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The Pearl on the Horizon

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The Pearl on the Horizon is a moving story about the devastating effects of materialism which sends a rich ethical message in line with religious teachings. Madame Victorine Mahfouz grows up in a materialistic family and looks at everything through these lenses. On the other hand, Eugene and Fresha believe in high achievements in education and consequent roses. Confronted with unemployment and tough socio-economic demands, Madame Victorine mocks the two and even threatens to destroy their engagement. Underlying the plot is a classic romantic love relationship between Eugene and Fresher, on the one hand, and Madame Victorine’s illicit amorous scandals, on the other. In these well-written passages with techniques enriched by letters, songs, poems and narration, the reader will appreciate the author’s juxtaposition of success and survival. The Pearl on the Horizon draws a line between survival and success, crowns the latter prominence and discredits the former. The writer suggests that success is slow but bears enduring results. Survival, on the other hand, is quick but can lead to ruin. What others say “The novel is captivating and factual. It captures social and material conditions in Africa occasioned by poor governance. So what is success in the face of devastating levels of unemployment, stiff competition from the large pool of graduates and the need to survive? Is it unprincipled material acquisition and a ‘good living’ or a good education and ethical living?” – Rose Keya, Book Editor. “The Pearl on the Horizon speaks volumes to young adults who may want to take shortcuts in life and the consequences of such actions.” Harriet Irungu, Student of Literature.

Name on the door

A novel: A captivating tale of redemption

Camp In Between by Beatty Sheila Opanga

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Camp in Between is a collection of six exhilarating stories, with various plots, set in various towns in Kenya, woven together by the author’s inventive use of Kenya’s many languages, her humorous wit, and fearless bluntness, majorly to ask one question, what makes a good parent? Love within and without the bounds of morality addressed, and so is history and a little bit of Kenya’s constantly unstable style of government and where that might lead us.

All The Old Gods- A collection of ess...

A feminist’s unrivaled desire for freedom beyond the shadows cast by society and the shame accompanying unbridled self-expression. Defacing parallels drawn between femininity and weakness. A Cyborg’s quest to discover what it truly means to be human in a journey spanning centuries. Uncertainty gives urgency to this tale as an artificial intelligence masters human emotion and the potential dangers it exposes to mankind. An analysis of the most practical financial model capable of liberating Africa from the shackles of poverty into the dawn of economic prosperity. A family afflicted from the wounds of an absentee mother and a young woman’s great expectation of forgiveness, resolution and healing. Identity, race and the systems of control experienced through the eyes of a young man grappling with the ills of modern-day power structures. In a bid to comprehend how some men came to be unequal. Folklore from a bygone era, exhuming an age-old question. What does it profit a man to gain the entire world at the expense of his soul? Compiled in a thought-provoking collection of essays and short stories. Providing crystalline observations of life at large and the transcendent nature of the human condition.

Guilty: A Novel by Joan Thatiah

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Raised in a small village in Eastern Kenya, Judith is determined to escape her tumultuous childhood. At 29, the firstborn daughter of a retired cotton refinery worker in Mbeere joins the ranks of the Nairobi City office executives and imagines she has succeeded in her mission. When she returns to the village for her mother's funeral and meets a mysterious stranger, she is completely taken by him. But Jeffari is a man on a mission. She is his mark, too trying to smash the glass ceiling to notice him leading her to the core of East Africa's largest terrorism network.

Till Death Do Us Part by Diana Mosoba

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In the bustling city of Nairobi, amidst the chaos of life, Tara finds herself ensnared in an all-consuming love affair with the enigmatic, good looking, and dangerous Joe. Drawn to his magnetism yet repelled by his volatility, she becomes entangled in a web of passion and fear. As their tumultuous relationship reaches its breaking point, Tara learns deep and dark secrets that threaten to bury her alive, she faces a harrowing choice: to break free or succumb to the perilous allure of a man whose love is as intoxicating as it is destructive. In a gripping tale of love, obsession, and survival, follow Tara's journey as she navigates the perilous depths of her own emotions and the haunting consequences of a fatal decision that changes the course of her life forever. A story of secrets, betrayal, and the ultimate act of self-preservation, "Till Death Do Us Part" explores the boundaries of love and the price one must pay for freedom.

Take The Yellow Lane by Philip Karanja

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This is a story about a boy whose parent died when he was young. He was brought up by his grandmother and finally was able to proceed to secondary school, which was technical school. He was employed by Kenya Posts and Telecommunication where he worked as a technician. He also worked as an instructor for eight years. He was retrenched after which he joined Thological college. He is currently working as a preacher at a Church in Gathuthu Nyeri.


