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Giles : The Collection 2020

Giles enthusiasts will delight in this brand-new collection of classic cartoons filled with his inimitable style of dry wit and British eccentricity. The 2020 annual takes a look at the tiny details which the 20th centurys leading cartoonist... By Giles

What’s in a Name?

What is hidden in Leanda, Nelly, Jack, Harry or Adam? What do you think of when you read Carrie, Olive or Benjamin? Whether it is revealed in the letters, implied or visually represented, there is something for everyone. Here is another collection... By PatrickGeorge

Mega Manga Characters

Do you want to learn how to draw manga characters from scratch? Then look no further! Aimed specifically at beginners, this book includes examples from the main genres of manga characters and will teach you how to draw different characters in... By Sergi Camara

The Super Sidekicks: Ocean’s Re...

Being a kid whos a superhero sidekick still isnt as fun as you think in the second amazing adventure from New York Times bestsellingauthor, Gavin Aung Than.The Mother of the Seas is sick of humans using the oceans as a junkyard, so she decides to... By Gavin Aung Than