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An Introduction to Child Development

An Introduction to Child Development, Third Edition provides undergraduate students in psychology and other disciplines with a comprehensive survey of the main areas of child development, from infancy through to adolescence, in a readily... By Thomas Keenan

Human Intimacy: Marriage, the Family,...

Offering a positive view of the family, Coxs HUMAN INTIMACY: MARRIAGE, THE FAMILY, AND ITS MEANING, Eleventh Edition discusses the characteristics of successful intimate relationships, and teaches the decision-making skills that lead to strong... By Cox

Book you Wish your Parents had Read

In this Sunday Times bestseller, leading psychotherapist Philippa Perry reveals the vital dos and donts of relationships. This is a book for us all. Whether you are interested in understanding how your upbringing has shaped you, looking to handle... By Philippa Perry

DK- What’s My Teenager Thinking...

As the teenage brain rewires, hormones surge, and independence beckons, a perfect storm for family conflict emerges. Parenting just got tougher. But help is at hand. This uniquely practical parenting book for raising teenagers in todays world... By Tanith Carey

How to Flirt

I am not a trained coach, nor am I someone who went to school for this. Life was my school. I used to be that shy and awkward kid that would not get any woman, not even the lowest one on the food chain. Everything changed 5 years ago. Not every... By ALLAN CHAD

Femmolution Volume 2

In these pages are the words of extraordinary women who breathe in air and breathe out resilience. Their remarkable stories, their poetry, their musings, and their expressive art have been collected here for the world to read. Femmolution 2.0... By LIZ KILILI

The Wedding Dress

The Deveraux family were among the most important members of 1920s San Francisco society, and the wedding of their daughter Eleanor to wealthy banker Alexander Allen would be the highlight of the 1929 social calendar. The wedding, held in the... By Danielle Steel