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The Broken Stool and Other Stories

In these ten engrossing stories, Simon Nganga explores the meaning and consequences of choices that are usually considered national and society-wide from the eyes of individuals residing in local markets and villages. With unmatched precision and easy-to-read language, each story takes us through the characters’ effort to make choices as they desperately search for meaning in their ever-changing lives, with deeply unsettling results.

Beyond the Heart by Frank Mathew

"Beyond the Heart" is a poignant exploration of love's ability to heal and transform, set against the backdrop of family expectations and personal struggles. The characters' journey from despair to redemption highlights the resilience of the human spirit and the power of genuine connection.

HUNGER by Wanja Kavengi

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Debut novel by Kenyan writer, Wanja Kavengi, which intimately and humorously captures the experience of lack and influences of society.


  1. A compilation of two remarkable fiction novels.
THE DEVIL'S UNDERWEAR This novel is about nothing at all. Only that metaphorically reflects the story of the Devil, protruding fangs, pigheaded, and suffering microcephaly. The moribund curmudgeon and the brainchild of anthropophagy pop into a fashion gallery to only look at the attendant across the face and ask for a pair of cotton balbriggan to adorn his humongous bahookie and not for special occasions but for wearing every day. It was a gigantic woolen balbriggan, and he loved to wear it and swing his pelvic girdle flaunting his humongous breasts and buttocks when something weird happenned—not just today but a couple of times. The Devil shits his pants after emitting fat Malodorous gases. He gets tired of the woolen balbriggan and throws the pair of soiled pants into the laundry baskets— nobody knows if the microcephalic curmudgeon still thinks the underwear is recyclable. A WORLD WITH NO AIR A world with no air" is a compelling story that revolves around the life of an African boy. It is a journey of one man inside himself engulfed with an overwhelming quest for liberation. It is a clear picture of how an average African boy fights to survive in the underprivileged world. It reflects a journey through barricades and dangerous hiccups. It is a pure example of what it means to hit rock bottom. "As I walked along the tiny road that runs from Kenya Clay Works to the other side of the road that connects O.J. and Ruiru town, I tried to figure out what Gmail and email entail. I came up with a genius idea, maybe email means when you send electronic mail, and Gmail means when someone sends a mail using a generator. I did not know. I looked at the piece of paper and ripped it into shreds.”

SUNDOWN by Elias Nabutete

A riveting suspense thriller where an emotionally detached Kenyan military serviceman faces a multitude of reckonings as he must face his own demons and that of his recently murdered sister, as he seeks to serve justice outside of and against the system that he had dedicated a substantial part of his life to, unearthing the uneasy truth that the system, rotten with corruption and cartels is responsible for his sister’s death. In his quest for justice, he digs two graves as the hidden faces behind her murder are not the only truths he uncovers and exposes.

The Village Left The Girl – by ...

A story of the triumph of a hitherto normal girl against retrogressive culture and a demonstration of her ability to fight it out at the highest level

Beneath the shadows of betrayal and o...

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In our world, there are many tough challenges we deal with every day. Sometimes, these struggles stay hidden, especially from young people. But in this book, we shine a light on them. We talk about the problems we don't always talk about, and we do it in a simple way. We don't just talk about the tough stuff, though. We also talk about love in our society. But we don't just stop there. We also talk about something important: how boys sometimes get left out because people pay more attention to girls. This hurts boys, and we need to talk about it. So, join us on a journey to uncover the hidden struggles, to understand love, and to speak up for the boys who need our help. Let's make our society a better place, one word at a time.

Flowers Have Thorns

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I discovered that doing the right thing pays off. Unfortunately, this does not always prevent bad things from happening; horrible things occur on a daily basis. Life is full of surprises. so be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. Lamech shares insights from his experiences in the flower industry as he contemplates life's unpredictability. Despite his belief in the importance of doing the right thing, he recognizes that unfortunate events continue to occur on a regular basis. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared for adversity while remaining hopeful for a positive outcome. Lamech's narrative invites readers to reflect on the complexities of existence, providing a compelling and relatable perspective on overcoming life's obstacles.

