Wind of Justice and other stories by ...

Wind of Justice and other stories is a collection of well-written lucid stories that address different issues such as respect for human life, culture, human empowerment, family issues, love, campus life, and general life. The themes of the stories are well brought out and the stories are interesting and easy to understand.

Hodder African Readers: Madulo &...

Madulo goes to spend her school holiday with her cousin Serowe She doesn t expect it to be too exciting but thanks to an unfriendly bus driver a teenage boy an expedition with her friends a frightening encounter with thieves and a certificate for... By Dabilo M. Mokobi

A Doll’s House (Camb)

 A collection of anthologies, resource and reference books, including titles from Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley, Alex Madina, Jo Phillips and Adrian Barlow. By Henrik Ibsen