Painting Water in Watercolour

All watercolour landscape artists need to know how to paint water, and in this book, Terry Harrison excels in demystifying the painting process. Here he shares his expert advice and no-nonsense tips and techniques for producing quick, effective... By Terry Harrison

Botanical Drawing: A Step-by-step (Se...

This book provides a thorough and expert guide to the subject of botanical drawing, through detailed text, examples of the authors own studies, short exercises and larger projects. Penny Brown produces traditional botanical drawings primarily... By Penny Brown

Sketching & Drawing Bible (Search)

Marylin Scott presents her complete guide to drawing media, from pencils and charcoal to pastels and coloured inks. She provides over 100 step-by-step demonstrations showing ways of tackling tricky subjects. You will learn how to achieve exciting... By Marylin Scott

Colour mixing guide Watercolour (Search)

A clear, comprehensive guide to colour mixing for the watercolour artist. It begins with simple colour theory and a colour wheel, with a template provided so that readers can paint their own; a vital step towards understanding colour. There is... By Julie Collins

Beginner’s guide to Life Drawin...

Life drawing is not only about learning to draw the body accurately; it also teaches you to translate our complex three-dimensional world... to the confines of a sheet of paper. Eddie Armer By Eddie Armer

Art of Gouache (Search)

If you want to learn about gouache, this should keep you satisfied for a very long If you love painting with watercolour and are ready to experiment with something different, then the versatile medium of gouache could be... By Jeremy Ford

Creative Calligraphy: Prompts, Tutorials

Master beautiful alphabets in this neatly presented, interactive volume. Learn all about pen angles, letter width and height and letter and word spacing. Study the step-by-step sequences to see how each letter is formed. Each alphabet is shown... By Mary Noble

Oil Painting Step-by-step (Search)

Its best to look like this as a compendium of single-subject demonstrations, albeit a themed one. Turning the pages more or less at random reveals all sorts of useful information on subjects such as on skies, light, reflections, choosing a... By Noel Gregory

The Oil Painter’s Bible (Search)

Oil paint is such a responsive and versatile medium that no two painters need to use it in exactly the same way, and since its invention, in Renaissance times it has never lost its popularity with artists. Amateurs also find it appealing, both... By Marylin Scott

Watercolour Painting: Step by Step (S...

This is a practical and comprehensive guide for all watercolour enthusiasts, from the beginner who wishes to explore this popular painting medium to the experienced artist looking for inspiration and ideas. Starting with advice on materials,... By Jackie Barrass

Cambridge Appr to Learning and Teachi...

A subject-specific guide for teachers to supplement professional development and provide resources for lesson planning. Approaches to learning and teaching Art & Design is the perfect companion for teachers who want to understand key teaching... By Rachel Logan

Magic of Watercolour Flowers

Watercolour is the ideal medium for painting flowers due to its wonderful translucency and in his new book, The Magic of Watercolour Flowers, Paul Riley shows readers how to paint colourful, vibrant flower paintings. He explains how to achieve... By Paul Riley