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Saro by Nike Campbell

On a visit to the coast of Marina, Lagos, Siwoolu and his young family are lured by a traitor to a grand merchant ship where they are captured by slave holders masquerading as traders. On the way to the new world, they are rescued by abolitionists on a British naval ship, and sent to Freetown, a haven for freed slaves. They settle in their new home, grow their family and become successful merchants, trading goods between Freetown and Eko. Dotunu, Siwoolu’s wife, falls in love with another man and is caught in a love triangle. But their lives are upended again when they hear that the kingdom has selected the traitor as king. Siwoolu, content with his new life, yet fearful of a curse that lurks in the shadows, refuses to return, but Dotunu is determined to keep the traitor from the throne. She turns to their son, Oșolu, who is running from his own demons, to seize the throne that is rightfully theirs. SARO is a multigenerational tale of betrayal and restitution, love and war, inspired by true events that will take the reader from the rocky terrain of Abeokuta and burgeoning city of Lagos to the lion mountains of Freetown and Hastings of Sierra Leone from the 1830s to the 1850s.

A Thousand Suns by Yeayi Kobina

Osei Tutu’s journey continues in “A Thousand Suns”, the thrilling sequel to The Usurper’s Dream. As he rallies the vassal states to join forces against the oppressive reign of Denkyira. A fracture emerges among the very gods who once guided him towards his purpose. A Thousand Suns transports readers back to the colorful world of pre-colonial legends, seamlessly blending adventure, mysticism, and historical intrigue. It unveils a world where the boundaries between mortals and the divine blur, and the delicate balance of power hangs on the brink of utter chaos.


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The Usurper's Dream is a thrilling re-imagining of the formation of the Asante Empire. it weaves historic events with the African belief system of gods and magic to tell the tale of Osei Tutu and Okomfo Anokye, his chief oracle, as they face mighty forces, both mortal and mythical, to create one of the most celebrated empires in modern African history.

The Helper’s Son by Ayodeji Olaifa

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"The Helper's Son" is a powerful and evocative tale set against the backdrop of apartheid-era South Africa. Follow the journey of Jongikhaya, a child born black but raised white by his mother's employers. As he grapples with shifting identities, the story delves into the complexities of race, class, and personal belonging. Jongikhaya's experiences reveal the profound impact of social hierarchy and inherited privilege on individuals and families. This poignant narrative highlights the struggle of navigating two worlds and the internal conflict that arises from cultural dissonance. Jongikhaya's search for self-discovery amidst tragedy and loss paints a vivid portrait of the human spirit's resilience. With themes of identity, grief, and reconciliation, "The Helper's Son" is a moving exploration of the search for belonging and the enduring ties that bind us to our roots.

Unjani Mfwethu ? The story of a migra...

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Unjani Mfwethu? The Story of a migrant in South Africa is a book about the lived experiences of a migrant and indeed all migrants around the world. It tells the story of one individual, as he navigates the issues of racism, xenophobia, friendship, travails and triumphs. It is a story that shines light on our humanity as a people.

Nuns at the Gate by Ayodeji Olaifa

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In the gritty depths of Europe's sex underworld, Haida, a young peasant girl from rural Nigeria, is thrust into the heart of a harrowing battle for survival. Her dreams of becoming a teacher are shattered as she becomes ensnared in the treacherous web of sex trafficking and financial crime. As Haida fights to navigate the dangerous labyrinth of exploitation and deceit, she must find the strength and resilience to break free from the chains that bind her. With a haunting price tag tattooed onto her neck, she confronts the daunting challenge of reclaiming her freedom and reclaiming her life. But in a world where peril lurks around every corner and trust is a rare commodity, Haida must rely on her wits and determination to unravel the web of men’s unlimited desire for sex that ensnares her. As she seeks allies in unexpected places and confronts the shadowy forces that seek to dehumanise her, Haida embarks on a gripping journey of empowerment and redemption. In this searing tale of resilience and tenacity, Haida's courage shines as a beacon of hope in the face of unfathomable darkness. "Nuns at the Gate" is a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the indomitable human spirit and the ferocious will to overcome impossible odds.

