich cultural, political and historical texture. This isn’t just one captivating story - but instead three! Brilliant surprise endings leave sense of something to grieve, but also to imagine and hope for.” - Jack Beder, Vice-President of Consumer Research Company

The Trial of the GODS

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The Trial of the Gods is the story of a man and his people who live in the Kalahari Desert. They believe that the land they occupy belongs to the Gods hence cannot be owned by anyone else, least of all Government. The book takes the reader through human rights Bushman activism in an environment they are considered uncivilized and stigmatized as scavengers; the wretched of earth, in the words of Franz Fanon. As the government plans relocation and integration of Bushmen into "mainstream society" one man, Jay, and his people vehemently resist. It becomes a quest for justice, truth and conservation. They cannot listen to anyone, or get instructions from the Government, lawyers or judges. Only instructions from the Gods will do as to whether they should embrace the "dangerous" world of development and civilization. It becomes a matter of life and death as the man and his people realize that the Gods alone cannot help fight one of the richest governments in Africa. In the process their claims and demands reverberate across the land and the world, touching many human rights organizations and supporters. Will they manage to fight a government financed by the most precious diamonds in the world? Here is what others say: "The Trial of the Gods is a gripping tale of conflict between modernity and tradition, old and new conventions, conservation and human rights." - Anonymous "The Trial of the Gods is more than just a story. It's a commentary about how determination, courage and love will ultimately defeat greed. It is definitely a must-read." - Olopeng Rabasimane, Columnist, The Botswana Gazette