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Kenya Ni Nchi Yetu Pia by Rose Koros

KShs800.00 KShs700.00
"Kenya Ni Nchi Yetu Pia" is an activity book for children that can be used as a conversation starter to discuss disability. The book contains fictional stories of children living with disability and provokes children to explore how they can be friends with children with disabilities. The book also contains three real life stories of adults with disabilities who have achieved a great deal in their lives. The book aims at advocating for people with disability not to be treated like second class citizens, but to be included in our communities, because "Kenya Ni Nchi Yetu Pia."

Codewords Crossword Puzzle Books for ...

KShs1,500.00 KShs749.00
Remember those captivating codeword puzzles you used to love solving in newspapers? Now imagine having a carefully curated collection of 100 of these brain-teasing challenges, tailored for those well-deserved moments of relaxation. Introducing the Code-Words Collection Puzzle Book – the perfect companion for endless puzzling fun, specially designed with solutions at the back of the book. What you Get:
  • - 100 puzzles with full grid solutions at the back
  • - High Quality Paper Easy to Write to Erase
  • - Large Format (6 x 7.5 inch), Large Print
  • - One puzzle per Page
  • -Travel friendly, can fit in your handbag
  • - Endless fun anywhere
  • - Less screentime promotes well being
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Learning Kiswahili Book by Wambui Kam...

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,000.00
This book is written for everyone, whether you're new to Swahili or already familiar with it. It's written in a clear and straightforward style, perfect for beginners. Whether you are planning to travel to a Swahili-speaking region, work with Swahili speakers, or simply have a love for languages, this book will guide you on your journey to mastering the language.

The Great Lwanda Magere by Frank Ojwang

This exciting and epic story takes us back to a time when superheroes roamed the land and legends came to life. Meet Lwanda Magere, a young indomitable warrior with incredible divine strength and a heart full of courage. He must overcome impossible and life-threatening challenges to protect his people and defend them at all costs and against deadly threats from the enemies. Get ready for an epic adventure that will ignite your imagination and leave you inspired by the indomitable spirit of a true hero.

Modern Psychology Simplified-Handbook...

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Modern Psychology is an ideal hand book for ECDE training facilitators. The book is published by PSI consultants.

Adhabu ya maisha by Elishaphan Wachir...

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Mwaisambe anamtafuta mganga mashuhuri katika ulimwengu wake mgumu. Je, atampata? Soma upate kujua

Lwanda Magere: God of Stone Vol 1

KShs1,250.00 KShs1,000.00
Comic book series on African Mythologies

Shadow Walkers Comic Issue # 2

KShs700.00 KShs500.00
The origin of the Okuzuni villians in the Shadow Walkers saga.

Don’t let Okapi play basketball

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We should allow people’s character and ability to speak for them, not appearance or their plain words.. For grade 6+ Kids can now read an ebook from a parent’s phone, one of the inspiring ways to avoid trivial videos and games. And enhance reading capabilities.

The boy who heard God Speak by Annie ...

story about Jeremy, a timid albino boy who grows up in the slum with a drunk father. Due to his skin color, he endures endless bullying in school. This, is until he believes in a mighty God whose power begins to work in his life.

The Fairy Princess

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Princess Lily sits quietly on her own until she notices an envelope in the snow, and so starts a wonderful interactive story that follows the beautiful fairy through the year as she finds and opens a series of mysterious invitations...a little girl's dream.

Adua Is Dating In Nairobi by Felgonah...

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Dating in Nairobi can be a wild ride filled with joy, heartache and laughter. Get ready to delve into the crazy, comedic and sometimes ridiculous world of dating with Adua. Laugh, cry and get a few words of wisdom and caution. Adua Is Dating In Nairobi is a collection of short comics based on the author's relationships.


The Bubba, Happy and Pal series is a faith-based line of books written and voiced to help children be of good moral character. The Best Path to Success, grounded in the Holy Bible, puts before children the qualities rooted in God that enable them to succeed in life. When children follow this path under the guidance of their loving parents and living in goodness, mutual respect, self-control and working hard, they can reach enviable heights of success. The book is indeed good reading for everyone. I have also used familiar words, big fonts, exciting real-life scenario & colourful illustrations. For more guidance, I advise parents and teachers to read with their children.

Overreach: The Inside Story of Putin’...

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Overreach: The Inside Story of Putin’s War Against Ukraine by Owen Matthews

Chayoma Issue 2 by Elias Nabutete

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An ostracized lone African woman warrior journeys through the harsh unforgiving landscape seeking redemption which inadvertently steers her towards the challenge of her destiny.

Chayoma Issue 1 – Comic Books

KShs900.00 KShs800.00
An ostracized lone African woman warrior journeys through the harsh unforgiving landscape seeking redemption which inadvertently steers her towards the challenge of her destiny.

A Day at the Beach by Audrey Spaulding

Join Adia and her family for a day at the beach: full of fun, family moments and love.

A Piece of the Sky Mindful Affirmatio...

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Equip your little one with short memorable affirmations they can recall in difficult social situations. This A Piece of the Sky Mindful Affirmations Colouring Book will encourage your child to love who they are no matter how different they may be, and to not change what they love just to fit in.

A Piece of the Sky by Koki Oyuke

KShs850.00 KShs500.00
Inspired by Koki Oyuke's debut book, Chosen Not Cheated, A Piece of the Sky is an empowering read rich in metaphor, affirmations, social emotional learning and imagery. This heartwarming and affirming picture book for 3 to 8 year olds will: • equip little ones with memorable affirmations they can recall in difficult social situations • inspire kids to celebrate their individuality and make room for other people's unique and different traits and personalities • remind children that they are the centrepiece of God's creation story by helping them know that in a world full of wonderful, extraordinary created things, nothing captures God's eye more than they do • encourage every child to love who they are no matter how different they may be, and to not change what they love just to fit in A Piece of the Sky is an ideal book to give little ones as a birthday gift, holiday gifts, kindergarten or preschool graduation gift or any other special occasions. It will assure little ones that they have a place in the world and are loved deeply by both God and their family.