Qwani 02

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Qwani 02 is a collection of 72 different stories written by 60 writers, spanning various genres such as Flash Fiction, Film Reviews, Music Reviews, Poetry, Philosophy, Science, Short Stories and Sheng

Wisdom Shall Die With You by Daudi Ju...

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Eduardo Kariuki is conceived and born out of wedlock in Kenya. His German mother leaves the child with a foster mother. Whether the youngster will merely survive or thrive will depend on his desire to conquer the fears and doubts he faces, as a boy and then as a young man. Kariuki’s search for meaning in life takes him from Nairobi to Frankfurt, then to Freiburg im Breisgau and Habkern, Switzerland. He is back in Kenya in no time at all. But there is something still missing in his life. There is one more hurdle he must assail.   Wisdom Shall Die With You is a coming-of-age narrative that seamlessly weaves laugh-out-loud episodes of youthful exuberance and a touching love story with horror and heart-rending tragedy. It is a classic tale of the ages that will remain with you long after you have turned the last page. “Stunning narrative voice in this bitter-sweet journey of a young man seeking his mother, identity, and meaning in the world. Eduardo takes the reader from Africa to Europe, in to heartache and out the other side. This was a stunning read. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an authentic tell cased in lovely writing.” Chloe Holiday, Amazon reviewer.   Snippet on leadership: Pg 120: "Kariuki had once come across a picture story some- where, depicting some of the challenges of leadership. A person on a raised podium addressed a group of people. “Who wants change?” the fellow asked. Every one of his listeners promptly raised his hand. “Who wants to change?” Here the speaker encountered a minor crisis. Not a single person raised their hand. Everyone looked at their shoes. But that was nothing, considering what happened when he asked his next question. “Who wants to lead the change?” The crowd of people dissolved into thin air, leaving the guy on the podium alone. Every one of the gathered people peeled away as fast as they could, unable to deal with the possibility, or probability, that they could orchestrate a process of change. Kariuki wondered what aspect of the leadership equation was so scary that it could melt away a mammoth crowd in seconds. What was it with leadership?"


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The wild blackberry is a story of a strong African girl who goes up and above to achieve her dreams. She finds herself at crossroads when she falls in love with Edmund. She is unknowingly introduced to drug peddling which is owned by Edmunds father mr mwinyi. ''don't be too close to my son,'' mwinyi issued her a warning and she tried to keep her distance but Edmund saw it as an opportunity to take lead of the relationship. '' I will find my son a good gift and i think a beautiful wife will make him happy'' mwinyi said in one of their conversations leaving Dee with a huge lump to swallow. She knew that he wouldn't choose him, who would choose a drug peddler for a daughter-in-law ? What would she choose, her job or the love of her life ?

The Pearl on the Horizon

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The Pearl on the Horizon is a moving story about the devastating effects of materialism which sends a rich ethical message in line with religious teachings. Madame Victorine Mahfouz grows up in a materialistic family and looks at everything through these lenses. On the other hand, Eugene and Fresha believe in high achievements in education and consequent roses. Confronted with unemployment and tough socio-economic demands, Madame Victorine mocks the two and even threatens to destroy their engagement. Underlying the plot is a classic romantic love relationship between Eugene and Fresher, on the one hand, and Madame Victorine’s illicit amorous scandals, on the other. In these well-written passages with techniques enriched by letters, songs, poems and narration, the reader will appreciate the author’s juxtaposition of success and survival. The Pearl on the Horizon draws a line between survival and success, crowns the latter prominence and discredits the former. The writer suggests that success is slow but bears enduring results. Survival, on the other hand, is quick but can lead to ruin. What others say “The novel is captivating and factual. It captures social and material conditions in Africa occasioned by poor governance. So what is success in the face of devastating levels of unemployment, stiff competition from the large pool of graduates and the need to survive? Is it unprincipled material acquisition and a ‘good living’ or a good education and ethical living?” – Rose Keya, Book Editor. “The Pearl on the Horizon speaks volumes to young adults who may want to take shortcuts in life and the consequences of such actions.” Harriet Irungu, Student of Literature.