Echoes of Valor by Dennis Mukolwe

"Explore the heart of the battlefield with 'Echoes of Valor,' where tales of bravery and sacrifice intertwine to showcase unparalleled heroism. Through gripping accounts of soldiers confronting danger and triumphing, the book captures raw emotions and indomitable spirit. These narratives go beyond war, delving into resilience, determination, and the pursuit of freedom and justice. Despite harsh realities like human trafficking and terrorism, hope emerges for a peaceful future. Readers are urged to find their inner hero and inspire change. Together, let's embrace a new era of unity and resilience."

GööKA From the Village to the City | ...

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Live life forwards but understand it by looking backwards. In the book, the author’s 21st-century daily experiences are mirrored in his village days. From the comfort of a ZOOM class, jog around the estate and make rare encounters. Walk with him through libraries, hit ( ) golf balls, visit the beach and learn a thing or two about hyenas, lions and leopards. These experiences are made especially interesting with historical, social, scientific, and mathematical satire as the author seeks to fulfil his 10,000-step daily requirement for fitness, monitored by his new master, ‘Googlefit’. Whatever age or career, the experiences in this anthology of 24 stories make you reflect on your life and laugh or cry.

Echoes of Broken Spirits ~ Lost Souls...

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Echoes of Broken Spirits, Lost Souls" echoes the cries of those who feel broken, yet it also heralds a promise of redemption—a promise that every shattered heart and burdened spirit can find healing and renewal.

Triptych by Njihia Munene

Three women. Three lives. Three stories of self-discovery in a changing Kenya.

The Legend of Beach House by Peter Ng...

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The Legend of Beach House revolves around the March 8 2014 mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. On a Friday in the year 2040, the ageless Angel of Dreams presents to us a pair of orphaned triplets – Francis Kaloki Otieno, Francisca Mbatha Otieno and Moses Kalewa Otieno. The Angel of Dreams narrates a mind-blowing tale of the triplets and other misfits determined to discover what really happened to Flight MH370. High on nightmares from a strange kind of fish, the misfits discover that they are destined to prove the existence of other worlds. To prove Plato’s theory that humans exist in different forms and are born on Earth without memories, and then they spend all their lives trying to discover their past lives in other worlds.

KISA: An Anthology of African Short S...

Presenting a diverse and dazzling collection from all over the continent—from South Africa to Nigeria, to Uganda, to Kenya, KISA is the voice of younger, new-age African writers who give a fascinating picture of a new and more liberated Africa. These writers are motivated by their engagement with the wider world and the opportunities offered by the end of apartheid, the end of civil wars and dictatorships, and the possibilities of free movement. Their work is inspired by society and the African culture. They are liberated, global, and expansive. As Aminatta Forna wrote, “If you want to know a country, read its writers." These are the stories of a new Africa: punchy, self-confident, and defiant.

THUS I LAY NAKED by Mercy Juma

follow the crowd, and thus get engulfed in a world not meant for you. Your feet will find it foreign, your palate will find it repugnant at first. Your soul will cringe and gnaw at you as it sends whispers in your dreams, and churns your gut to lean in, and remember who you are and then gift the world with your unique essence. Your soul will try to guide you, and if you listen, with delight it will bestow wisdom and inner glee within you. There will be a bounce to your step, a joy that glows you up and a peace that radiates you within, with an aura that draws people to you. I write this for my mom Arosy, for my uncle Bob, for my brother Jicha, for my sister Nyathure the showstopper, my cousins Job and Fortune, together with Kevin, Nandwa, Christabel, and Alfred. You are the closest people I have. I write this for my husband, as a map into my inner intricacies because I am that complicated. Or maybe not. I write from my soul. There is much to unpack. So please join me on this journey.

Diaries of a Dead African by Chuma Nw...