The origin of sin. Right and wrong. The eternal conflict between good and evil. Are our actions products of predeterminism or free will? Questions Ariel, a fallen angel burdened by centuries of guilt; grapples with to no avail, until he meets a human girl. Through her, he becomes Banda and sets forth on a new path. But is a demon capable of atonement or is he beyond redemption?


In a world where human beings never existed, early mammals evolved into an advanced race of fur-growing Simians. Developing highly-advanced technology and a monarchical culture very similar to our own. These advances, however, came at a steep cost to the residents of this different earth. A pampered young prince on vacation from school is confronted by the very horrors that his ruling family wrought on the Planet-Kingdom of Gaea. Thus unfolds a tale of class-warfare and splintering friendships in the face of duty, power, and legacy. All while this hierarchical society wrestles with its preconceived notions of moral responsibility, freedom and equality.

SIMBI- A collection of essays and sho...

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A village’s perverse aspiration for perfection. Abandoning itself to the profligate unkindness its founders devised. Giving way to divine retribution. A man’s war with himself. Foregoing the simple joy of life for power. Attained with the incursion of a terrible debt. An exposition on the nature of man. Is he defined by a singular deed or the sum total of cumulative action? Does this condemn and absolve him simultaneously? Scientific breakthrough unearths a rogue gene that finally places immortality in mankind’s grasp, but at the price of a baby’s life. Splitting the world in two in the face of this ethical dilemma. Is a United States of Africa feasible? What frameworks should be instituted to transform this dream into reality? Are external interests a hindrance or are Africans the enemy of their own progress? A Kenyan couple grapples with modernity, feminism and resultant marital strife. Will they make it through the storm or be consigned as casualties of love and war? An outstanding collection of essays and short stories. By turns dramatic, fanciful, humorous and evocative.

Woman Beneath her Feet and Other Stories

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This anthology is an amalgamation of contemporary and some universal well packaged in fictional narratives told by a group of Kenyan writers. The herein are educative, entertaining, and thought- provoking, and intend to preserve the lived realities of this generation into posterity. The compelling themes ranging from love, family, identity, and life pre- and post-pandemic among others are well thought out and are stories of young women and men grappling with ther of romantic relationships and unrequited love, sex and its outcomes , single parenthood , loss and grief, generational realities, work-life balance, religion, life choices, and the complexities of families among other riveting storylines.

Eastern Butterfly by Sandra Nekh

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The Eti, of little known East African monarchy Kdzigu Ety, are proud to possess a remarkable self-contained culture. They are an independent nation, developed from the split of the 18th Century Kingdom of Kidzigu Eti ―The Butterfly― to become Kdzigu Ety in the East and Mammor in the West. A jaded old-timer American journalist, Aaron ‘Pelle’ Carter, travels to Kdzigu Ety searching for a career-defining story. The region is vibrant and alive, courtesy of the annual harvest festival and a Royal wedding. Mr. Carter relishes the idea of documenting a post-modern monarchical wedding ceremony though his true interests lie in the Butterfly’s aging patriarchal sovereigns ―Ikha Saram of Kdzigu Ety and Aba Naifa of Mammor, and their heirs, the Eastern Princess ―the Sifakh Lateiya Saram― and the Western Prince ―the Bukizo Kasim Naifa. Beyond the Butterfly’s brilliance in propelling the African narrative, there lay secrets, and deviations that could change the fate of the whole region.  

Sinners by Sarah Haluwa

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Scandal, secrets, and sensuality collide in 10 tales of forbidden lust that celebrate the diverse expressions of the Kenyan woman’s sexuality.

A deliciously wicked short story collection.

The Men Do Not Eat Wings – A No...

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Set in Kenya and spanning almost three centuries from the pre-colonial 1700s to the turbulent 1990s, The Men Do Not Eat Wings tells the intertwined stories of eight men from five generations of a Luo family: Nwanji, Oweh, Osewe, Ang’awa, Luka, Boro, Okello, and Sakawa. In 1999, one of them, Luka, a successful farmer and businessman in western Kenya, is brutally murdered. A poor squatter on Luka’s farm is arrested and charged with committing the crime. But at Luka’s funeral, why does his widow seem to suggest that Luka might have done something that contributed to his death? The answer lies partly in Luka’s recent business dealings and the complicated relationships that underpinned them. The answer also lies in Luka’s entanglement in sinister tribalistic political schemes that soon draw in his son, Sakawa, and his brother, Okello. But most of all, the answer lies in Luka’s family history and Luo culture – both of which are marked by male dominance, bravery, violence, ambition, and love.

It’s a Game of Chase by Maria N...

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It's a Game of Chase is a fictional story about the constant pursuit of a perfect, flawless life. How much skeletons can we keep hidden in this journey?


