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The Daily Joker: A Belly-Wobbling Jok...

Welcome to THE DAILY JOKER: with a belly-wobbling joke for every day of the year, and joking tips and challenges aplenty, this is the year youll become the funniest version of you possible! Think of this joke book as a map allowing you to sail the... By Gareth P. Jones

DK-Sticker Encyclopedia Trucks

Did you know there are trucks that can go in the water, trucks big enough to transport space shuttles, and even jet-powered trucks? Well, now you do! In this exciting, fact-filled and interactive encyclopedia, children will learn all about these... By Dorling Kindersley

DK-Sticker Encyclopedia Dinosaurs

A bumper childrens sticker book covering everything you need to know about all the different dinosaurs, from Diplodocus to Tyrannosaurus Rex, with more than 600 dinosaur stickers for kids to enjoy!Every page is filled with dinosaur related... By Dorling Kindersley