Camp In Between by Beatty Sheila Opanga

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Camp in Between is a collection of six exhilarating stories, with various plots, set in various towns in Kenya, woven together by the author’s inventive use of Kenya’s many languages, her humorous wit, and fearless bluntness, majorly to ask one question, what makes a good parent? Love within and without the bounds of morality addressed, and so is history and a little bit of Kenya’s constantly unstable style of government and where that might lead us.

All The Old Gods- A collection of ess...

A feminist’s unrivaled desire for freedom beyond the shadows cast by society and the shame accompanying unbridled self-expression. Defacing parallels drawn between femininity and weakness. A Cyborg’s quest to discover what it truly means to be human in a journey spanning centuries. Uncertainty gives urgency to this tale as an artificial intelligence masters human emotion and the potential dangers it exposes to mankind. An analysis of the most practical financial model capable of liberating Africa from the shackles of poverty into the dawn of economic prosperity. A family afflicted from the wounds of an absentee mother and a young woman’s great expectation of forgiveness, resolution and healing. Identity, race and the systems of control experienced through the eyes of a young man grappling with the ills of modern-day power structures. In a bid to comprehend how some men came to be unequal. Folklore from a bygone era, exhuming an age-old question. What does it profit a man to gain the entire world at the expense of his soul? Compiled in a thought-provoking collection of essays and short stories. Providing crystalline observations of life at large and the transcendent nature of the human condition.

Guilty: A Novel by Joan Thatiah

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Raised in a small village in Eastern Kenya, Judith is determined to escape her tumultuous childhood. At 29, the firstborn daughter of a retired cotton refinery worker in Mbeere joins the ranks of the Nairobi City office executives and imagines she has succeeded in her mission. When she returns to the village for her mother's funeral and meets a mysterious stranger, she is completely taken by him. But Jeffari is a man on a mission. She is his mark, too trying to smash the glass ceiling to notice him leading her to the core of East Africa's largest terrorism network.

Till Death Do Us Part by Diana Mosoba

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In the bustling city of Nairobi, amidst the chaos of life, Tara finds herself ensnared in an all-consuming love affair with the enigmatic, good looking, and dangerous Joe. Drawn to his magnetism yet repelled by his volatility, she becomes entangled in a web of passion and fear. As their tumultuous relationship reaches its breaking point, Tara learns deep and dark secrets that threaten to bury her alive, she faces a harrowing choice: to break free or succumb to the perilous allure of a man whose love is as intoxicating as it is destructive. In a gripping tale of love, obsession, and survival, follow Tara's journey as she navigates the perilous depths of her own emotions and the haunting consequences of a fatal decision that changes the course of her life forever. A story of secrets, betrayal, and the ultimate act of self-preservation, "Till Death Do Us Part" explores the boundaries of love and the price one must pay for freedom.

Take The Yellow Lane by Philip Karanja

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This is a story about a boy whose parent died when he was young. He was brought up by his grandmother and finally was able to proceed to secondary school, which was technical school. He was employed by Kenya Posts and Telecommunication where he worked as a technician. He also worked as an instructor for eight years. He was retrenched after which he joined Thological college. He is currently working as a preacher at a Church in Gathuthu Nyeri.


The origin of sin. Right and wrong. The eternal conflict between good and evil. Are our actions products of predeterminism or free will? Questions Ariel, a fallen angel burdened by centuries of guilt; grapples with to no avail, until he meets a human girl. Through her, he becomes Banda and sets forth on a new path. But is a demon capable of atonement or is he beyond redemption?