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In the hustles of Eastlands, nobody wins. One dame is desperate and calculatingly manipulative. The other is a gash who just makes hash of the arrogant male romantic interest through her offhand sexuality. This is a story about misfits. An ugly woman who is a wall climber, a cripple in a wheelchair who calls the shots, a pastor who is a big con, a shylock who wants to be an MP. Atieno Mara Bella owns AMBA Advertising. She is an artist and designer whose struggles with her work, doubts about her talent, and complicated relationships often puts her at odds over affections associated with men. Akombe Bosibori is a backstabbing marketer who wants to take over the company. She has designed a campaign for a multi-million national disability project. Funds are given through pre-qualified advertising agencies to raise awareness in the low income areas of Nairobi. However the whole thing is orchestrated by a man in a wheelchair, the flamboyant Tutu Kulundeng, the beetle. A genius with a reputation as an organiser of grand schemes for the cartel-run Government. And in Nairobi, Kenya, corruption is king. He wants an existing advertising agency to take over and use it to siphon millions from the government. Using the scrawny underdog, Kiprotich, he knows how to manipulate Bosibori. Realising that they are each losing, Atieno and Bosibori place their bet on four unreliable characters: Atieno on Papa Kamande, a shylock, a shark—a money lender, auctioneer and broker, who also runs a matatu cartel, and on Ojuku, a ghetto thug. Bosibori places hers on Kulundeng and then on Pastor Otodo, a fake two-timing preacher who runs a church in Jerusalem, Nairobi, who sees her as a way out of poverty and brainwashes with intent to get her to take over AMBA and add it to his wealth as an assets of his church. Kulundeng, Otodo, Kamande and Ojuku think they know the ropes; and women. Maybe they do. But they don’t know Atieno too well, otherwise they’d have realised that they are just flies stumbling into the deadly web of a woman who is beautiful to look at but lethal to mess with.


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He is back for some unfinished business in the city that made him. Kisumu. Guitarist Otis Dinos is back in Kisumu, the addictive and possessive lakeside town. Back in the ‘80s, he was the Urban Benga guitar legend. His commercially potent mix of hard benga and lofty rumba was loud with a culture surrounding it, and a cult-like following. It ignited an entire generation of music fans. It made him rich and famous. When he left Kisumu twenty years ago, it was a sudden unpleasant event. Everything ended in tragedy. He was twenty-nine years and at his peak. Today he still is the artsy man: the musician, the guitarist. People have died fast; the men and women who helped him make music… they have all died or wasted away. Is he about to go too? What is left? The past has unfulfilled dreams, good life, nice cars, easy money, expensive perfumes, glamorous women, living on the road and on stage and in the studios. And conniving bandmates, thieving promoters, and clever pirates. The present is bearable but holds no promise: he is forty-seven. If he has to accept his forced retirement, he has to learn to be a local Kisumuan, not the famous name. He reminisces about the romantic encounters of the ‘70s. The future is uncertain. He is searching for sanity and happiness. Happiness? In Kisumu lives the woman whose unfulfilled love still dwells in his heart. But his mind is too bamboozled to even think.


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She ran away to find freedom only to find herself trapped. After the death of her fiance, Wanjiru separates herself from her young son and escapes the suffocation of her life in Nairobi, boards a bus to Mombasa. Waiting to host her is Barack, an engineer who is returning to Nairobi after many years in Mombasa, to escape the memories of his complex relationship with a Muslim woman who died tragically in his hands. In Barack’s Nyali penthouse, Wanjiru finds herself trapped by her affection for the razor-sharp, complex, egotistical man who is obsessed only with maintaining the tight social rigours of his Bohemian lifestyle, working hard by the day and partying hard by the night. His only dream in life is to leave Mombasa in his own physical or emotional ways to escape the anxiety of growing old. They begin to form an emotional bond that teeters on the edge of being called love, both of them knowing that if they ever choose to do so, it will break the idyll in which they're living. For Wanjiru, Mombasa means everything. Mombasa is a dream-come true and the future. Here she makes friends and starts to build a life she loves. When Wanjiru begs and pleads and dangles the prospect of becoming more than a housemate, Barack finds himself powerless as ever to resist her siren song. The New Girl In Mombasa is a portrait of two people running from a troubled past and moving towards an uncertain future. Set in Mombasa, Kenya’s famed coastal city of rich historical heritage and Swahili culture, it is a haunting look at loneliness, the struggle for love, belonging and independence. Its beauty lies in its subtlety, its emotional nuances. And Mombasa is glamorous, seductive, magical, always looped around by the sensuous, unrelenting rhythm of night clubs, and steeped in hookups, revelry, barhopping, and the pleasures of the beach parties.

Call of the Abyss and Other Stories b...

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12 stories, 12 different worlds, 12 bold adventures. Travel back in time, to the future, and the present with these relatable stories.