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Time is to a student what water is to a plant. Time is a very essential resource in the life of a student. Time management is a skill that can make or break visions depending on how one uses time. Every action takes time. This means that when time is wasted, the value of life is diluted. Students fail not because they cannot master content but majorly because they lack proper time management skills, especially usage and priority - that is how and when a student does his or her part. The book encourages students to be responsible with their time in order to realise a winning grade. It tries to show students how to use the available time optimally because time is limited and every individual is personally responsible for how they use their time.

CBC SIMPLIFIED: Parental Guide on CBC...

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CBC SIMPLIFIED contains a summary of all projects and activities for grades 4, 5 and 6. This guide will ensure that you have no more surprises on the CBC homework activities your child will be bringing home for the entire year. It helps you plan early and thus avoiding the anguish of looking for CBC materials at short notice.