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Wind of Justice and other stories by ...

Wind of Justice and other stories is a collection of well-written lucid stories that address different issues such as respect for human life, culture, human empowerment, family issues, love, campus life, and general life. The themes of the stories are well brought out and the stories are interesting and easy to understand.

Le Francais est Amusant French Vol 2

Les fruits que nous mangeons - Les bananes - Les raisins - Les pommes - Les poires - Les poires - Les oranges - Les mandarines By


Kitabu hiki kinajumuisha hadithi mbili: Kido na Mzee Silu. Kijana Kido anaporithi ufalme wa babake, anatawala kwa dhulma na ulemevu kwa raia wake, hadi ikambidi babake amuondoe na kushikilia tena hatamu za utawala. Kido anateseka na kufunzwa na... By

Dima and the Kidnappers

Dima likes bullying other boys. One day, while chasing some boys, he suddenly bumps into poachers who lock him in a cave. What will happen to him, and will he change his bullying ways? Read and find out! By

Pili Pilipili

Pili Pilipili ni paka mdaku. Hataki kuwakamata panya. Hataki kula nyama. Yake ni kula pilipili kali. Atafanywa nini aache udaku? By

Puppy named Trep

A Puppy named Trep Mose has one big desire: to have a dog. Then one day Daddy surprises him with a present... A Puppy! Mose names him Trep. What kind of puppy is Trep going to be? By

Why Snake has no Legs 2b

Long ago snake had many legs.king Elephant was his best friend.One day,snake went to king Elephants house Her name was queen Ela.Snake went to visit her.Snake and Duck started their journey.They carried heavy things. They walked and walked.They ev By

Naomi and the Cannibals

Naomi and the Cannibals is an engaging narrative about a young girl who, while on her way to her aunts home, gets lost in the forest. She discovers a structure in the middle of the forest and while there is captured by three people. Naomi is an... By

Shazas Trials

Shaza wants to mend his ways after getting the virus that causes AIDS. But he is also the target of a group of kidnappers who are after his fathers wealth. The kidnap keeps him away from the drugs he needs to check the disease. It is a race... By