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Along The Wrong Channel

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Title: Along The Wrong Channel Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Teenage Readers From Class 7 Badu, a young boy and currently in class six escapes from school and away he goes to the nearest city to find himself a new life. “This story is suspenseful, gripping and replete with shocking revelations. The author has crafted the plot in a somewhat dialectical patterning of events, making it admittedly entertaining. The narration is convincing due to its mirroring of contemporary social evils that the youth grapple with, Badu being an epitome of this moralistic depiction of decaying virtues. This is a master narrative!” – Chumba G.K

Holiday Upcountry by Toroitich Patric...

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Title: Holiday Upcountry Series: African Stories Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Readers: Class 5,6,7,8 Holiday Upcountry tells of an explorative childhood experience of Kaplelekwo where Shani spent her April Holidays. Never in her life had Shani imagined that there would have come a moment she had to cry that she was leaving Kaplelekwo for the city.