Diaries of a Dead African is a merciless comedy that explores the life-threatening situations of three protagonists, the farmer Meme Jumai and his two sons - Abel (failed writer) and Calamatus (aspiring conman). Meme's wife has left him with the bulk of his barn. He has a few tubers to last until harvest. Can he stretch it? Will his friends and relatives help out? Calamatus' break has finally come after an apprenticeship to a con-artist. Can he survive wealth as readily as he did, poverty? Finally Abel's manuscripts are attracting attention, but not, as he discovers, for their literary value... his fondest dreams were on the verge of realisation, yet his father had died at 50 and his brother at 25. How to outlive them both, without fleeing the very opportunities he had craved all his life.

How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stori...

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A midnight call by an assassin to his prospective victim quickly becomes a game of wits in a telephone thriller impossible to second-guess [We Have Been Paid to Kill You]. On his deathbed, the Founding Overseer confesses to his wife that his visions were false and their ministry a 30-year hoax. She’s devastated – but fate isn’t halfway through with her [Re:Vision] This second volume of How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories contains the final 50 stories and raises the high bar set by the first. These tales boldly range over Nigeriana, with kidnappers, houseboys, bishops and suicide bombers wreaking domestic and hilarious havoc in the lush terrain of Nwokolo’s imagination. The tales are set in the future and in the present, in the Diaspora, in urban and small-town Nigeria, and in the author’s fictional Waterside. Once again, Nwokolo’s sure-handed humour and earthy style brings an amazing and unforgettable cast of characters to life. “To say that Chuma Nwokolo is a great writer is an understatement. He is an author whose works have souls. They speak to the reader. They are both ‘novel’ and familiar. In a sense, he presents everyday issues with a different insight; one that illuminates the reader’s mind and brings to him that wonderful epiphanic aha! moment. He is able to turn everyday events into stories worth the read.” Fredua Agyeman, reviewing Vol.1

How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stori...

These short stories are set in the future and the present, in the Diaspora, and in urban and small-town Nigeria, especially in Waterside, the author's much-visited fictional community. Once again, the author's sure-handed humour and earthy style brings a cast of characters to unforgettable life. The first of two commemorative volumes of 100 Short Stories by Chuma Nwokolo: a buffet of Nigeriana served with wit and understanding, on the occasion of the centenary of Nigeria's amalgamation.

Troubled Sunsets by Tiwaine Ole Nchoko

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Troubled Sunsets is Tiwaine Ole Nchoko's debut novel. It is set in the Maasai Mara landscape and tells the story of a culture worth telling and preserving.

Spirit Does Not Bow Before Mortals by...

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Spirit Does Not Bow Before Mortals is a solemn account of the coming of age of a young girl who is catapulted into the ambiguity of the unrelenting inequalities of life. A life marooned by survival and destruction, desperation and dependence, culture and modernism, love and loss, life and death. It is just the perfect irony!

From Watchdogs to Traitors: The less ...

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From Watchdogs to traitors pays tribute to the Resilience of Rwandan Voices- poets, Writers, Journalists & Citizens- who Faced Imprisonment, Exile, Disappearance, or even death in Their courageous Pursuit of truth. In this compelling book, Baker, an investigative journalist, press freedom and human rights activist, delves into the world of the Rwandan media and exposes the truth that lies behind its operation. During his short but eventful career, he played a central role in revolutionizing the media landscape in Rwanda, advocating for professional investigative journalism and tirelessly arguing for its existence even at great personal cost. Through a deeply personal lens, he recounts the travails of his journalistic career and provides an unfiltered and uncensored account of the events that unfolded before his eyes. He reveals the attack on one of the basic principles of journalism: telling the truth. The book is a testament to the ongoing search for truth and the unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of journalism.

Breaking Point: A Journalist Quest fo...

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Breaking Point tells the first-person story of an intrepid Nigerian investigative journalist who is forced to flee his home country and seek political asylum in Ghana, after which he effectively declares war on the corrupt establishment at home. The fury with which he is despised and hunted by this establishment is only matched by his penchant for expanding his ever-increasing list of powerful Nigerian enemies with his uncompromising work